instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Good content is a regular dose of up-to-date information. Sometimes you've been running your account for a long time, and then you're gone for a few days, deciding to give yourself a break, and it's very difficult to increase coverage after a break. If you're still struggling every day to find a theme and inspiration to write a text, it's worth learning what an Instagram content plan is, how to compile it, and how to use a content planner.

A content plan is a list of possible topics for a blog for a certain period of time, i.e. e. you find in advance the information on which you will build your content.

There is information that remains relevant, so you can schedule such posts, and there are hot news and topics that need to be discussed today or they will become irrelevant.

To make a smart content plan for Instagram for a week or a month, you need to figure out what posts are.

Types of posts for the content plan:

  • Selling posts.
  • Entertainment posts. < / span >
  • Information posts. < / span >

Selling (advertising) posts

The purpose of any account created for a business is to sell. Advertising posts are your offer to a potential buyer. Show the product in a favorable light, tell in detail about its properties and qualities. Be sure to include your contacts so that the buyer can quickly contact you for an order.

Important! Don't forget to write down the prices of goods. People need to understand whether the value of what you sell is acceptable to them. Respect your client's time, don't force him to write to you in Direct or Messenger to get this information. After all, as long as a person loses time, you lose their loyalty.

What selling content looks like:

  • Promotions, information about discounts and sales.
  • A post-review that proves that your product is being bought.
  • If you collaborate with media personalities, post photos of them and tell them how they solved their problem with your product.

Make every third to fifth publication an advertisement. That's about 30% of the posts. This way you will not miss a potential customer and will not provoke your audience to unsubscribe. If you have a low cost of the average check, you can leave commercial information in each post, and if you sell expensive goods, it is better to limit yourself to 4-5 advertising posts per month. Advertisements should be made in the morning on weekdays.

Important! Synchronize targeted advertising and selling publications so that the person who came by the advertisement can see why he or she came.

Entertainment Posts

Buyer loyalty is the goal of entertainment content. Such positions are necessary to increase engagement. Create viral content that you want to share with friends.

What entertainment content looks like:

  • Polls.
  • News.
  • Collections (list of films, list of useful programs, list of places to walk).
  • Humor and memes (not suitable for any account).
  • Motivation / inspiration.
  • Congratulations on the holidays.

Unobtrusive advertising is permissible in entertainment content. For example, do a survey about which product the audience likes most. Publish engaging posts at lunch time or in the evening on both weekdays and weekends.

Information posts

In informational (educational) publications, you show your expertise. Such content is best suited for accounts selling services, because by sharing lifhacks and training materials you will create an image of an expert and gain the trust of the audience.

What information content looks like:

  • Instructions and advice.
  • Life hacks.
  • Wiki materials on your subject.
  • Reviews and comparisons.
  • Examples from personal experience.

Don't create clear boundaries: fasting can be entertaining and informative at the same time, or entertaining and selling. But don't try to combine everything in one publication. For example, you should not combine educational content with commercial information. Better to write a quality news post so that the reader has no doubt that you are an expert. And when he confides in you and gets an advertisement, he's already a warm customer.

Publish informational content on weekdays in the morning.

Developing a Content Strategy

When developing a content strategy, answer three questions:

What you will publish

You can set up an Instagram store and create only selling content, sometimes diluting it with jokes. And you can maintain an educational account by getting subscribers to trust your opinion and the products you recommend. Both strategies work, but for different audiences.

So define your account type:

If your Instagram is a selling point, the ratio of advertising, information, and entertainment posts will be roughly as follows:

  • Advertising posts: 70%
  • Information posts: 10%
  • Entertainment posts: 20%

If you are developing a personal account or training account, the approximate ratio of publications is as follows:

  • Advertising posts: 20%
  • Information posts: 70%
  • Entertainment posts: 10%

How many times a day will publications be published?

To avoid falling out of the feed and annoying subscribers, post at least one post a day. It's a must.

Optimally, two or three publications, but no more than four. Instead, shoot at least 20 stories. It's an easy reminder of yourself that will disappear in 24 hours.

When will the publications be issued?

If you still have a personal Instagram account, switch it to a business profile. You can do this in your profile settings. That way you can see the statistics. .; Keep an eye on coverage and engagement, analyze your audience's activity to make adjustments to your content plan.

Average activity of Instagram users by hour:

  • 8-10 hours, people browse posts while still in bed or on their way to work. In the morning, they want to know what happened in the world while they were asleep, so the information content is particularly relevant.
  • 12-14 p.m.: Lunch break. The brain needs to be rebooted, so advertising and entertainment posts are popular.
  • 22-24 hours after work, a person is contraindicated with brain-loading information. Publish entertainment content.

Making a Publication Plan for Instagram

  • After answering all three questions, summarize all the data in a table.
  • Create a table with four columns: the first column, the date, the second, the time of publication, the third, the type of post, the fourth, the topic, or the finished text.
  • Do Google spreadsheets to always have access to your content plan.

Below is an example of a content plan for Instagram. You can take it as a template or use it as a template.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Make a publication plan for a week, or preferably two. When the texts are written, upload them to the delayed posting service.

There are various apps and programs for content plan and autoposting on Instagram, but personally I use https: / / smmaero. ru . For me, the service is a ready-made content plan for managing Instagram customers.

Popular auto-posting services:

https: / / napotom. com .; https: / / smmplanner. com .; https: / / iklife. ru .; https: / / smmaero. ru

The content plan for Instagram is self-discipline and the judicious distribution of different types of content. Take care of it in advance, and you don't have to scramble for information or come up with a joke. You can go on vacation, have a day without social media, or do more important things.

The most important thing is to remember to put posts on automatic publication.