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How to make an account interesting so that competitors are left behind, subscribers are satisfied and activity is high? One key aspect is originality. But what if no idea comes to mind, or goes beyond conventional publications? Today, we suggest topics for Instagram posts. Choose the best and relevant for a blog or business, fill in your highlight and boldly send to subscribers.

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Diversify your posts by shape

  1. Instructions. The flow of information is growing rapidly, and readers need a simple and understandable explanation of how, what, and why. Give them a kick-start and they won't forget you. .; a) DIY. A separate type of video for crafting and just making things for yourself. Maybe you have life hacks, for example, how to cook this particular salad or make sure that your shoes don't rub? Choose the theme of your page and please users. At the end of the day, you can organize a competition to see who will do the best. Encourage subscribers to post photos and discuss the results, increasing their engagement. .; b) A detailed explanation. Have you encountered a situation and know how to get out of it? For example, you answered wrong, but managed to correct yourself quickly and not spoil a business meeting? Tell a story and give some advice that helped you avoid trouble. Readers will certainly be grateful for a detailed guide.
  2. Analysis. What successes did we achieve during the week? What figures indicate an increase in the popularity of our products? What new achievements can be recorded in the personal or corporate record book? .; a) A quote is one option. Write an expression of a famous person or employee or friend and leave a comment on it. Be sure to ask subscribers for their opinion in order to develop discussion and increase engagement. .; b) Review with assessment. Have you used someone's product or service? Have something to say? Be sure to share it with your readers to alert them or rejoice with them. Consider the tastes of the audience. If you enter a car-related page, Fixtures purchases will be irrelevant.
  3. List. Make a personal top: "The best books about gardening," "Music that inspires our team," "The qualities we value in our employees," "Movies for Sunday evenings." Structured information attracts attention, and quality content leaves subscribers with you.
  4. Statistics. Give figures. From scientific research, from the company's own or results. Remember: Mondays or weekends are not the best days to analyze serious information. Subscribers these days will not worry about the importance of this information.
  5. Check-list. A backpack for nature travelers, an office for easy learning, and what to do if bitten by a tick.
  6. A series of posts. Do you have a long history? Break it down into several records and post regularly at intervals.
  7. This item would be a good solution when there is too much information in the profile, and it would be nice to dilute it with simpler photos. Take a shot of something simple (but still in your color scheme), whether it's a textured wall, a glass of your favorite cafe, sand on the beach, or water in the pool. There is a hashtag for these kinds of images: # photosinbetween.


instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

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  • Worldwide. Keep an eye out for breaking news that excites subscribers. Periodically, you can discuss with them events that are not directly related to your case. You show that you are constantly monitoring new developments and are on the same wavelength.
  • In company. A new line of goods goes on sale? Has the team changed? Have a promising contract been concluded? The audience is waiting for news.
  • Personal growth. The topics of Instagram posts can relate to literature that has changed the worldview, achievements in any field, challenges to subscribers.
  • Announcement. Tell us what the future holds for fans. .; Research. Have you discovered an incredible phenomenon in your area? Or have you just produced some great statistics? Don't forget to share them with your audience.
  • Stories

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  • With feelings. Instagram is fixated on transmitting them. Photographs, text, everything must affect the reader, otherwise meaning and engagement are lost. Recall and tell stories that were clearly present: .; a) Shame; .; b) disappointment; .; c) joy; .; d) a pleasant wait.
  • Motivation for others. Support your Instagrammers, they need it more than ever.
  • Tell us about a good deed.
  • Inspiration for yourself. Share what makes you move when you want to lie on the couch, which helps when nothing works.
  • A funny story. People love humour. It's great at the end of the working week or at the weekend.
  • Stories about children are always kind and a little relaxing: you want to remember your early years and take your mind off the fuss.
  • A victory story. Choose an achievement and share it with the audience.
  • History of failure: .; Morally, what should or should not be done? .; with the subtext of advertising, if there is such a purpose.
  • Memories. The first days of the company's development? Children's dreams of delicious chocolate? Think about the topic and invite readers to immerse themselves in their own experiences. You might come across someone with a great idea.
  • Training

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

    New ideas for Instagram posts are easy to generate by knowing the main trends in training. Follow research on how to memorize information properly and use these methods in your posts. Subscribers will certainly thank you and remember you.

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  • Training for beginners. Choose skills from your subject matter and create programs for learning. First, for those who are barely familiar with your area.
  • Programs for continuing students who have studied entry level and are ready to move on.
  • For professionals. Programs for the advanced differ in depth. Show yourself as an expert in your field by raising your profile.
  • Life hacks for your audience in the form of: .; (a) Councils; .; b) experience; .; c) Articles; .; d) a video in a story or post.
  • Publish your own articles within your chosen direction.
  • Give scientific reflections based on life stories.
  • Talk about tools in your career, for example: .; (a) Books; .; b) annexes; .; c) services; .; d) description; .; e) cost; .; (e) Office.
  • Share the learning process by inspiring and supporting. Show: .; (a) Desktop (computer or real); .; b) outdoor activities; .; c) acquiring skills in the office; .; d) step-by-step process.
  • Guests

    Who can be your guest:

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  • bloggers;
  • Employees;
  • Experts;
  • customers.
  • In terms of form, it can be:

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  • interviews;
  • Expert opinion;
  • References;
  • proposals;
  • forecasts on a topical issue;
  • competitions and raffles;
  • support projects or challenges.
  • Share your information

    Share what you have learned recently. Self-learning online is a hit of our time, as everyone seeks to maximize information for career and personal development.

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  • What do you read in your direction?
  • What do you listen to on the subject of the profile?
  • What skills do you need in your job?
  • How much time have you devoted to a particular area of your career?
  • How do you build personal relationships?
  • How do you attract an audience?
  • And many other questions: "How?," "Why?," "Why?," "What to do?."

    Communicate with the audience

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

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  • FAQ. Analyze frequently asked questions from the audience and put them together in a single post. Update them periodically to keep the information up to date.
  • Write a publication with questions to ask, but no one decides.
  • Discussions. Create them on any occasion. According to Instagram's algorithms, posts with more comments have a greater audience reach. Also, find in the reviews fresh ideas for publications or qualities that people like / dislike.
  • Games. For example, ask questions like "What would you spend a million on?," "What would you do all day without light?" or ask to continue with the phrase "Happiness is." Turn on the imagination and enjoy the results.
  • Marathons. The goal is to learn something new. For example, you keep an account with your work in gouache technique. Run a week-long marathon and publish simple tasks that subscribers can use to sharpen their skills and achieve their goals. Every day, they post comments on the work done. Winners receive a portrait as a gift.
  • Flashmobs. Connect creativity and ease for a subscriber: post a photo, sign a participant.
  • Competition. Another option is to broaden the audience and increase engagement. Everyone loves bonuses and gifts.
  • Post-dating. When your audience is growing rapidly, periodically post a welcome note so that newcomers can learn more about you: who you are, what your goals are, and your successes.
  • Imagination and Fiction

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  • The future: near and far. Imagine with subscribers: a Martian at the head of a company, travel with teleportation. Gusts of imagination can suggest a fantastic but achievable idea that will be the key to solving problems.
  • Ideal. What's your perfect day, what's your perfect journey, etc. d. You can either talk about it yourself or ask subscribers to do so.
  • What if. . . Write down any associations that come to mind and fit your profile.
  • Think of a fantastic situation with humour.
  • Popular Themes

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

    Beautiful posts on Instagram turn out to be on topical topics (examples can be seen in popular hashtags).


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  • His favorite trips.
  • Map with marked points of desired travel.
  • Bought tickets or packed suitcases for the nearest cruise.
  • Stories from the tour.
  • Traveller's life hacks.
  • Animals

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  • Funny stories with your pets.
  • Do you have a happy dog or cat in your office who is being stroked for good luck?
  • Tell us about your favorite animals, what they mean in your life.
  • Who do you want to have: a cat, a dog, a parrot, an ostrich?
  • Pictures with humor about animals. They lift the mood at any time of the day.
  • Cooking

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  • Experiments.
  • Favourite dishes.
  • Useful information about the world's cuisines.
  • About me

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  • Plans.
  • Hobbies.
  • A typical day.
  • A letter to everyone.
  • Write to yourself.
  • The process of creating posts.
  • The process of creating competitions.
  • Formats and Ideas for Video

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

    Creating videos on Instagram does not always require a large budget or professional equipment. It's enough to find ways to engage people. Some ideas can easily be moved from photos to videos.

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  • A good place to start is the main series that represent your brand and its activities.
  • Instagram Stories and saved Stories are ideal places for training programs. Tutorials detail the packaging, colors, and sizes of the product, as well as useful tips and recommendations for use.
  • Want to showcase the identity of the brand, the amazing team members, and the production process? Make a video behind the scenes.
  • Give the camera to an interesting person who represents the values of the company: an employee, a friend, an influential person. Partnerships can lead to mutually beneficial proposals.
  • Subtitles are necessary for some videos, because people often watch without sound. For caption text, Instagram Stories has several fonts to choose from, but you can also post photos with text or use a template with text fields enabled. Thanks to the corporate template, the company can indeed produce fantastic material week after week.
  • The slideshow does not need video material. They are great for step-by-step instructions, lists, and company progress.
  • You worry about a new product and wait for a release date, so why not attract and bother your friends and subscribers? You can also raise product expectations with a countdown.
  • Music is a frugal way to express a company's individuality. It evokes instant emotions. No text or long story is required. Music completes the video, complementing or contrasting with the pace of motion on the screen.
  • Some social media trends are easy to plan because they follow a calendar, year after year, such as holidays. Think about your strategy and pay attention to what is most important to your customers. This will make it possible to create quality content and be on the same wavelength as subscribers.
  • Holidays

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  • Congratulations on traditional dates.
  • Birthdays of subscribers.
  • Congratulations on your successes.
  • As of February 14

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  • Interesting couples.
  • Confessions of self-love.
  • Examples of congratulations.
  • Books about love.
  • Places for lovers.
  • Lifkhaki for dating.
  • Love paraphernalia for business.
  • As of February 23

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  • Gift ideas.
  • The gift-making process.
  • Stories.
  • Music.
  • Movies.
  • Books.
  • Facts about February 23.
  • Male qualities.
  • As of March 8

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  • Gifts.
  • Flowers.
  • Interesting facts about March 8.
  • Female qualities.
  • Competition.
  • Collages.
  • Compilations: .; a) Music; .; b) films; .; c) books.
  • For the New Year

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  • Promises.
  • Christmas tree.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Winter photos.
  • Home comforts.
  • Congratulations.
  • Photos from the holiday.
  • Research

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  • Scientific.
  • Own.
  • The problem is finding a solution.
  • Compilations

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  • The best publications.
  • Actual records.
  • Old posts.
  • About the blog / company.
  • Information posts.
  • Collections of interesting people.
  • Selection of interesting places.
  • Inspirational posts

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  • Sport.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Fighting spirit.
  • Successful story.
  • What's in your bag?
  • What's for breakfast?
  • First thoughts after sleep.
  • Your workplace.
  • Subscriber Stories.
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Clothes for all occasions: important events, dates, meetings with friends.
  • The best find of the month.
  • Positive outlook.
  • Ideas for business posts on Instagram

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  • Do you have a project whose deadlines are simmering with blue flames, but you are not yet ready to show off the results of your work? Share a snippet, create a mystery, or a favorite thing on Instagram. This could be a to-do list, a destination map, or work materials.
  • Bonuses. There is nothing better than flipping through Instagram to find free products or services after lunch.
  • Showcases.
  • Comparison posts.
  • Team photos.
  • Updates in production or assortment.
  • Unusual use of a good or service.
  • Trends.
  • Themes on which competitors argue.
  • Properties of goods.
  • The appearance of the office.
  • Corporations.
  • Ideas for a personal blog

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

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  • Cocktails. Create a design and a fun name for it. It's a good way to talk about the weekend. They are usually shot in dark lighting with very warm tones (slightly orange). Always check the lighting when shooting indoors.
  • Flowers. This is when the photograph becomes fresh and bright. They emphasize interesting details and conceal bad ones, and saturated colors catch the eye and lift the mood.
  • Useful applications. Have you found a useful program? Be sure to share it with your audience. Will developers get in touch and offer a better deal?
  • What kind of person inspires you all the time? Show who you admire, why he lights a flame in you. Although you may not have met in person, it is a great way to acknowledge someone's direct influence in your life.
  • Is there a quote you always say? Or interesting expressions that inspire the entire department and are repeated behind you? Share with subscribers and ask them about similar phrases.
  • How do you start your Sunday? Sleep until 11 a.m.? Get up early for a jog at 6 a.m.? Or do you wake up at 7 but stay in bed, read or watch your favorite TV series while drinking coffee? Give your followers a look at how your resurrections begin.
  • Collect the items you like to use daily and put them all out. Describe why everyone matters - an interesting way to show the behind-the-scenes of life.
  • Sunrise or sunset. There's always something special at dawn. Fill it with your thoughts about goals, dreams.
  • Beautiful Instagram posts are often made with a special wall. You may have noticed them in the tape: against their background, any pose (and even movement: jump) looks stunning. Take a friend and go looking for an Instagram wall. Grab a few different shirts and hats so you are ready for any color combination.
  • Talk about a difficult life situation. Share what is challenging you at the moment, what you have been struggling with lately. You never know who might have gone through something like this, and communication and honesty will help you strengthen your connection with your audience.
  • Coffee or tea in the tape will warm subscribers. Hot drinks are life. They make the mind work during busy hours, and this gives a special atmosphere.
  • Time management. Productivity is a hot topic of conversation, with tips from thousands of books, podcasts, and apps to improve it. Everyone wants to focus on the efficiency of their lives. Time is one of the hardest things. Tell us how you manage it and what difficulties you face.
  • Your photo. Share your positive experiences with your followers by posting a happy picture.
  • What do you like to do when you are not at work? Do you like hiking or prefer to lie down with a book on the sofa or on the beach? Do you socialize with friends or spend quiet family evenings?
  • Enjoy the quiet solitude of the evening. Some appreciate it more than others, but if you get it right, it can be very photogenic.
  • Light a candle, open a book, and have a glass of wine.
  • Cherished collection. Do you have vinyl records? Do you have My Little Pony figurines that you just can't part with? They are great ideas for new posts and engaging audiences.
  • Dessert. Make it look just as exciting and enticing in photos.
  • Tell us about the last event you attended.
  • Write about the brightest moment of the past month.
  • Tell subscribers what you have learned so far: it could be facts from history, literature, business, or any other field you study.
  • Recipes. If you're following trends, you've already noticed the huge popularity of "Taste" style video recipes, often with a view from above, as ingredients are whisked (in rapid motion) into something tasty. It's a good way to talk about a favorite dish.
  • Learn psychological techniques and tell people about them. This is the kind of knowledge that fits any business or blog.
  • Post the best user comment below the previous post.
  • Which of the recent events has been a total failure? Deficiencies make us human and, fortunately, make others feel more connected to us.
  • A blog post from your archive: don't let your old records sit there waiting for them to be discovered. Find something surprising for readers.
  • How can people contact you on another social network: are you on Twitter, Pinterest, Vkontakte? Tell your followers why they should join you.
  • Think that the audience should try it and invite them to do it.
  • Share your experience, tell us who you have trained with. What gives you the right to do what you do? New subscribers may not yet know why they should trust and learn your skills.
  • Do you have a talent that few people know about? Instagram is the perfect place to unlock it and get support from your audience.
  • Do you know any language? Translate your favorite article from a foreign language, good practice for you and quality content for Instagram.
  • What is taking your time now? Is it a new project at work or perfecting a new skill? Be that as it may, if it is a big part of life, you must share it with the world so that it encourages your progress.
  • About People

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

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  • A story about personalities.
  • Inspiration for employees.
  • Admiration for someone in your field.
  • Mentors.
  • Desired cooperation.
  • People you already work with.
  • Motivation for action

    Tell subscribers why it's good. . .

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  • Read books.
  • To play sports.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Constantly learning new things.
  • Hone skills, even if there is no talent.
  • Don't give up.
  • Follow a proper diet.
  • To thank relatives, friends, relatives, colleagues.
  • Photos

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  • Start with the landscapes. Of all the different types of photos on Instagram, they get the most engagement. Bonus points for water, nature, attractions, exotic places and bridges. .; Selfies are one of the biggest trends on social media.
  • Who doesn't like good food? Images from the height of human height are popular. .
  • With partners.
  • With friends.
  • View from the window at work.
  • Photographs from the past are endlessly relevant and interesting.
  • Cute pets: A fat cat or a cute little dog will decorate someone's day with photos of pets on Instagram.
  • Pictures of children.
  • Combine multiple shots on one.
  • Cut the photo into pieces and post a few posts, making one huge.
  • Photos in pictures are another Instagram trend.
  • Capture people's emotions and build a large collection.
  • Find simple things that represent you. If you had to choose only three objects that show who you are as a person and what you like, what they were? Publish them and in the title, describe why you chose them.
  • Put different objects on the surface and take a picture from above. Try to include a cup of coffee or tea to make the photo more relevant and positive.
  • What are you grateful for? Try to keep track of the day and notice the little things you appreciate. Save the list and photograph it for Instagram. If there are people on the list, be sure to tick them off.
  • You already have hundreds of family photos and the best can even be shared. Thank them, describe your feelings, and sign the dates.
  • Nothing attracts people's attention like color. Try bright and rich. Fasting will radiate positivity and energy.
  • Specific examples of topics

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  • Share your favorite tips for blogging.
  • 5 ways to motivate yourself.
  • How to build relationships with bloggers.
  • Rate and describe the five bloggers.
  • A health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs.
  • Favorite hashtags.
  • Summing up

    Write down any topics for Instagram posts that come to mind. Later, you will be able to weed out the failures and design the most attractive ones. Don't forget the imagination: even a serious business profile can be diversified with increased audience engagement.