Instagram is not just a playground for ambitious Instagram ist nicht nur eine Spielwiese für ambitionierte Influencers . Meanwhile, the . Mittlerweile ist auch das German crafts and uses the platform to present its products. Companies large and small have long recognized that the images and videos they post on Instagram open customers "hearts (and wallets).

The Facebook subsidiary is increasingly becoming a focus for brands that want to use social media to connect with existing and potential new customers. And for good reason.

With more than Mit mehr als 700 million monthly active users Instagram offers many opportunities for companies to connect with existing and potential new customers. In addition, more than 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand. It is no wonder that the companies represented on Instagram want to increase their number of followers.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for gaining followers. However, there are ways to improve your Instagram strategy so that more members of your desired audience can find you and follow you.

To gain more Instagram followers, you need to be consistent, authentic and goal-oriented. Find potential followers in their existing communities, share content that encourages interaction and gets people to follow you.

11 ways to gain more Instagram followers

In this guide, we discuss some of the tactics that have proven to be the most effective for us at Instamer to attract new followers. With a click on the buttons you can jump ahead in the text.

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1. Develop a clear Instagram strategy

Anyone who does not use a social media network in a targeted manner wastes resources on the one hand and generates a low return on investment on the other. Instagram is no exception in this respect. But if you have a strategy ready, you can define your goals. This also makes it more efficient to find and motivate new followers who are relevant to your company.

Research your competitors

By analyzing the activities of your competitors on Instagram, you will learn:

  • how high a realistic number of followers can be for a company in your niche or industry.
  • What kind of content other companies in your niche or industry publish and whether they succeed or not.
  • at what intervals your target group expects new content from you.
  • how other companies interact with your ideal target group.
  • which is the most important

You can monitor your competitors (as well as your customers, various industry terms, and any other Instagram content you want to watch) in your Instamer dashboard. And that's on the same dashboard that you use to manage all your other social media networks.

Determine what story you want to tell

Whatever industry your business is in, you have a story to tell that is perfect for a visually oriented social network like Instagram. A compelling story conveys purpose and motivates your community to share and interact with your contributions. And that makes your Instagram account more attractive to new followers.

Show your followers how your product is made. Share an employee's perspective to give your brand a human face. Or position your brand as something to aspire to by showcasing the lifestyle or success of your customers as it is Zeigen Sie Ihren Followern, wie Ihr Produkt hergestellt wird. Teilen Sie die Perspektive eines Mitarbeiters, um Ihrer Marke ein menschliches Gesicht zu verleihen. Oder positionieren Sie Ihre Marke als etwas Erstrebenswertes, indem Sie den Lebensstil oder die Erfolge Ihrer Kunden präsentieren, so wie es nondeathyet There are many ways to tell your story in this Instagram post. These are just a few of the options.

You don't need to limit your Instagram strategy to any of the options listed. Most successful brands tell all these stories in different variations simultaneously and perhaps across multiple social media channels.

Set goals

Your Instagram strategy can only be as effective as the goals you're aiming for. Therefore, you should know what you want to achieve. We suggest that you sign up

So make sure you're not only increasing the number of your Instagram followers, but that you're targeting the right followers.

No matter what your business goals are, the main goal on Instagram should always be to create good visual content.

2. Make your Instagram account more visible

If you're having trouble finding new followers on Instagram, there's a simple (yet often overlooked) solution: Make it easier for people to find you. Ideally, you'll have more ways to discover your Instagram account.

Promote your Instagram account on other social networks

If you already have a good number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media networks, you should also alert them to your Instagram account. For example, share some of your best Instagram posts on other social media channels. With a little extra budget, you can also create an ad from these posts to make sure as many of your followers as possible know about your Instagram account.

Destination Canada, for example, redirect their Facebook followers to their Instagram account by teasing it with four photos of an Instagram influencer. The photos coupled with the influencer's recognizability increased the willingness of Facebook followers to visit Destination Canada's Instagram account.

All your means of communication, whether online or offline, allow you to alert people to your Instagram account.

Link your Instagram account to your website, email signature, blog and newsletter. You will be found on social media by more people who are already in contact with your brand online.

How to find more Instagram followers: the ultimate guide. Instamer

You can also draw attention to your Instagram account offline, e.g. on product packaging or business cards. Weddington Way, a wedding dress manufacturer, promoted their Instagram presence at their launch party in New York, making it easy for visitors to find and tag them on social media, which in turn increased the company's visibility not only for visitors but also for their followers.

Use hashtags

Add appropriate hashtags to your captions. This increases the chances that your contributions will also be visible to people who do not yet follow you. Maybe these people are looking for photos that have to do with your brand or industry. However, before you start using hashtags to gain Instagram followers, familiarise yourself with the rules for using

Hashtags on Instagram: the DOs & amp; DON'T

YES: Find popular hashtags, and use them. Use search functions in Instagram or the

YES: Create your own hashtag. Come up with hashtags that your target audience can identify with. You can't find anything for your industry or niche? Get creative. The toiletries manufacturer Always launched a successful campaign, # LikeAGirl, which encourages young women to use the often negative term positively. With more than four billion impressions and a brisk turnout in just two months, the campaign was a huge success.

NO: Don't exaggerate. Hashtags are an effective way to gain new followers on Instagram. However, if you use too many of them, you confuse your target audience and may dilute your brand message.

NO : Do not use hashtag tricks. Although hashtags such as # likeforlike, # tagsforlikes or # followme can lead to an increase in follower numbers in the short term, the new followers they attract are usually spammers or people who are only interested in following you back. But that doesn't help you build a meaningful and engaged community. Put the focus : Verwenden Sie keine Hashtag-Tricks. Hashtags wie #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes oder #followme können zwar kurzfristig zu einem Anstieg der Follower-Zahlen führen, jedoch handelt es sich bei den dadurch neugewonnen Followern meist um Spammer oder um Personen, die lediglich daran interessiert sind, dass Sie Ihnen zurück folgen. Das hilft Ihnen jedoch nicht, eine sinnvolle und engagierte Community aufzubauen. Legen Sie den Schwerpunkt – as recommended by Instagram prefers hashtags with a direct link to your photo, product or company.

To learn more about how to use hashtags correctly, read our Um mehr darüber zu erfahren, wie Sie mit Hashtags richtig umgehen, lesen Sie auch unseren Guide for professionals: Use Instagram hashtags .

Bring your brand to the Instagram Explore tab

You can find the Instagram Explore tab by clicking on the magnifying glass button in the app. Find curated topics from across the Instagram community and personalized content that Instagram provides for you based on your previous actions. You can also find Instagram Stories there since October.

How to find more Instagram followers: the ultimate guide. Instamer Posts that appear in the Explore tab are made available to a huge audience: Beiträge, die in dem Explore Tab erscheinen, werden einem riesigen Publikum bereitgestellt: more than 100 million users visit the Explore tab every day .

3. Publish regularly and at the right times

There is no secret recipe for the frequency of Instagram posts. However, a study by Tailwind says those who post on Instagram four times a day can multiply the number of followers four times faster than those who post less than once a week.

Your followers want to see your content, that's why they follow you. And when they interact with your posts, those interactions become visible to their followers, which in turn gives you a greater reach.

We examined more than 400 million social media posts and found that companies post Instagram posts, especially during office hours. Use the knowledge that you possess about your customers to

Bonus : Download thisfree guide Discover how you can increase social media interaction through improved audience analysis, more accurate customer engagement and Instamer's easy-to-use social media software.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the president said he was "deeply saddened" by the news of the shooting. Bei Instamer we found that one of the ideal times for us to post Instagram content is around 8pm in our time zone (Pacific Standard Time). Around this time, our North American audience is scrolling through Instagram before bed, while our followers in Australia and Asia are also scrolling through their news feeds on their way to work.

Even though Instagram now has an algorithm-based feed, publishing time remains important. The algorithm is also based on interaction rates, and if no one is online to interact with your posts, it will have a negative impact on your visibility.

The most effective way to determine the best release time on Instagram:

4.Boost your follower numbers with good picture headings

Instagram may be a visually oriented platform, but your captions have an important function in finding new followers. When creating captions to your posts, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Place the most important words at the beginning : The preview of captions in the Instagram feeds is limited to a few lines. It is therefore all the more important that the most important information is quickly identified.
  • Ask questions. This encourages your target audience to respond in a comment. This is exactly the kind of interaction that makes your Instagram account visible to more people. In the following example, Winners presents its products and motivates its target group to interact: it invites users to comment on the photo.

  • Experiment with emojis : Emojis can be a real eye-catcher and work for most accounts on this visual network.
  • Experiment with captions of different lengths. Instagram allows both long and short captions.

5. Create a complete profile

Your profile is the mainstay of your Instagram presence and can help you increase the number of your followers. Who would click the button on an obscure, incomplete or simply boring profile?

Your Instagram profile consists of your name and username, your website and your biography.