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High quality social networks promotion

Insert account's nickname / link


Select social network


Where I can find the prices?

Just start making the order (click first on the social network you want a promotion in). And the website will show the cost depending on quality and amount you've chosen. Or navigate to prices page in the menu.

Any there a free option?

We offer 10 followers and 10 free likes on a post without any tasks on queue. Just enter nickname in searchbar to get free followers.

What can I order?

Followers, likes, views (for posts and reels), story views and comments.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all kinds of cards (through Stripe) and crypto.

I don't want to enter my bank card number.

We use Stripe for handling the payments, so all the payment related information is entered on their website. We don't ask for any digits.

I don't want to signup. What can I do?

It's okay. Just make an order without registration. After payment you will be able to track your order without entering your email anywhere.

What about privacy? I don't want anyone to know that I ordered some promotion.

We don't share your promotion data with any 3d party. We earn money by providing the promotion service itself, not by selling info, about on which links the promotion was made.

Is it safe?

In short: most of the time yes, but we can't give you 100% guarantee. We actively monitor social networks updates and tweak our algorithms, but there are some gray zones, that we may be unaware.

How to contact a support?

Telegram: @instamer or email: support@instamer.com .