One thing you have to leave Instagram. The team around Kevin Systrom manages to quickly establish new features among a broad mass of Instagram users. It will no longer only be over 95 million Photos and Instagram videos shared daily, over 100 million People see each other every day

This means Instagram has managed to get a feature within two months at over 100 million People. Snapchat copy or not. Instagram Stories are a success and with such high traffic, Stories will shape the future of Instagram. For now, the Instagram feed will remain the dominant element on Instagram. Instagram Stories and the Explore tab are also very important features for Instagram. Both features have over 100 million daily users and provide people with additional content they don't see on their Instagram feed.

It is also interesting that both Stories and the Explore tab have been introduced or significantly improved since the introduction of the Instagram feed algorithm.

This is relevant for both companies and influencers. In addition to the feed, people could mainly find new content by searching for hashtags and places. Instagram Stories provide followers with additional content, and the Explore tab provides an additional point of contact for additional content in addition to searching.

Instagram has changed a lot in 2016. The combination of feed algorithm, Instagram Stories and Explore tab ensures positive effects. People are posting more and more content on Instagram and also spending more time in the app. Instagram says this not just to justify its algorithm. If we recall Instagram's argument for the algorithm, the development makes perfect sense. More than 70% of the published content in the feed has disappeared. The algorithm has the task to reduce this value. When this happens, users consume more content, interact with more content and spend more time in the app.

The dwell time is further increased by Instagram Stories and Instagram videos. The more videos we see on Instagram, the longer the dwell time will be.

The way you navigate through different Instagram Stories is definitely no worse than it is on Snapchat. Personally, I think it's even better.

Instagram Stories have amassed over 100 million in just two months Users. Instagram Stories haben in nur zwei Monaten über 100 Mio. Nutzer gewonnen. Snapchat stands at 150 million Users , of which

I am curious to see how

100 million people watch Instagram Stories every day. Instamer 100 million people watch Instagram Stories every day. Instamer