10 avoidable mistakes in Instagram marketing.. Instamer

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Confusing Instagram with Facebook

Instagram thrives on its own imagery and is clearly distinct from Facebook. Posts with marketing messages are commonplace on Facebook and users have become accustomed to ads. On Instagram, the situation is different. Individual images get more attention in the feed than on Facebook. Businesses can clearly benefit from this. But only if they publish high-quality photos and not coupons, flyers and the like.

Focus on hashtags and likes

People are very active on Instagram and posts receive on average more interactions than on Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are a good way to increase the visibility and half-life of your Instagram photos. However, photos should not be tagged with 20 hashtags just to drive up the number of likes.

10 avoidable mistakes in Instagram marketing.. Instamer

Hashtags like # likesforlikes may generate interactions, but they have the same added value as Facebook fans of iPhone sweepstakes.

Don't budget for Instagram marketing

Instagram does not currently have an algorithm and ads are not yet available in Germany. Still, Instagram needs marketing budget and, above all, resources. In the future, ad budgets will also be needed, and who knows whether Facebook will eventually introduce an algorithm for Instagram.

Underestimate effects of Instagram bio

Mentions on Instagram are a popular way to alert other users to content, or to spread your own account. For this reason, the bio should not only consist of a URL to the website. The account description should be updated regularly, contain information about actions and campaigns, and guide users through the link to websites.

Lack of activity on Instagram

A successful Instagram presence is only possible if content is regularly published. Here it behaves like in all other social networks: If content is only rarely published, no connection to the community can be established.

Furthermore, content should not only be published, but also interacted with the community. Follow users who regularly interact with your content and comment on posts related to your business.

Too much activity on Instagram

On Facebook, the algorithm filters the News Feed. On Twitter, the high number of tweets creates a constant noise in the feed. On Instagram, on the other hand, all content is displayed unfiltered. By prominently displaying the photos, companies can also become too dominant on Instagram, for example when five photos are published within a few minutes. This can be unproblematic on a case-by-case basis, but few companies have such a high density of relevant content. The trick is to be regularly active on Instagram, but not to bombard your followers with photos.

Disregard mobile usage

While we at Facebook and Twitter are also looking at mobile usage, Instagram is a mobile-only network. You can give yourself gimmicks with the web view of Instagram. Rather, it's about internalizing Instagram's focus on mobile use and reflecting that in its content. This applies to motifs, speeches, situations and the entire imagery on Instagram.

Align campaigns only to build followers

The point might also be to learn nothing from the mistakes on Facebook. Instagram campaigns, or the extension of hashtag campaigns on Instagram, are not just for building followers. Today, lottery fans are a thorn in the side of many companies. But if the same mechanisms are used on Instagram, followers will be made up of the same people. There is little interest in the company and its content. It's all about taking part in competitions.

Don't take Instagram API options into account

Although the Zwar bietet die Instagram not as many possibilities as the Graph API from Facebook, but you should still get an overview of the possibilities and the guidelines. For example, how to integrate Instagram content into your website, or which user data can be read and used via the API.

Consider Instagram marketing as short-term hype

On the social web, we tend to refer to new trends and developments as "the next big thing." Especially with social networks, however, the euphoria disappears very quickly, as you can see with ello, for example. But Instagram is much more than hype and has established itself among users and businesses. The number of users continues to rise and above all the activity goes through the roof. Advertisements will generate further interest from companies in Germany. We will talk about Instagram as naturally as we have done for years via Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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Credit: Flickr photographer Abulic Monkey

10 avoidable mistakes in Instagram marketing.. Instamer 10 avoidable mistakes in Instagram marketing.. Instamer