worldwide: As of 2019, one billion people on Instagram on the way. In Germany, Instagram has more than 15 million users, according to the latest official figures from 2017. These figures are likely to have risen sharply. The influx on the picture platform is unabated and presumably now inspires respect for the mother Facebook. It is not easy to stand out as a company in this environment.

Because Instagram marketing is competitive.

More than 25 million companies are now vying for the attention of potential customers on the social media platform. They all want to arouse the interest of their target group, create desires and motivate them to act.

With so much competition, there is no way around a well thought-out and tried-and-tested strategy if you want to succeed.

The following Instagram marketing tips are designed to help you work out this strategy.

But first.

Bonus : Learn more in our Step-by-step guide how to create a social media strategy and optimize your social media presence with Instamer.

How to set up an Instagram account

It's fast. If you already have a , you can skip this part.

Newcomers are ready in just three steps.

Step 1: Download the Instagram app.

The app is available for iOS in the App Store, for Android in the Google Play Store and for Windows devices in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 2: Sign in.

Once you have Instagram installed on your smartphone, open the app.

Then tap and enter your email address. You can also log in with your Facebook account if you already have , this method is even faster and simpler.

Step 3: Tap 's settings

and then scroll down to 's Convert To Business account.

OK, that's it. Here we go.

12 Instagram marketing tips

1. Optimize your bio .

In addition to your company name, username and website URL, your Instagram profile has 150 characters of space for .

Your bio is the Occasion for you to give a good first impression, to explain the offer of your company and to present its benefits for others. It should explain who you are and what you are doing, and it should convey the identity of your brand.

Of course, this is not easy when you only have 150 characters available. Therefore, keep your text:

  • CLEAR: Use short, simple words and work with line breaks.
  • PRECISES: Create an impression of the brand personality with emojis quickly and with just a few characters.
  • CONVENTION: Make your visitors with a what they should do next.

If your slogan conveys what you need to know about your business without emojis and in less than 150 characters, then do it like GQ and use it on Instagram:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

2. Select a suitable profile picture.

Before a visitor reads your Instagram bio, they see your profile picture and get their first impression.

The appropriate profile picture for your Instagram account is therefore usually your logo.

This logo should be clearly recognizable and not cropped by the typical Instagram circle. If your logo is square (as in the case of Home Depot), resize it to fit in the circle:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

3. Make sure you have a consistent brand look on Instagram.

To establish a unified brand look on Instagram, you should on the platform.

This optical uniformity is so important because the images of your brand stand out from the flood of other content as recognizable. And that increases the chance that users will interact with your posts, whether through a Like or a comment.

As your goal is for Instagram users to stop scrolling as soon as you see your picture, Sarah Dawley, senior copywriter at Instamer, tells you should make sure your photos are instantly recognisable.

This effect can be achieved by using the same filter for each image (without exception!). For example, here's how the 33 Acres Brewing Company uses the same white pallet filter for each of its posts:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

"When you scroll through the company's newsfeed, you get used to that style very quickly," Dawley explains. It doesn't take long for images with these optical properties to be automatically associated with the brewery.

4. Set clear objectives.

If you don't have specific goals, you won't know whether investing in marketing on Instagram pays off.

At the beginning of each objective is the choice of the right indicators with which you can measure the success of your measures. There are two categories:

  • 's Vanity Fair ratings (e.g. B) Likes, comments, shared content, followers)
  • 's business metrics (e.g. B) Reach, Engagement, Traffic, Lead Generation, Revenue Generation)

The former will show you how well your content is received by your target audience. Using vanity metrics, you can also compare how your Instagram presence compares to that of your competitors.

The KPIs in the second category help you understand and demonstrate how your social media activities contribute to more general business results.

Both are important in their own way and want to be considered before setting up a corporate presence on Instagram. To help you rethink your program and the appropriate indicators, we have a plan with all the information on was compiled.

5. Create compelling content.

Convincing content encourages interaction and encourages users to share, comment on and click on content.

But before you motivate someone to act, you must first Attention wake up. And that, as we all know, is a limited resource. How good that there are a few tried and tested content formats that ensure that users do not continue scrolling and instead focus on Their contents focus. For example:

Insights behind the scenes

Use this type of content to introduce the people behind your company and let your employees make a good impression.

Photos and videos that show what goes on behind the scenes remind your followers that your company is a result of community and collaboration. People work here who want to create something together that is bigger than themselves.

You can use your posts to portray executives, present your office, or show eager employees at work (or during breaks). In short, everything that gives outsiders an inside look is suitable, as here:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

Quotes and text-based images

People love quotes that they understand and that have to do with their lives. A simple and effective strategy if you want to promote engagement.

Examples for the content of text-based content:

  • Quotes from influential people in your industry
  • Sector-specific facts or statistics
  • Reviews from happy customers

Everything that is valuable and easy to consume works, as in this example:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

Daily hashtags

This method is particularly well suited to getting your content to the point. All you need to do is create a leitmotif that your target audience immediately recognizes and looks forward to with each new content. Such a hashtag will also quickly bring you new ideas.

You can use classic hashtags like # tbt (Throwback Thursday), which are familiar to most people. Or you invent something new that only stands for your company. Everything that entertains, inspires and can be easily adopted by others is suitable. For example:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

6. Master lesser-known features and hacks.

Did you know that you:

  • can change the color of individual letters or words to make your text stand out more?
  • Hide your story from certain users and spread segmented messages?
  • in your bio to make it more readable?

Instagram is a sophisticated platform with many features that anyone can use to create unique content. When you master these little-known features and hacks, you tap into the full potential of Instagram and you can create content for a specific audience rather than just for everyone.

Our list of , helps you to explore new paths.

7. Make partnerships with key influencers.

A paid (i.e. a popular account that has the same target audience as you and comes from the same industry) is a proven way to draw attention to your business.

But an influencer partnership is not necessarily the same as an influencer partnership.

According to Lee Vosburgh, founder of the blog Style Bee and the Instagram account @ LeeVosburgh, when searching for the right influencer for a collaboration, you should ask yourself several questions, including:

  • Does this influencer's brand, with its values, aesthetics and personality, match mine?
  • Do the influencer's photos match the style and quality I want my products to be associated with?
  • Are the brands and products this influencer has worked with similar to mine?

You should also let this partnership cost you something.

In the end, Vosburgh, takes a look. If you want to make money from your brand, you should be willing to pay for it.

8. Text good captions.

When it comes to engagement, captions are just as important as the images and videos that accompany them.

A good caption puts your imagery in context, showcases your brand's personality, entertains the target audience and motivates users to get active, 'explains Michael Aynsley, editor-in-chief of the Instamer blog.

The best captions, like any good advert, are short, concise and easy to read. The reader does not even need to think for a second, so effortlessly they can be consumed and understood.

To achieve this goal, however, you need to know your target audience and your brand voice really well. The aim of the target group is to make your content interesting and memorable. An authentic brand voice ensures that your content is consistent and instantly recognisable.

Composing meaningful and well-functioning copy texts (where, for example, the most important words are at the beginning of the caption or where you use simple words and short sentences) can be practiced. This also applies to corresponding writing methods such as: Always take the time to revise the text. Or: Ask relevant, thought-provoking questions.

If you still need help, then read our article about it, .

9. Choose hashtags wisely.

Hashtags are an important weapon in the battle for audience attention.

A well-used hashtag can attract hordes of new visitors to your post, profile or brand. However, if the hashtag is misleading because it is used too often, for example, or has nothing to do with your content, it is more likely to have a counterproductive effect.

If a user follows a hashtag and then sees something they don't like, they can't select the option for that hashtag:

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy. Instamer

brings you the latest news and views Instamer editor-in-chief Michael Aynsley explains what content a particular user likes. No, there is no Instagram, but if too many of your posts are tagged accordingly, you can expect your content to appear less frequently (or not at all).

So when creating hashtags, make sure that they:

  • are relevant (too many hashtags are classified as spam)
  • are concrete (address a niche audience with keywords that it recognizes immediately)
  • are carefully selected (the hashtag should really mean exactly what you want to express)
  • are concise (short hashtags are easier to remember)

You can find more hashtag tips in our .

10. Make it to the Explore page.

The quickest way to make your brand more visible is to put it on the Explore page.

On the Explore page, users will find curated content compiled according to their previous actions and interactions. In other words, Instagram monitors what you do on the platform - the posts you like, share and comment on. You will then find similar content on your Explore page.

Instagram also selects high-engagement content and shows you content from accounts similar to those you already follow.

This is about data and pattern recognition, which raises the question: How do you get your content to the Explore page?

There is no general recipe for this, but at least a few measures that increase your chances:

Know your target group:

Who is your target customer? What interests him / her? Which accounts does he / she already follow on Instagram?

Draw conclusions from your target group to really understand what motivates them to interact.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags are the most effective way to discover your content and make it visible to new users. It helps you find your content, which is why every marketer should use it.

If you internalize, your content will get more interactions. This may get you to the Explore page quicker than you thought.

Which brings me to the next point.

Promote the commitment:

The more likes and comments an Instagram post gets, the more likely it is to appear on your target audience's Explore pages.

Encourage engagement with, for example, geo-tags in your posts or @ mentioning other relevant accounts in your captions. The more relevant your contribution to other users and brands, the stronger the commitment.

11. Address the right target group with ads.

If you are operating in a highly competitive market, consider promoting your brand with Instagram ads.

Instagram offers five ad formats: Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Photo Ads, Collection Ads and Stories Ads. Each of these formats is integrated into the feed or story of your target group and can therefore hardly be overlooked.

You might as well grow your Instagram audience organically without spending a penny on it, but that takes longer. If you don't have that much time, you can achieve your goals much faster with advertising.

In order to help you with your paid social projects, we have developed a was compiled.

12. Follow your performance with Instagram Analytics.

Only by observing and understanding your analytics will you be on track to achieve your Instagram marketing goals (see point 4) and business goals.

Whether you are Impressions (i.e. how many people have seen your post), Reach (i.e. impressions divided by the number of your followers) or General commitment (i.e. how often a post is liked, commented on, shared or saved), there are a number of tools you can use to simplify and speed up the job.

Once you have set up an Instagram company page, Instagram Insights is also open to you. This is the integrated analytics function of the platform. Insights provides you with a simple dashboard that shows you important information at a glance. However, the data visible here is limited and cannot be exported from the app.

If you want to discuss the topic in more detail, please read our article about , in which we inform you exactly about seven tools with which you get the most out of your data.

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