We have short videos in the form of Stories on Instagram and we have longer videos and regular formats on

While Instagram Stories have gone through the roof, Facebook Watch hasn't always been clear in which direction the format will evolve and how it will play out.

Facebook has now published statistics on Facebook Watch and presented ProSiebenSat.1, the first partner from Germany.

720 million People watch videos on Facebook Watch every month

What about the use of Facebook Watch? People use Watch at least once a month. The more prominent placement of Watch in the Facebook mobile app, however, has further potential for growth.

Every day there are 140 million People who consume at least 1 minute of moving image content on Watch. In addition to the sheer number of users, the dwelling or Playback time, of course, is the key success factor for Facebook Watch.

Dream Team Facebook groups and Watch?

I use Facebook Watch regularly and for me it is becoming the counterpart of Facebook groups. Watch is for passive consumption of content and groups for sharing. For example, I look at Stephen vs. The Game , which drives my dwell time up considerably.

But Facebook groups are playing an increasingly important role for Watch. Ever attended a watch party? Over 50 million Watch parties have since been held in Facebook groups. A thoroughly exciting feature. On the one hand, videos can be viewed with other group members, which encourages the sharing of the video, and on the other hand, the community can help shape the Watch Party and, for example, suggest more videos. Watch Party works for Facebook pages and groups. But with Facebook's focus on group content in the News Feed, we're sure to see more watch parties here.

But the 50 million is far from satisfactory for Facebook. As part of the group offensive, further functions and a clearer communication of the feature should be initiated here.

The length of stay is the decisive criterion for Facebook. On average, daily active users spend every day on Watch. This is important for Creator and Facebook, because in addition to the absolute number of users, the length of stay has a decisive impact on the monetization of Watch content. It becomes interesting for brands and companies when Watch becomes a relevant ad placement and is no longer just clicked once in a while. The 140 million daily users are a step in the right direction.

But Facebook Watch has largely abandoned its episodic character. It's hard for users to tell if it's a native Facebook video or an episode. This had already been announced with the end of the standalone Facebook Watch pages.

Nevertheless, there will of course continue to be exclusive content for Facebook Watch. New originals have been announced. You can find out what there will be in this video.

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140 million people use Facebook Watch every day. Instamer 140 million people use Facebook Watch every day. Instamer