The Facebook subsidiary Instagram is also developing magnificently in Germany. According to a forecast by eMarketer, 16 million German users are expected by 2021. Die Facebook-Tochter Instagram entwickelt sich auch in Deutschland prächtig. Laut einer Prognose von eMarketer werden bis 2021 16 Millionen deutsche Nutzer erwartet. As reported by t3n The forecast is based, among other things, on the development of Germany's figures so far and the potential in terms of population and demographic development. Analysts still see growth of 26.2 percent in 2017 compared with 2016 figures.

More than Mehr als five million companies around the world tell your story via Instagram. With so much competition, your brand needs to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are some Instagram apps that can help.

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Save yourself the long research: We have compiled 14 of the best apps for you. In the video below, we present five of our favorites. You can then make the entire list.

The 14 best Instagram apps you should download right away

1. 1. Layout

With Layout you can create collages by remixing your own photos. The app gives users creative control: your photos are instantly displayed in different combinations that you can edit to make them truly unique.

You can combine up to nine photos in one collage. Check out the preview before posting your work on Instagram.

This app is particularly well suited to:

  • Display before / after content (e.g. for interior design offices, manufacturers of cleaning products, hairdressers, extensively renovated hotels, etc.)
  • present the best user-generated content
  • 's behind-the-scenes snapshots of staff and offices
  • to put a number of new products in the spotlight

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2. 2. Instamer

By editing your Instagram photos, you can reduce the number of hits by Durch das Bearbeiten Ihrer Instagram-Fotos können Sie die Anzahl der Zugriffe um 21 percent and the interactions by more than und die der Interaktionen um mehr als 45 percent Increase. Instamer Enhance offers a complete photo editing solution to help you

Instamer Enhance makes it easier for you

  • Photos for every social media network cut to size and to format
  • Photos with filters, frames, stickers and overlays to edit
  • Images in royalty-free photo collections to "
  • photos directly on the social network of your choice Share (or to schedule it with Instamer for later release)

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3. 3. Have2Have.It by Soldsie builds a bridge between buyers and sellers on Instagram.

With this mobile app, companies can create, schedule and post photos and videos on Instagram, including links to their products and services. Mit dieser Mobil-App können Unternehmen auf Instagram Fotos und Videos samt Links zu ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen erstellen, terminieren und posten. :

  • brings followers directly to your e-commerce website
  • directs customers to complete their purchase process
  • allows your target group to discover more products

A 30-day free trial of Have2Have.It is Eine 30-tägige kostenlose Testversion von Have2Have.It ist available on the website of the provider .

The mobile app is free for Die Mobil-App ist gratis für iOS .

4. 4. Boomerang

Boomerang lets you create engaging content at the touch of a button. The tool shoots ten photos in quick succession and transforms them into a short video loop that plays back and forth in GIF style.

You can share Boomerang videos directly from the app or save them to the camera library for later publication. With Boomerang, marketers can delight their target audience with a witty look that stands out from forest-and-meadows Instagram photos.

You can choose between the standalone Boomerang app and the possibility to record a Boomerang from the Instagram app.

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70 percent of all Instagram users have already haben bereits took part in a competition on Instagram or would do so immediately if given the opportunity. The Instamer Campaigns app helps

Instamer Enterprise users can curate content in Instagram and Twitter galleries, block or share photo and video entries to competitions, moderate comments from different campaigns, and track subscriber data and analytics.

With an Instagram Gallery Contest hosted through Instamer Campaigns, you can collect user-generated content that shows your business the way customers see it. Instamer Campaigns also lets you

  • Accept submissions via hashtag or @ Mention
  • Unlock votes and comments on submitted contributions in order to increase engagement
  • Track and analyze participant and campaign data

Free use via the

6. 6. Hyperlapse

Instagram's Hyperlapse lets you record time-lapse videos and share them with your followers.

Thanks to the image stabilisation technology built into the app, you can film videos that are not blurred, which was previously impossible without a tripod. You can also upload your videos up to Dank der in der App integrierten Bildstabilisierungstechnik können Sie Videos filmen, die nicht verwackelt sind – was bisher ohne ein Stativ unmöglich war. Zudem können Sie Ihre Videos bis zu 40 times play faster than in original speed.

Use Hyperlapse to

  • to look behind the scenes : Use spontaneous, improvised videos to showcase the human side of your business by showing what your employees are up to.
  • Demonstrate your product in the application : Demonstrate the application case for the products or services you offer with comprehensible examples from everyday life.
  • to show a different perspective : Surprise your customers with product or service applications they have never thought of before.

7. 7. Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Selfie is a photo editing app available on iOS, Web and WeChat. It differs from similar programs mainly in that it works with artificial intelligence to optimize photos. The main features of the app are:

  • Smart portrait enhancement , where the app displays age, gender, skin tone, lighting and many other variables with just one click , bei der die App „Alter, Geschlecht, Hautton, Beleuchtung und viele andere Variablen mit nur einem Klick considered in an intelligent way "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.
  • Noise reduction , where the app automatically activates the mode, noise suppression and effectively eliminates noise with the help of continuous recording.
  • Automatic exposure Microsoft Selfie uses auto-exposure correction to clean up the photo, especially for backlit shots.

Instead of having to manually edit every component of an image, such as brightness, contrast, texture and sharpness, you can save valuable time with Microsoft's smart selfie features to enhance photos.

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8. 8. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is the best app currently available for creating photo and video collages. Mashable even named her a Pic Stitch ist die beste derzeit verfügbare App zur Erstellung von Foto- und Video-Collagen. Mashable kürte sie sogar zu einer seven best photo apps of all time .

Pic-Stitch users can

  • select from more than 245 collage layouts and 15 aspect ratios (1 × 1, 4 × 6 etc.)
  • Add music to a collage
  • Order pictures directly via Shutterfly
  • Customize photo frames
  • Rotate, flip, flip and zoom photos

Once you've created your masterpiece, you can upload it directly from the app to Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter or Evernote.

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9. (Dashboard or mobile app)

User-generated content makes it easier for a brand to highlight a product or service without having to put a lot of work into it. In addition, praise for your company often seems more trustworthy when it comes from third parties.

With Instamer, it's incredibly easy to repost other users' content.

Users can view their Instagram feed in Instamer, simply tap the image they want to reprogram, and then click on the Reshare icon.

The Instagram username of the person who originally uploaded the photo will automatically appear in the caption.

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10. 10. WhenToPost

It makes sense to publish Instagram content when the target audience is online. The WhenToPost app has been specially programmed for Instagram and ensures that you don't fish in the clouds when choosing the right time.


  • Creates a heatmap that shows you the best times to publish your Instagram content
  • offers a Countdown until the next ideal release time
  • shows a diagram with the most suitable times within the week for an Instagram post

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11. 11. Clips

Available for free since April 2017, the Apple Clips app lets users watch short videos, including special effects, text and graphics. take a look and share.

One of the most interesting features of clips is 's Live Titles. This allows you to create animated tracks while recording by dictating the text to Siri. Clips also uses specialised facial recognition technology thanks to Apple's machine learning technology: the app compares the faces in your video with those in your electronic device's image archive and even finds them in your address book so you can share the video with them with just one click.

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12. 12. Swipeable

Panoramic shots offer an entertaining change from your normal photos if you get them right. Swipeable is designed specifically for Instagram users. The app makes it easy for you to take and publish panoramic and 360-degree photos on the platform.

Swipeable uses the carousel function to automatically divide your panoramic images into rectangular pieces that can then be viewed in the correct order. This is handy if you

  • want to show many people in one photo
  • want to take a larger product image
  • want to present a tour of your new premises

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13. 13. Captiona

The probability of a conversion with your target group is around Die Wahrscheinlichkeit für eine Konversion bei Ihrer Zielgruppe liegt um 70 percent higher When your content triggers an emotional reaction, that's what the right Instagram caption can do. The Captiona app helps Instagram users create clever and amusing captions that appeal to the viewer.

With Captiona, you only need to enter a keyword that relates to your content (e.g. B) brings you the latest news, views and pictures as it happens throughout the day, with team news, provisional squads, betting odds and Opta stats.

All you have to do is tap the caption you want and copy it into your Instagram content description.

$0.99 for iOS

14. 14. Prime for Instagram

Getting the timing right is crucial, especially in your Instagram posts. Prime (similar to the aforementioned WhenToPost app) suggests the best times to publish your posts.

Prime sets a new record Prime setzt einen „ Powerful algorithm It uses hundreds of thousands of data points to determine when your followers are online, what activities they are doing, what relationship they have with you and, ultimately, when you should post on Instagram.

Prime ensures that as many members of your target group as possible see your post. This is particularly important if

  • you have created a high-quality contribution that should be disseminated as widely as possible
  • you announce a new product
  • you want to announce the closure of a branch or new opening hours in a post office
  • there is a time-critical or particularly important announcement you want to share in an Instagram post

Try WhenToPost and Prime, and determine which app is best for your brand and business goals.

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With the right tool, busy social media marketers save themselves a lot of work. The apps featured here will help you improve the quality of your Instagram content and also save you time.

With Instamer, you can easily plan Instagram content and manage all your social media accounts.