By selecting the right hashtags on Instagram, interactions and additional reach can be generated. But it's not just hashtags that have a positive impact on interactions on Instagram. Emojis also have a positive effect on interaction rates. Durch die Auswahl der richtigen Hashtags auf Instagram können Interaktionen und zusätzliche Reichweite generiert werden. Es sind aber nicht nur Hashtags, welche die Interaktionen auf Instagram positiv beeinflussen. Auch Emojis haben positive Effekte auf die Interaktionsraten. Quintly has found in a recent version of its study that the number of generated interactions has increased significantly when companies use emojis. What is interesting is not only which emojis are most commonly used, but also how prominent emojis are on Instagram.

Every second Instagram post contains emojis

57% of profiles analysed by Quintly use emojis. Every other Instagram post contains at least one emoji. The number of companies using emojis has barely increased.

Emojis therefore play an important role not only in mobile messenger apps and on Twitter.

Compared to 2016, more and more Instagram accounts are using emojis. However, the increase in usage has slowed.

Quintly has over 29,000 Instagram profiles and 5.9 million Posts. One finding is that the bigger an Instagram account (follower) is, the more emojis are used. It doesn't matter if it's a photo or an Instagram video. So you can say that emojis not only increase the interactions of photos, but also the views of Instagram videos.

Higher interaction rates for Instagram content with emojis

The exact impact of the use of emojis on the interaction rate is shown by comparing content published once with and once without emojis. Posts without emojis have an average interaction rate of 1.92%. In 2016, the average interaction rate for emojis was 2.21%. An increase of 15%! Interaction rates can be seen to have increased. Both Instagram content, with and without emojis, have a higher interaction rate than in the 2016 study.

Of course, interaction rates vary depending on your Instagram account, published content and follower numbers. With a database of 5.9 million However, it is clear from posts that emojis have a positive effect on interactions.

Emojis are used as a stylistic device and to amplify emotions. Everyone knows that from their own behaviour. Emojis are also used as a stylistic device on Instagram. But also as a tool to increase interactions. As with hashtags, of course, only matching emojis should be selected. In addition, you should always ask yourself whether the emojis are interpreted the way you imagine them to be.

In addition to captions, emojis are also popular in comments on Instagram. Here, however, often not as a stylistic device, but it is simply quicker to respond to a comment with an emoji than to formulate an answer.

In addition to the positive effects on Instagram interactions, Quintly also identified the most used emojis on Instagram for 2017. As in 2016, the camera emoji is the front runner. Matching Instagram.

In the study you can find more statistics. Depending on how many followers your accounts have, you can see in the results what impact emojis can have on your interactions. But it is also clear that emojis are not the only determinant of success. The same goes for hashtags. Both remedies can positively influence interactions. But only if the content works without hashtags and emojis. Bad content can't be saved with hashtags and emojis.

15% higher interaction rate with emojis on Instagram.. Instamer 15% higher interaction rate with emojis on Instagram.. Instamer