The integration of Stories into various Facebook apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can divide opinion. Instagram Stories not only did a lot, but almost everything was done right.

One in three Instagram users also uses Instagram Stories. In numbers, that now means 200 million of Instagram's 600 million monthly active users Instagram Stories. In terms of the 400 million daily users, it is even half!

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Snapchat copy or not. Instagram has passed Snapchat in terms of Stories and can be described as the leading app for the consumption and creation of Stories. In October 2016, after just a few months, the figure was already 100 million Users. Six months later, the number of Instagram Stories users has doubled. Nothing more needs to be said.

Instagram influencers are also drivers of Instagram Stories. Influencers are much more active on Instagram than on Facebook. For many, Instagram is the most important channel and Instagram Stories have quickly established themselves among influencers and are an integral part of daily communication.

Still, Instagram Stories are still in their infancy. Geo stickers have been presented for Chicago, London, Madrid andTokyo. But this is where the real action is yet to begin. The same applies to filters, stickers and lenses. On the

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200 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories every day.. Instamer 200 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories every day.. Instamer