Social Advertising grows up. Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are becoming more and more targeted and it is no longer about collecting as many clicks as possible, but the right clicks.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Kenshoo has over 550 billion Impressions and 11 billion clicks and created an interesting infographic for the areas of social advertising and search advertising. The comparison shows the influence mobile ad campaigns have and how companies strive to reach the right target groups with their ads.

The change in attitude in social advertising, for example, means that the impressions generated have fallen by 21% year-on-year. But that is not the point. Over the same period, the number of clicks generated has increased by 30% and the click-through rate has improved by 64%. This is a clear indication that media budgets are being invested in a more targeted and efficient way.

While increasing interactions such as likes, comments and shares on Facebook is still a frequently set ad target, it is clear that the generation of clicks is becoming increasingly important for companies. We have the social context of ads, which strengthens the dissemination and impact of advertised content. However, this is only one field of application, or one could say: interactions play an ever smaller role in social advertising. It's about clicks.

This, of course, also means that click prices on Facebook continue to rise. Here, takes a look. While in search advertising the CPC has decreased by 19%, in social advertising it has increased by 10%. But that has no impact on investment budgets. Companies have invested 50% more in Facebook and Co. compared to the previous year. Here, social networks clearly have an advantage over Google.

For Kenshoo, Instagram ads in particular are one of the drivers of social advertising. Although not everything is going smoothly here, companies are trying out a lot and trying to use Instagram ads to generate traffic and conversions. Sometimes with less success and sometimes with more. The Instagram for Business blog has now published a few sample campaigns showing the effects Instagram ads can have when used correctly.

2016 will be an important year for Instagram and therefore also for Instagram ads. We will see a significant increase in invested budgets and the combination of Facebook and Instagram ads will continue to grow.

21% fewer impressions & 30% more clicks: how social advertising develops [infographic]. Instamer 21% fewer impressions & 30% more clicks: how social advertising develops [infographic]. Instamer