300 million users or 500 million tweets? Why a comparison of Twitter and Instagram hardly makes sense.. Instamer

Twitter has generated mixed reactions with its latest quarterly figures. Mobile usage and ad revenue have increased, meeting analysts' and investors' expectations. User growth has been different, and Twitter has grown more slowly than many experts expected. Twitter has 241 million active users. What I don't understand in this context is a comparison with Instagram.

Q4 / 14 revenue: $479M; adj. EBITDA: $141M; non-GAAP net income: $79M. Key info: Q4’14 revenue: $479M; adj. EBITDA: $141M; non-GAAP net income: $79M. Key info: https: / / t.co / VO2GQOdPyv # TWTRearnings pic.twitter.com / NQbVYMx9g9

TwitterIR (@ TwitterIR) — TwitterIR (@TwitterIR) 5. February 2015

Twitter Reach: Q4 13 avg Monthly Active Users 241 million, up 30% y / y. Twitter Reach: Q4’13 avg Monthly Active Users 241 million, up 30% y/y. # TWTRearnings pic.twitter.com / 74Eva0gRqc

TwitterIR (@ TwitterIR) — TwitterIR (@TwitterIR) 5. February 2014

Instagram has more active users than Twitter. Twitter has more content than Instagram. And now?

on Twitter 500 million per day Tweets and on Instagram only 70 million Photos. Are Instagram users less active because of this, or does Instagram have a problem with the activity of its users? Of course not.

If we focus purely on user numbers and growth, we are missing out on many other important points.

You can easily tell how different Instagram and Twitter are from your own user behaviour. While we scroll through our feed on Instagram and check what new photos are out there, we're much more fleeting on Twitter. Twitter thrives on topics and up-to-date information, not (yet) its timeline. Users search for hashtags and follow discussions or comment on topics.

[Tweet Twitter hashtags are like forums.]

Furthermore, Twitter consists of different content formats. Text, links, photos and, more recently, videos offer users more options when publishing content. But this need not always be an advantage. Instagram also offers videos, but many more photos are still being posted. The different formats lead to a different presentation of content and also to other topics. You will also find Instagram photos and hashtags of the crime scene on Instagram, but nowhere near as much as on Twitter. That's not a problem for Instagram, because that's not what it's about. But it is a strength of Twitter and the number of tweets and mentions will be even higher on Twitter if Instagram had twice as many users.

Twitter has acknowledged the issue with its timeline

Twitter is aware of its vulnerabilities and they are in the timeline. Although many users are upset about any changes to the timeline, Twitter needs to implement further tweaks and changes. The aim is not to become a second Facebook, but to improve the presentation in such a way that the dwell time and activity in the timeline increases.

Already, various statistics show how effective photos and Twitter cards are in the timeline. Interactions with tweets are increasing and the more prominent link preview leads to more attention in the timeline. Nobody gets upset about this, but when additional content is displayed in the timeline, the great panic breaks out.

With Instant Timelines, Twitter is trying to pick up new users faster. The timeline is automatically filled with tweets and users should be able to use the strengths and advantages for themselves right from the start. And Twitter seems to be better at selecting content than we are. Mit Instant Timelines versucht Twitter neue Nutzer schneller “abzuholen”. Die Timeline wird automatisch mit Tweets gefüllt und Nutzer sollen von Beginn an die Stärken und Vorteile für sich einsetzen können. Und Twitter ist bei der Auswahl der Inhalte anscheinend besser als wir es selber sind. At least Vindu Goel of The New York Times had that impression. . Instant timelines show how much content there is on Twitter and that Twitter is able to provide relevant content to a wide range of people and interests.

Additional features such as the display of missed tweets, as well as the integration of relevant interactions of followers, should keep users in the timeline longer. The goal is to present the most important tweets in the timeline without removing content from the feed. The timeline is supplemented and not filtered.

The gap in active users between Instagram and Twitter will continue to widen. But that doesn't mean Instagram is replacing Twitter. And the fact that Twitter will eventually reach the dimensions of Facebook has not been an issue for years. But that doesn't change the relevance of Twitter. Exciting remains also the Der Abstand bei den aktiven Nutzern wird sich zwischen Instagram und Twitter weiter vergrößern. Das heißt aber nicht, dass Instagram Twitter ablöst. Und das Twitter irgendwann in die Dimensionen von Facebook vorstößt, ist schon seit Jahren kein Thema mehr. An der Relevanz von Twitter ändert dies aber nichts. Spannend bleibt auch die Development between Twitter and Google . Twitter has significantly improved its visibility with Google in recent months, and an official partnership could give Twitter additional reach. This reach needs to be transformed into new users.

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300 million users or 500 million tweets? Why a comparison of Twitter and Instagram hardly makes sense.. Instamer 300 million users or 500 million tweets? Why a comparison of Twitter and Instagram hardly makes sense.. Instamer