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The 500 Million Club of Facebook

Use and active sharing or interacting with content are, of course, two pairs of shoes. 2.1bn People use Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram every day. A quarter of daily users also use Stories.

The aim will be to increase this to 50% and so on. For Facebook, this has advantages for a variety of reasons. Facebook has been communicating across user numbers for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for some time. All three platforms have stories and all three platforms will support story ads. In order to be able to play out story ads as effectively as possible, Facebook would of course like to publish the ads on all three platforms. You know the approach from the different ad placements on Facebook.

Stories, groups and chats grow by far the fastest

In past quarterly reports, Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stressed that

We already see that messages, small groups and stories are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication.

< cite > Mark Zuckerberg, 24. April 2019

Stories, direct messages / chats and small groups are growing by far the fastest. Communication in the Facebook cosmos is shifting from feeds to stories and private areas.

Content is only available for as long as necessary

In his statement Mark Zuckerberg also discusses the focus on privacy that will determine the future of Facebook. None of this is concrete yet, but there are already some interesting approaches and directions in which Mark Zuckerberg is thinking. Permanent visibility or availability of content and messages. So the approach of Stories.

Reducing permanence. You shouldn't have to worry about what you share coming back to hurt you later, so we won't keep around messages or stories for longer than necessary.

< cite > Mark Zuckerberg on the future of Facebook

This is reminiscent of Snapchat, which doesn't pick up chat messages and keeps them available long-term. Facebook has already tested a similar feature and the results appear to have been promising.

So we have the ever-increasing growth of stories. Not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook. Then we have the shift to more private online communication and limited availability of content and news. Big changes, if you think back only a few years.

You will probably do it already. If not, get involved with messaging apps, stories and messaging in stories and private communication on social networks. Also look at other networks and apps such as

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