Almost every international company has a Facebook page. It's a similar story on Twitter. After that, three networks compete for the attention of brands: Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Instagram still occupies 5th place Although it ranks second only to Google + and Pinterest, it is clear that companies see Instagram as part of their content strategy and are influenced by the activities of competitors.

More notable than the Instagram adaptation is the situation on Pinterest. 69% of the top 100 brands are active on Pinterest, or at least have an account. This means that Pinterest is only just behind Google + and there is the possibility that international players will soon rely more on Pinterest than on Google +.

Not that Google + isn't gaining traction, but brands seem to be jumping on Instagram and Pinterest faster. Of the companies surveyed, 10% have over 100,000 followers on Instgram. In total, 55% have at least 10,000 followers. Since Instagram photos cannot be shared (this is possible on Facebook in a roundabout way), the number of followers is more important here than on Pinterest, for example.

The interaction rates show how important Facebook is to Instagram. Once Instagram users have connected their account to Facebook and activated the Open Graph connection, "Likes" will also appear on Facebook. Close links have led to a 30% increase in interactions on Facebook. On Instagram itself by 31%.

Only on Twitter can you see a different picture. The reason for this is quickly found. The display of Instagram photos was removed a few weeks ago and since then interactions have declined noticeably. According to Simply Measures, by 17%. Twitter wants to strengthen its own photo function, but at the same time it is cutting into its own flesh, as it reduces its own user interactions. On top of that, Pinterest pins are still displayed on Twitter. The question is how much longer.

98% of companies also share Instagram photos on Facebook. A good way to build awareness and reach for the account. In the long term, however, it will be crucial to create and distribute your own content.

Instagram has arrived at the big companies. If the trend continues, we will see similar coverage to Facebook and Twitter by the end of 2013. Small side note: Twitter is the only network that shows a negative development. One brand has parted ways with Twitter.

The complete study can be found in the Die komplette Studie findet ihr im Blog by Simply Meat and a few examples of brand accounts und ein paar Beispiele von Marken Accounts here.

59% of the top 100 brands have an Instagram account. Instamer 59% of the top 100 brands have an Instagram account. Instamer