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There are basically three approaches to Instagram campaigns. Companies are asking users to post a photo on Instagram and add a specific hashtag. In addition, users can also be animated to highlight the company's account and friends. The third variant is reminiscent of the use of Facebook Fan Gates and users must follow the company's account to participate in the Instagram campaign.

Why companies rely on markers on Instagram is obvious. The tag triggers a notification and since it comes from a friend, a lot of users will look at it. If companies choose this route, the marking must not only be a mechanism, but the photo of the Instagram campaign must convince users. If this is not the case, the markings can quickly look like spam. No one wants to be tagged in a photo or comment just to serve as access to a raffle.

The following examples show how companies can successfully implement Instagram campaigns (see also:

Instagram Campaigns Examples for Business


Disney has launched a hashtag campaign on Instagram for Halloween. Users were able to post photos of their Halloween pumpkins using the hashtag # Disneyside. The prize was a party to win. In the accompanying Instagram photos, reference was made to other Instagram accounts, such as Walt Disney World. In addition, there is a 386,943 Instagram photos with the hashtag.

Levi's Germany

Levi's Germany uses the hashtag # makebikeportraits in its Instagram campaign Levi’s Germany setzt bei seiner Instagram Kampagne neben dem Hashtag #makebikeportraits auf die Support for influencers . The influencers also built up reach for the campaign on Instagram and the account was tagged in the caption. Levi's Germany is no Disney, but even here the number of Instagram posts is impressive. There are currently over 3,800 photos with the hashtag.

CW The Flash

5 Instagram campaigns <unk> examples of companies. Instamer

At the launch of the new CW series The Flash, users were asked to share their superpowers on Instagram and other social networks such as Twitter. In addition to photos, there are also short videos on Instagram, and this is the primary focus of the campaign. Although this reduces the number of submitted content, it also promotes the creativity of the participants. There is nothing to win in the campaign. But the best posts will be featured on The CW's social media accounts and will also be featured on the


5 Instagram campaigns <unk> examples of companies. Instamer

# WingMeBack is the hashtag of Germanwings "Instagram campaign. Again, this is a classic hashtag campaign that has been expanded to include user voting. Users are asked to post a holiday photo on Instagram and have the chance to win a €200 voucher. The advantage of the campaign is that almost everyone takes photos on holiday with their smartphone and can now easily use them for the campaign. The hurdle to participation is therefore very low. Nearly 2,000 photos have been submitted so far. The action was implemented via Iconasquare .


Dogs are very popular on the social web. So it is on Instagram. Bark Box takes advantage of this situation and uses different Instagram profiles of dogs as testimonials. This builds visibility for your own product and other dog owners become aware of BarkBox. What happens? Other dog owners also share Instagram photos with BarkBox products and use the hashtag.

5 Instagram campaigns <unk> examples of companies. Instamer

BarkBox collects the photos on its website and encourages customers to create more photos. Because everyone wants to see their dog on the website.

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5 Instagram campaigns <unk> examples of companies. Instamer 5 Instagram campaigns <unk> examples of companies. Instamer