75 million users use Instagram every day.. Instamer

In addition to the announcement of Instagram Direct Kevin Systrom (CEO) also gave interesting figures on the use of the photo network. 150 million Users have Instagram in total and 75 million are active daily.

In September 2012, there were 7.3 million daily active users. In just over a year, the number of daily active users has increased tenfold. The numbers are not comparable to Facebook. The difference to 1.2 billion It's big, but that's not the point.

55 million Photos are published daily on Instagram (as of October 2013). A factor that speaks for the great activity of the users. But it is not only the uploads of photos, but also the interactions with the photos. 55 Mio. Fotos werden täglich auf Instagram veröffentlicht (Stand Oktober 2013). Ein Faktor der für die große Aktivität der Nutzer spricht. Es sind aber nicht nur die Uploads von Fotos, sondern auch die Interaktionen mit den Fotos. Interactions with company Instagram photos have increased by 350% in 12 months . This is on the one hand because more and more companies are discovering for themselves and on the other hand because of the higher frequency of published photos.

Instagram Direct aims to further increase the number of active users. Previously, photos that were not intended for the public were sent through other networks and apps. This gap has now been closed and the number of photo uploads and user activity should continue to increase. For the first time, Instagram Direct plays a subordinate role for companies. At least when it comes to distributing your own content. In terms of ad effectiveness, Instagram Direct could be a big plus. Active users are also always potential addressees for advertised photos.

In Germany, Instagram is getting closer and closer to Twitter and Google +. In the

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75 million users use Instagram every day.. Instamer 75 million users use Instagram every day.. Instamer