Instagram Stories are rapidly gaining popularity, whether as Instagram Stories gewinnen rasant an Beliebtheit, ob als Ad format or as a creative opportunity for companies to visually sharpen their profile. The figures speak for themselves: with oder als kreative Chance für Unternehmen, visuell ihr Profil zu schärfen. Die Zahlen sprechen für sich: mit 400 million stories a day , the format has grown by 200 million enthusiastic users in just under a year. It is worthwhile for companies and brands to delve deeper into the topic.

Christine Colling, social media coordinator at Instamer, uses Instagram Stories a lot. That's why we contacted them to find out how the story feature can be used to increase engagement and build a target audience. Here are her seven pro tips.

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Here's what Instagram Stories pro Christine Colling recommends:

1. Use UTM codes in your links to track how your stories perform

Instagram's analytics can't track link clicks. Colling's first tip is:

's Christine Colling explains that tracking URL clicks is so important because it can help identify which content is reaching your target audience, and 's data on your target audience's preferences and interactions can reveal gaps in your social media strategy and highlight any changes that need to be made.

For verified accounts, a swipe-up feature can be added to Stories to provide users with more information via a link to another page, usually a landing page or other content.

Extra tip: Not every Instagram account is verified. If you can't use 's swipe-up feature, add a link in your bio and put a call-to-action in your Instagram story asking your target audience to click on the link. Then use UTM parameters to track the clicks on the link.

2. Use surveys to promote engagement and get feedback

Surveys are great for reaching people on social media because it's so easy to participate. They also offer your company the opportunity to learn more about your target group.

You can use a survey to gain real-time knowledge of your target audience and find out what people think of your content. The better you know your audience and their preferences, the better you can serve them.

Another advantage: a survey can also be used for crowdsourcing. Tapping the brains of your followers for suggestions on new blog topics or your next social media video, for example.

Surveys also keep the online conversation flowing.

"I like to make my polls fun by posting random questions about current events or references to popular culture," Colling says.

3. Stick to your brand colours

Your Stories, like your Instagram profile page, should reflect your brand's distinctive look and theme, Colling advises.

Color consistency creates high recognition when your content appears in users' feeds.

Use the entire color wheel to create your Instagram Stories exactly in your brand colors.

7 pro tips: How to spice up your Instagram Stories. Instamer

Here we go :

  1. Tap the Aa symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap and hold one of the default color options and swipe the color slider to select custom colors.

4. Use location and hashtag stickers to make it easier to find

Location and hashtag stickers in Instagram Stories make it easier for you to gain new followers and fans. These stickers make your story pop up more often in searches so potential followers can spot it more easily. When a user adds your company's location sticker to their story, it's easier for their followers to find out more about your brand by clicking on the sticker.

As a bonus, you can share your story in 's big sticker story from a curated collection of Instagram Stories to a specific location or hashtag sticker.

7 pro tips: How to spice up your Instagram Stories. Instamer

5. Add a distinct call-to-action

In order for a Call-to-Action (CTA) to be effective, it must:

Make your CTAs large and bold so they stand out. Colling advises: 'Add an arrow pointing to the CTA. You can also highlight your CTA text with an added drop shadow.

7 pro tips: How to spice up your Instagram Stories. Instamer

Here we go :

  1. Tap that Aa symbol and write your text.
  2. Then tap the Aa symbol and write your message in a different color.
  3. Move the top layer of the text a little bit from the underlying text (the original message).

6. Film in landscape format (portrait mode)

That goes without saying, but Colling is always asked about the best format for Instagram Stories. She advises: 'Because that's how your story is usually viewed. The format makes it easy for people to consume your content without having to turn their smartphones around.

7. Plan your content in advance

You can now also Sie können jetzt auch Upload Instagram Stories older than 24 hours are. This allows for better advance planning and gives you more time to polish up your story.

Colling uses this feature to prepare for live events. She recommends filming an intro before the event, in which the speakers and their topics are introduced. This allows her to interact with people instantly during the live event and record real-time footage to complement the story.

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