instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Instagram is an ever-evolving social network that is constantly working to create and develop business-friendly tools. One is the ability to attach links to stories on Instagram. If you have already updated the app to the latest version, you have noticed that you can now upload longer videos to the story, and you can put emoticons, marks, time, location, and a number of other interesting features on the text during the story. What we're most interested in is a new button that reveals how to add a link to an Instagram story.

For sure, you have already seen such stories in the feed, where users are asked to take a shot in a certain direction in order to switch to another resource. And you must have wondered how to insert a link into an Instagram story. However, it is not all that simple to attach links to an Instagram story, you need to fulfill certain conditions and take 3 simple steps to add a link to an Instagram story.

Let's define in advance that when it comes to business accounts, as a rule, they are created to promote the company's main website / as a channel to attract an audience to the site. That is why the link in the Instagram story has special relevance and significance.

Who knows how to attach a link to an Instagram story?

That is, who can do it. Initially, we said it wasn't enough to know how to attach a link to an Instagram story. The profile must meet a number of conditions for using this option.

When the feature was launched and users started looking for how to insert a link into an Instagram story, the answer was simple: you need to confirm your account. That is, in order to add links to Instagram stories, you had to go through a verification process. What is it? It is a long and laborious process in which the user confirms that he or she is a famous person / media personality / promoted person, generally popular. For this purpose, a number of documents are provided and several checks are required.

In May 2017, the social network decided to abandon the established limit and offered an option for absolutely all business accounts that have an audience of subscribers of 10,000 or more. Thus, today, account owners who are interesting to 10,000 followers or more can insert a link into Instagram history. However, experts are confident that in the future, the question of how to make a link to Instagram in history will interest even more people, as the current limit will be lifted.

How to attach a link to an Instagram story: 2 simple steps

The technique of making a link to an Instagram story is quite simple and involves 3 simple interrelated steps:

  1. Before considering how to make a link in an Instagram story, you need to make the story itself. Come up with an interesting idea for a photo or video, prepare the necessary scenery, change the location if necessary. It is worth remembering that the better the content, the higher the popularity, the more customers and orders there will be. So now we open the app and make the story directly through the camera or upload the finished material from the gallery. Previously, there was a limit: you could post only those materials that were made in the last 24 hours. Today, there is no such restriction, you can upload archival photos and videos.
  2. Now the second step is to add a link to an Instagram story and insert the link itself. To do this, press the button with the image of the chain, as shown in the figure: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм After that, a special window will open, where we enter the full link address, it looks like this: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм Please note that it is currently not possible to track the statistics of clicks on the provided URL using the standard Instagram Story Analytics tool. Therefore, redirect links should be used to track statistics. Services such as Google url shortener or Bit will be useful to reduce the number of addresses provided. ly. They will help to shape the link so that it can be tracked. If you have done everything successfully, the chain icon will be highlighted.
  3. And the final step is to add a link to Instagram stories and add interesting details. It can be a variety of filters, original stickers in the theme, interesting options such as location, time, air temperature, and so on. Calls to action can be used to increase the impact of posting a story. For example: "For more information, scroll up, scroll up to go to the site," "More news / discounts / news is available on the site," and so on. Don't constrain your imagination and come up with original invocations.

How to display a story with a link to subscribers

So, we've figured out a simple mechanism for making a link to an Instagram story. If you have successfully completed 3 easy steps, like adding a link to an Instagram story, your followers will be able to view this material. Such stories differ from the traditional "See More" or "More" menus at the bottom of the publication, as shown in the image:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

With the help of this item, users click on the link and get to the target site.

How to insert a link in an Instagram story and use this option for business

You have mastered a unique technique, both to insert a link into Instagram stories, and you want to try it out as soon as possible and share with subscribers a whole host of useful sites. However, don't overdo it, post stories with active links infrequently, no more than 1-2 such posts per day. Otherwise, you will tire subscribers, they will not be interested in reading and viewing your material, they will simply stop perceiving advertising. Also, too often using a mechanism like putting a link in an Instagram story can cause irritation and negativity from users.

Now let's look at a few ways to attach a link to an Instagram story to make the most of it:

  1. Increase traffic for posted blog posts. Do you / your company have your own blog? To attract readers to it, post a link to it on your instastoris. This will allow not only to inform subscribers about the publication of the new post, but also to start reading it immediately.
  2. Share interesting and useful materials, such as manuals or workshops. Your account is dedicated to business development, self-development, English courses, and so on? Then the proposed mechanism, how to leave a link in Instagram history, will help to share interesting manuals, e-literature, and so on. In advance, you can put the moments of the process of preparing these materials in a story.
  3. Create intrigue. In order for users to follow this link, they should be interested, they should fuel their curiosity, they should be interested. For example, hold a contest on a social network, and post the results and the list of winners on the site. This will ensure a flow of visits to the site.

We looked at how to insert links into Instagram stories. We hope you have mastered the mechanism and there will be no more questions about how to insert a link into the Instagram story.