A matter of time: Instagram's algorithm officially announced.. Instamer

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The arguments are similar to Facebook. According to Instagram, users miss out on up to 70% of all published content. Logically, this leads to a decrease in visibility and less interaction. Instagram will identify content that users are more likely to interact with. Until now, you had to pay attention to when your own followers were active on Instagram. The personalized sorting of the feed is intended to solve this problem and to put the timing of publication into perspective. Again, the parallel to the Facebook algorithm, which also ensures that older posts are placed at the top of the News Feed.

On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed.What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.

But the Instagram algorithm has a big difference to the Facebook News Feed. No content is hidden. All published content appears in the Instagram feed. The algorithm decides at which position they appear. So the Instagram algorithm is a kind of combination of the Facebook algorithm and the Twitter algorithm.

Instagram says goodbye to the chronological feed and, if we're honest with ourselves, we've been counting on it all along. Some will now say it's all down to Facebook and the motivation to sell more ads. Then there will be the voices who want to decide for themselves what they see in the feed. It is often forgotten that one unintentionally decides what one does not see. And that's 70% of the published content on Instagram.

The Facebook News Feed algorithm has led to more interactions since its introduction and through numerous adjustments. We must bear that in mind. The algorithm aims to generate more interactions, views and clicks, not less. The Instagram algorithm will pursue the same goal. Even without the algorithm, companies have been running Instagram ads with success.

Instagram has officially announced the algorithm on its blog. Exactly what impact the algorithm will have, no one can say yet. Worth reading on the subject of the NY TImes article: Welche Auswirkungen der Algorithmus genau haben wird, kann noch niemand sagen. Lesenswert zu dem Thema der NY TImes Artikel: “I Instagram May Change Your Feed, Personalizing It With an Algorithm. We can delete that now.

Heiko Hebig from Instagram ( Instagram partnerships EMEA / Nordics) provides companies and all Instagram users with some useful information. As always, keep calm. "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.

What are we going to test with the Instagram algorithm?

Photos and videos are sorted according to how important they are to the individual Instagrammer. Background: Overlooked with the existing chronological sorting Most people have about 70 percent of their own feed. With the new personalized sorting, we are trying to improve this experience.

How will the order of Instagram posts change?

The new order we will test will be optimized to show the photos and videos at the top of the feed that are important and interesting to the individual.

Who will see the test of the Instagram algorithm?

Only a very small test group will see this test in the feed & amp;. We need the test results to validate whether our assumptions are correct and the user experience improves. We will take a lot of time for the test.

Will you continue to see all the photos & amp; videos on your Instagram feed?

Yes. No photos & amp; videos are hidden in the test. As before, all photos & amp; videos from accounts you follow will be displayed on your Instagram feed. Only the individual sorting order changes.

Does the posting strategy therefore need to be changed?

No. Your biggest fans or the people who like to see, like & amp; comment on your photos & amp; videos will see them at the top of the feed in the test. As before, regularly posts photos and videos on Instagram. You don't have to adjust your strategy to that.

A matter of time: Instagram's algorithm officially announced.. Instamer A matter of time: Instagram's algorithm officially announced.. Instamer