With global reach Mit weltweit 1 billion users With 95 million posts shared daily, Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms for both individuals and businesses.

But although every week feels like a Doch obwohl gefühlt jede Woche ein new update or Instagram feature is launched on the market, there are still moments in which we think about further functions, absorbed in our daydreams.

Our wish list: 10 Instagram features that don't exist yet

1. The possibility to set the chronological timeline for your own feed

Since its introduction, the

It would also give Instagram valuable insights into how people use the platform.

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2. Edit Stories even after their publication

Everyone probably knows this: The story is finally uploaded after elaborate planning and production, after a few hours you can check the Stories feature to see who watched the good piece and then the shock: a spelling mistake! This little feature could prevent some embarrassments.

3. Be informed when someone stops following you

Users have been wanting the feature since social media came along, but no platform has yet made it possible to see who is following you.

If you really want to know who stopped following you when, there are third-party vendors to help you find out.

To be able to see this directly on the platform would have some advantages.

Companies could be notified every time they lose multiple followers at the same time and check if there is a problem with a recently published post or story.

4. Add multiple locations

Because sometimes a location is simply not enough. But seriously, there are many reasons why the ability to add multiple locations would be helpful for both users and businesses.

Imagine you have a cafe and show off your latest creation. Adding both your city and your street to the post would be extremely helpful: you could find potential customers or tourists by looking at posts from the city or exploring the location of your café.

In addition, the option would expand the reach of your content and provide more opportunities to discover it, especially for brands that rely on tourism. Zudem würde die Option die Reichweite Ihres Contents erweitern und mehr Möglichkeiten bieten, diesen zu entdecken – das gilt vor allem für Marken, die auf Tourismus angewiesen sind, denn More and more people are using social media to plan their holidays and short trips .

5. Links in captions

This desire does not need much explanation. Wouldn't it be nice if you could link articles and blog posts directly to the captions instead of having to write under them every time?

6. Post Posts from Desktop

Sure, Instagram was designed as an app to share posts on the go and right at the moment. Scroll through his feed, however, and you'll find that most of us, especially , now only publish high-quality, professional pictures and videos. Against this background, uploading via desktop would be a very welcome feature that would save some time. Especially if you don't always have your content on your phone or use professional editing tools.

The good news?

7. The ability to repost from other accounts

Twitter and Facebook have long incorporated this feature as one of their core functions, so why not Instagram? Both individuals and businesses could benefit, individuals could interact more easily with their favorite influencers and brands, and businesses could share more user-generated content.

This feature is also available via a third party, but if it were integrated directly into Instagram, it would be easier.

8. Add your own presets natively to the platform

Although Instagram offers a number of editing tools that are sufficient for most users, some functionalities are missing, Obwohl Instagram eine Reihe von Bearbeitungs-Tools anbietet, die für die meisten Nutzer auch ausreichend sind, fehlen doch einige Funktionalitäten, that other apps offer And that would be extremely useful for power users such as influencers and brands. Presets the filter settings that influencers use for their content to give it a certain look are experiencing a real boom. Influencers even sell their presets to fans so they can use them for their own content. With this little feature, Instagram would make many users very happy.

9. Search function in direct messages

While Instagram is not a messaging app, fans are increasingly using direct messages to chat with their friends. Companies and influencers also receive customer inquiries via direct message. Setting up a search function within the messages would therefore be a win for little money.

10. Control who sees what content

Some settings are already available regarding who gets to see which content (e.g. that mom can see posts in the feed, but not the stories). Giving users complete control over who can see individual posts and stories would be an interesting feature.

Google + is the first platform to offer this with its Circles. Facebook and Twitter are also trying to give their users more ways to protect their privacy.

Such a function would give brands the opportunity to test their organic content for different target groups and determine what goes down well with whom.

Individuals, in turn, would have more control over their own page with more privacy, something all social media platforms should invest in.

This was our (not always serious) wish list for Instagram.

While 10 Wishes sounds a lot, with an innovative platform like Instagram, we're not worried that exciting new features will be added soon, and maybe even some of our suggestions will be included.

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