instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

In December 2016, VK administration introduced a new Stories service, which allows sharing photos and videos without publishing them on the page. It quickly gained popularity and became widely used by social media account owners.

Storis VK are a kind of analogue to Instagram Stories, helping to increase the degree of engagement, raise the activity of the target audience, expand it. They are suitable for ordinary user profiles, as well as for commercial groups and communities, and serve as an effective promotion and promotion tool.

Next, we will list interesting ideas for VC stories, and tell you how to make sure that subscribers check them out to the end.

What you need to know about Stories

Storis is a convenient way to tell your friends and subscribers what you're doing right now, congratulate them on upcoming holidays, and inform them about an upcoming event or event. With their help you can take disappearing photos, record videos lasting up to twelve seconds, which can be decorated with bright stickers or graffiti, accompanied by text.

Stores are displayed in a special block above the main news feed. There is also a button for adding them. As soon as one of your friends posts something new, his profile photo will be highlighted in the Stories feed in blue.

You can place Storis in a shared feed (then it can be viewed by all users) or send it to a dialog. At the moment, the publication is available only in VK's official mobile apps.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

What can be posted in History in the VC?

  • various photos and pictures from the smartphone gallery
  • Short twelve-second videos
  • photos and videos taken on Stories camera.

The largest number of views and answers are collected by Storis, which involves communication with the audience: contests, interactive activities, quizzes, etc. d.

The Benefits of Using Stories

Stores can be hosted by ordinary users or on behalf of groups and communities. They allow:

  1. increase outreach, activism, and engagement
  2. diversify content delivery, arouse subscribers "interest
  3. quickly inform users about important events and events, time-limited offers
  4. raise awareness on social media.

Commercial communities can post reviews of their services or products in Storis. This will increase confidence in the products and attract new customers.

Stories are undoubtedly effective tools for social media promotion. However, you will be able to achieve the desired results with them only if users view the disappearing photos and videos until the end. Here are cool ideas for VC stories that will help energize audiences.

What can be put into the history of the VC

There are several types of Storis that can increase profile activity. Among them stand out:

  1. Relays. They are the most interesting and creative option, they involve placing some task for subscribers. The simplest example of a text for someone like Storey is: "You text me in private messages and I have five facts about you."
  2. Newsletter. They have an infotainment character. They line up according to the following scenario: the account owner posts a photo in the Stories feed; everyone who responded to it receives some interesting information or a little-known fact in a personal message.
  3. Pollsters. There are many variations. The account owner can either answer questions from their friends or ask them, depending on the context of Storey's post.
  4. Quiz. The user posts a puzzle or charade in his Story. Whoever gave the wrong answer should publish it on their profile.
  5. Challenges. They annoy the public, provoke it to perform unconventional, atypical actions. .; Stores stand out, using figures that will be explained in more detail below.

Thoughts for relay races

As a rule, users are enthusiastic about taking part in Stories-feed relays, because it is interesting, allows time to pass. They represent some bright picture, over which the text with the task is placed.

What can be written in history in the VC:

  1. Send me any smiley face in private messages and I'll write five facts about you.
  2. Give me a number and I'll write down how we met.
  3. Send me a smiley face and I'll send you a line from the song you're associated with.
  4. Mark me in Stories and I'll post your best photo.
  5. 'Send me a photo that doesn't exist on other social media and I'll answer any question. '

There are a lot of ideas for relays, above are only approximate options for them. You can use the suggestions or show a little imagination and come up with your own task.

Thoughts for mailing lists

The user responds to your Story and receives funny or interesting information in return. This could be:

  • Little known fact
  • A Funny Life Event
  • A humorous note
  • entertainment picture
  • Life Lifhak
  • any unusual information about you.

For the likes of Storis, choose bright and catchy images that will attract attention and make you read the text to the end.

Questionnaire ideas

Such Storis are hugely popular, allowing not only to increase profile activity, but also to get to know their audience more closely. Questionnaires have two formats:

  • when you answer subscribers "questions
  • when you ask questions of those who responded to Story.

Example of the first questionnaire: "Post my photo in your feed and I'll answer five questions."

Example of the second questionnaire: "Only for the brave!

If you're not scared, write me a personal message! As soon as the answer to Story arrives, you ask the user a question with a twist, and also specify what will happen if he does not answer. For example, you will post a photo of him or post a screenshot of this correspondence, etc. d.


Logical puzzles, charades, or atypical questions raise profile activity well. Stories like these typically don't have bright images or pictures. They are a text message containing a puzzle against a coloured background.

If the user gives the right answer, he receives some symbolic prize (funny picture, life-affirming quote, etc. d. ). If not, he should post your puzzle on his profile.

Ideas for Stories Challenges on VKontakte

If you find out about the new challenge in time, thousands of subscribers and huge reach are guaranteed. In 2018, the relevant ideas for history in the VC remain:

  1. Straight Arm Challenge. The campaign was launched at the end of 2017 and continues to be popular among users. Its essence is this: a person should record a video of himself trying to drink water from a vessel in his outstretched hand.
  2. No Mirror Makeup Challenge. Such actions are suitable for women of the beautiful sex. Their idea is simple: you need to record a video of how you do your make-up without using a mirror.
  3. Chubby Bunny Challenge. A challenge that allows you not only to have fun, but also to indulge in sweets. To take part, you have to film yourself stuffing a record number of marshmallows into your mouth. When your cheeks sound like a hamster, say the phrase: "A plump rabbit!"
  4. Raw Onion Challenge. This idea is suitable for those who are not afraid of difficulties, it is held with someone in a couple. You should eat fresh onions in 60 seconds ahead of time with your partner. Whoever is faster wins.

You don't have to use ready-made Chelenges, you can come up with your own. Here are some useful tips and recommendations for organizing it:

  1. Choose a topic that will appeal to your target audience. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the age and gender structure of subscribers and understand what is relevant to them.
  2. Define the format. Specify how long the promotion will last, what it will take to take part in it.
  3. Prepare an announcement to inform the public about the upcoming event.

After all of these steps are completed, you can upload a photo or video of the shuttle.

Ideas for stories in VC with numbers

Attracting the audience's attention is not easy, but the numbers games do a great job. There are several scenarios:

  1. Put a task in Stories-feed, in which you suggest subscribers to find a certain number among your posts and publications. Whoever gives the correct answer first will receive a prize.
  2. Put a picture with numbers 1 to 9 in Storey, inviting subscribers to choose one of them. When the answer arrives, send a task corresponding to the number sent.

Instructions with photos for the second variant of the game:

  1. Post a similar image to Storey instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. Users who have responded to it should include the following picture in their personal messages instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. Wait for the task to be completed.

This kind of Storis VKontakte well stimulates activity, increases the reach and degree of engagement. With it, you can easily find common ground with friends and subscribers, just have a good time.