Instagram is still subscribed to success: Alone Instagram ist weiterhin auf Erfolg abonniert: Allein in Germany 15 million people are already represented on the social media platform. The Facebook daughter is also constantly working on her Stories sind bereits 15 Millionen Menschen auf der Social Media-Plattform vertreten. Die Facebook-Tochter arbeitet auch bei ihren Stories ständig an new features .

Since March 2017, all holders of Seit März 2017 können alle Inhaber von Corporate accounts in Instagram Stories. Instamer's social marketing team tested the new ad format. Find out here what we have learned and use our experience for your own experiments with the new form of advertising.

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Ads in Instagram Stories: 7 Lessons from the Instamer Social Marketing Team

1. Start with existing content

If you want to develop powerful Instagram content, you have to try a lot. If you don't know exactly what your target audience wants, it can quickly turn into money.

Before you put time and effort into developing Instagram ads, make use of organically shared content. This gives you an idea of the interactions to be expected. Try a few different types of content that are suitable for secondary use. Set a set of test criteria for each ad to help you understand what the results say.

We used graphically designed videos for our first ad series because this content was already available. When we realized that these videos were not delivering the desired performance, we changed our strategy. However, the first test helped us to understand the desires of our target group (and the reasons for this).

2. Realfilm videos lead to more conversions than graphic videos

The vast majority of Instagram Stories show scenes from real life (i.e. real life). Graphically designed videos break this user experience. They do not correspond to the aesthetics that can be seen in other stories and are therefore clearly identifiable as advertising.

Always remember the user experience when creating your story. What do people want to see? Do not create an ad that deviates too much from viewing habits.

3. Existing fans are more likely to interact with your ad

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, lets you use your Instagram advertising to target users who have already interacted with your content on one of the two platforms.

We achieved good results by playing out our Instagram Story ads to people who have previously interacted with our content, for example by liking an Instamer video on Facebook or a photo on Instagram. Advertisers can use this interaction data to create specific target groups.

This resumption of interactions is very effective because we know that it will appeal to people who are already interested in our content.

You can also share and target audiences between Facebook and Instagram. If a video goes down well on Facebook, you can target the Facebook audience for that video with a story ad on Instagram.

4. Stick to the recommended specifications for advertisements

Check the Überprüfen Sie die Requirements and recommendations for the design of ads for Instagram Stories. This essential part of ad design is often overlooked. Instagram Story Ads have a different set of guidelines and you need to know them before creating new content.

Important specifications to consider:

  • Maximum file size
  • Video length
  • Aspect ratio
  • supported codecs

If you want to use existing videos, make sure that the material meets the requirements before reusing.

5. The story format opens up completely new possibilities for you

Instagram Stories are shorter (just 15 seconds) than other social media video formats and generally more individual and personal.

Use the story format for something fun. Show a page of your brand that your target audience would not otherwise see. We recommend working with a brand awareness and storytelling approach to increase engagement.

6. UTMs are the easiest way to track performance

Integrate a unique Call-to-Action (CTA) into your ad that encourages users to swipe up for a link. Also add a UTM parameter to track how people interact with your content.

We tried arrows, stickers and clearly action-oriented texts so that our users would swipe up if they wanted more information. All three elements worked very well.

7. Ads designed for mobile devices work better

More than Mehr als 80 percent all social network users access social media via a mobile device.

That's why you should optimize every Instagram ad in Stories for a mobile viewing experience. This includes considerations such as vertical ad formats, responsive design and text sizes. You should also produce ads that are optimized for viewing without sound (i.e. with subtitles and the like) so that the user can watch them without headphones.

Instagram Story Ads provide an entertaining way to reach new audiences on social media. The sophisticated target group targeting of Facebook and the growing number of Instagram users suggest that you should test this form of advertising. Just stick to our tips.

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