Instagram is known for its high interaction rates and beats every other social network in this statistic. The high activity of Instagram users is not only evident in organic Instagram posts. She also shows up on Instagram ads.

Instagram ads with 1 billion actions

Since Instagram created the ability to run ads last September, more than a billion actions have been triggered by Instagram ads. Actions can be the most diverse Seit Instagram im letzten September die Möglichkeit geschaffen hat, Anzeigen zu schalten, sind bereitseine Milliarde Handlungendurch Instagram-Anzeigenausgelöst worden. Handlungen können die unterschiedlichsten Interactions with ads be. Depending on the target of the ad campaign, clicks, app installations, interactions and conversions may be involved.

Instagram ads are about more than interactions. But when we compare the interactions with Facebook ads, we see the same picture as with organic posts. Instagram ads get more hearts than Facebook ads. What is decisive, however, is which marketing objectives are achieved by the ads and associated interactions and actions.

According to new data from Oracle, advertising on Instagram leads to a nearly 2 percent increase in store sales. Even before Instagram ads were used by companies, there have been frequent Instagram posts encouraging users to visit stores. Limited products, discount promotions and events were mostly the content drivers. With Instagram ads, such actions can of course be spread much more widely and communicated beyond one's own followers. Selling on Instagram doesn't work? Wrong. Selling on Instagram is even going very well.

's Instagram is the visual interface between our brand and our products and the community. It is the place where we are inspired and inspired. It is the place where we can access and share a collection of user generated content. It is the place where we started to reach the world, increase the number of accesses and generate sales in the most effective and playful way. # thankyou Artjem Weissbeck, CEO at Kapten & amp; Son

The positive effects of Instagram ads have long been no secret. More than 500,000 advertisers placed ads on Instagram. The number has more than doubled in the past six months.

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1.5 million Instagram company profiles

The company said in a statement: 'We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Fashion is the dominant industry on Instagram. Instagram ads are also used by other industries. According to Instagram, the T The top five advertisers on Instagram are consumer goods, e-commerce, retail, entertainment and technology.

Instagram is going the same way as Facebook. However, the types of ads (Caption & amp; Motifs) differ significantly. If you're an Instagram marketing company, Instagram ads are a useful extension. The Instagram profiles will do the rest. We all know how it works. As soon as there are statistics on ranges, attention to these values increases. Business profiles provide companies with more information, but they also have a psychological effect. This effect will lead to more advertisers on Instagram.

It will be some time before Instagram ads have the same status as Facebook ads. Understanding Facebook is generally better than understanding Instagram. You see very good ads on Instagram and very bad ads. The dispersion in quality is greater than on Facebook. If you want to use the same motifs on Instagram and Facebook, you should always ask yourself: "How does my motif work in the Instagram feed?"

The check mark in the Power Editor is set quickly. Consider carefully whether you would like to appear with this motif on Instagram, or perhaps it would be better to create your own motif for Instagram.

's Instagram allows us to hit the nerve of our target audience, inspire them with creative ads and achieve measurable results. The global community lives out their passion for many topics on Instagram and fashion is a huge part of that. That's why we're able to reach out to our customers, interact with them and inspire them. Julia Stern, VP Performance Marketing, Zalando SE

Instagram is a photo network. Instagram is also evolving more and more as an advertising network and this development should keep every company on the screen.

Advertising network Instagram: 1.5 million Instagram company profiles & 1 billion actions through Instagram ads. Instamer Advertising network Instagram: 1.5 million Instagram company profiles & 1 billion actions through Instagram ads. Instamer