Snap codes, messenger codes and QR codes. While the use of QR codes is the norm in Asia, they have never prevailed here. Snapchat and Facebook Messenger codes are already used more often and offer the possibility to alert people to new channels (or actions in the channels). This is exactly what should soon be possible on Instagram. Instagram name tags are currently being tested.

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How Instagram nametags work

With nametags Instagram follows suit and introduces a function similar to messenger codes. Instagram accounts are supplemented by another navigation point. As usual the code / nametag can be created here and other Instagram nametags can be scanned. Instagram gets its own QR code reader, so to speak.

After Snap and Facebook Messenger codes come Instagram name tags.. Instamer

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The display is reminiscent of various functions from Instagram Stories. There will also be the option to edit the background color, insert emojis, or customize the Instagram code with a photo.

The advantages lie in the communication of your own Instagram account. The codes can be communicated and scanned online and offline. After the scan, the profile opens and visitors get an impression of the contents. This can be particularly helpful in the context of campaigns. The Instagram nametags are thus an addition to the URL of Instagram accounts. However, they are primarily aimed at mobile use, which is the rule with Instagram.

Whether one automatically follows the account through a scan is not yet completely clear. According to TechCrunch, however, this information can be found in the code of a trial version of Instagram. There is the sentence: takes this photo in the stories camera to follow . If this feature is integrated, it would further enhance the Instagram name tag and one could assume that the Instagram name tag is communicated on a case-by-case basis rather than the URL to the account.

The Instagram profile could be strengthened by the name tags. Furthermore, the visibility of Instagram in the offline world could increase. Instead of displaying a hashtag and Instagram logo everywhere, we could see more Instagram codes.

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After Snap and Facebook Messenger codes come Instagram name tags.. Instamer After Snap and Facebook Messenger codes come Instagram name tags.. Instamer