instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Every Instagram user has ever seen a post about a competition. Some of them are causing a massive influx of followers and active discussion online. Take, for example, a raffle from Huseyin Hasanov, who gave a random subscriber a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or "red helium," worth more than $10 million.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Today, we will talk about the raffles that were once popular: the so-called GiveAway. We will find out if they are effective now, who uses them, how marketers and businessmen work with them to avoid losing money.

What is GiveAway

GiveAway draws valuable prizes from several sponsors. Usually, such events have organizers and advertisers. Advertisers and sponsors pay for participation and provide prizes, or simply pay money and the prize is bought by the organiser.

The organizer works out the mechanics of the draw, advertises it, and offers Instagram users the chance to win something valuable by subscribing to all sponsors. Then the sponsors, the organizer, or the media person who advertises GiveAway, select the winners using a randomizer.

How this happens on the user side:

  • sees a post that describes all GiveAway terms;
  • subscribe to 30-40 sponsor accounts;
  • Waiting to take stock;
  • unsubscribe from uninteresting accounts.

How does this happen on the sponsor's side:

  • pays money to participate in GiveAway with other advertisers;
  • gets 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or more subscribers in a few days;
  • After summing up, he faces pitfalls.

What the organizer does:

  • looking for 30-40 sponsors whose audiences are roughly overlapping;
  • collects money for participation;
  • seeks media personalities for advertising, advertises the draw in other ways;
  • purchases gifts or coordinates prizes with sponsors;
  • For example, you can collect $5 million from sponsors, buy $2 million worth of ads, and keep $3 million for yourself.

The first such draw format appeared in 2016. Then it began to be mastered by all who are not lazy. Today, GiveAway, too, periodically flickers in the tape. The social network has more than 25 million posts with the appropriate tag:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

GiveAway's popularity peaked in late 2016 and early 2017. Now raffles are held less frequently, for several reasons:

  • The first is the labor-intensive mechanics for participants: they have to sign up for 10 to 50 accounts at once.
  • The second is the distrust of sponsors because of possible cheating by the organizers.
  • The third is that advertisers rarely get a high-quality target audience in subscribers.

There is a nuance. Today, on Instagram, the GiveAway tag also marks the usual sweepstakes conducted by one account. This is wrong, the term refers specifically to competitions with multiple sponsors. We tell you about such raffles.

Who uses GiveAway raffles and why

GiveAway is used by almost all bloggers and company representatives. Today, you can find raffles from natural cosmetics brands, models, beauty salons, online stores of children's goods, flower delivery services, vloggers and many others. Only serious companies, such as construction companies, and big global brands, the latter using other channels of promotion, have not succumbed to the general panic.

Why does everyone use GiveAway to get subscribers? Such raffles are ways to bring in up to 100,000 new fans in a few days, it all depends on how to advertise the event itself and how to organize it.

For example, if you bring a media personality to an event, you can get a lot of subscribers. Anna Hilkiewicz constantly publishes advertising posts , other stars are not refusing to hold the draw for money, either.

Are GiveAway Effective for Sponsors Today?

Any tool is effective if used properly: with the right target audience, working mechanics, and a specific purpose. GiveAway is no exception. But there is a lot of distrust of this promotion format, and advertisers are less likely to hold a joint draw. There are several reasons for this:

Hoax by the organizers

There are many stories online of organizers throwing away sponsors: raising money and disappearing, or running a raffle with just a few subscribers instead of the promised thousands.

For example, GiveAway, whose face was supposed to be Sergei Svetlanov, failed. Vlad Konos, one of the famous organizers, not held The last GiveAway: disappeared, raising about $4 million from sponsors. In 2018, bloggers were going to sue Olga Buzova and the organizers, who raised a total of about $12 million and did not bring in subscribers in return. And there are plenty of such stories.

Lack of target audience

GiveAway is usually sponsored by a variety of companies and bloggers. Naturally, their target audience is also different.

For example, a blogger who talks about moving abroad and a store selling new iPhones can participate in one raffle, and the event will be advertised by a media personality with an audience aged 14-18.

It turns out that sponsors will get only dead subscribers, not a target audience to work with. Only a small proportion of people will remain fans after the draw is over, and that is if they are attracted by the right posts. All of this back in 2017 wrote Alexei Tkachuk. Alexander Chizhov, editor-in-chief of SMMplanner, too He said: 'I think it's a good thing that we have the opportunity to do this. In a Facebook post.

Negative consequences

At first, everything goes well: you get a few thousand followers and keep running the account. If you are lucky or have strict conditions for participation, the new follovers even write comments and post likes. But when the draw is over, mass withdrawals begin. The reasons are simple: someone is constantly competing in various competitions with the hope of winning something and periodically scouring subscriptions, someone just isn't interested in your offer.

Bots, or live people who have not signed up for some reason, are hanging by a thread. Because of this, engagement falls, the smart tape starts to reduce the coverage of posts, leading to an even greater decline in ER. Reaching the same level of coverage and activity after such a drop is difficult.

On the other hand, GiveAway really quickly attracts new audiences in a very short time and relatively little money: if you sponsor a ready-made raffle, you can spend from $5,000, and organize everything yourself for free.

In some cases, raffles are very effective, such as an online shop in the UAE received A potential customer would pay an average of $1 by holding a regular competition. No one publishes precise data on the profitability of GiveAway.

To have or not to have it is up to you. You can test GiveAway by investing up to £5,000 in the draw, and then see if this promotion format works for your niche.

Let's figure out how to use this draw format properly so that we don't lose money. And also get the target audience and spend some money on it.

How to work with GiveAway to make the draw effective

Follow the golden rule: if you want to do well, do it yourself. Don't trust the first organiser you meet: he or she may not keep his or her promises, reach out to a media personality whose audience does not match yours, or simply attract fewer followers than you need. It is better to study the peculiarities of GiveAway yourself, negotiate with partners, and run advertisements.

Here is a simple algorithm for making an effective draw:

  1. Explore your target audience if you haven't already done so. This is needed to attract not just motivated subscribers, but potential customers who will not sign up after summing up. Write down everything you know about your clients: age, gender, interests, income level, city of residence, and so on.
  2. Find partners with the same target audience as you. Speak to competitors from other regions, write to companies in related industries, or find them on entrepreneurial platforms. You can also write a post on social media groups: describe your CA and the idea of holding a draw.
  3. Choose 2-5 sponsors with a target audience as close as possible to yours. Don't get more advertisers: if you ask followers to subscribe to 10-20 accounts, the result will be worse. Subscribers will participate more actively in the draw if they need to complete a minimum of activities. Less is better.
  4. Think about the mechanics. There is standard and circular GiveAway mechanics. With the standard, you and other sponsors drop by and turn to a media personality or a popular blogger for advertising. It is important that his audience intersects with yours, too. He holds a raffle and posts links to all of you, you get subscribers. With the circular mechanics, each sponsor posts a post on the account describing the draw and links to other advertisers. There is no need to discount, but in this case you will get less coverage and a smaller number of subscribers, in fact you will just get a share of the partners "followers.
  5. Discuss the prizes. Think about what your target audience would like to receive, and discuss who buys the prizes. With any chosen mechanics, the prizes are on you: all sponsors are discounted, one buys. Remember that the bigger and more expensive the prize, the more followers will seek it, the longer they will be willing to wait for the results. Make a few prizes and it will also attract the public, because at 3-5 places each user has a better chance of winning.
  6. Start the draw. Discuss the terms with the advertiser or with each other. Post a post describing the prizes, the terms and conditions of the draw, the period of the draw, and other important information. It is advisable to run GiveAway for a minimum of 5-7 days: this is how those who rarely watch the tape will know about it. On the date of the draw, go live and show how the randomizer chooses the winners: this is an additional way to gather the public and show that everything is fair.

All of this will lead not just to subscribers, but to a target audience. If your content suits people, they won't unsubscribe after the results are tallied. A small number of sponsors, good prizes and a few prizes will make it easier to participate, so they will attract additional fans.

GiveAway's effectiveness can be enhanced by increasing the reach of the draw. Make it known to as many people as possible. For example:

Ask participants to mark friends

Usually, the main condition for participating in the draw is to subscribe to the accounts of all sponsors. Alternatively, you can ask participants to mark 2 or 3 friends in the comments. Those who are marked will be notified and may also compete for the prize.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Promote a post about the draw

Show in it the main and additional prizes, tell about the conditions of participation and the period of GiveAway, and then run an advertisement on the post. You can do this through your Facebook account. Be careful and adjust your audience: choose the characteristics that are specific to your CA. Otherwise, you can drain the budget and not get a single follover after the draw is over.

Buy advertising from opinion leaders

We're not talking about the main face of GiveAway now, if you choose the standard mechanics, you have to go to a blogger with an established audience. Alternatively, you can advertise the draw to other opinion leaders, such as those who have reached 50,000 to 100,000 followers.

Stimulate Activity

Ask all the contestants to put a likes on 2 or 3 entries or leave a comment. Instagram's algorithms will see high activity and increase the reach of your posts, and those who have not seen them before will also be able to take part in the draw. But don't put too many conditions on participants: if you ask them to subscribe to all sponsors, post likes, and leave comments, few will agree to do so for a symbolic prize.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Reminder of the draw

During GiveAway, post a post every 3-4 days reminding you that you are running the draw. Specify where you can read all the terms and conditions so that Followers can quickly find the top post. That way you reach subscribers who, for whatever reason, have not seen it.


If you need to gain subscribers, you can test GiveAway. There is a lot of mistrust of them because of the lack of a target audience, possible deception, negative consequences. But if you do everything yourself and wisely, you can get fans who will then become customers. To do this, you need to study CA, find other advertisers with similar audiences, and work out the mechanics. And to increase coverage, you can:

  • ask participants of the draw to mark their friends;
  • advertise the post;
  • run advertisements with opinion leaders;
  • stimulate activity;
  • Periodically remind of GiveAway.

Approach the GiveAway organization prepared, with a preliminary study of the target audience and a search for suitable sponsors. Then the result will be pleasing. Remember that any advertisement can have both an excellent and the opposite effect - it's up to you.