instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Stories emerged in 2016, in the wake of Snapchat's popularity. Users were curious about what the people they were subscribed to were doing right now. Like any tool, Stories have evolved over time and become even more useful. Meanwhile, many account holders do not know how to take them down, publish them, or why it matters.

If you are one of these entrepreneurs and shun the service, it's for nothing! These short videos are a great help in promoting profile, outreach, and engagement. They attract people's attention and inspire the blogger's credibility. This is known to have a direct impact on sales. Another advantage is that targeted advertising is cheaper in this format. In this article you will find a detailed, step-by-step guide to creating Stories.

How and what to do on Instagram

The answer to the central question of what to post is very simple. It is more difficult, but it is also realistic to understand the nuances and presentation. People running personal pages usually tell Stories about what is happening to them at the moment. And what about the business accounts representing the company? The same, but in a slightly different form. Show users behind the scenes of your work. How the staff works, what happens in the workplace, interesting activities. Take feedback, conduct surveys, competitions. And it's all straight into Storys.

How to Make Stories on Instagram

All you need is a smartphone and inspiration. Go to your profile, look at your avatar. It has a blue plus. Click on it. At the bottom of the screen you will see seven inscriptions. These are the modes in which you will create your own content. To choose one of them, simply swoop in the right direction.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм


It is a format in which a short message or reminder is printed for its audience. The font and background color are changed by pressing the button at the top of the page. In the next step, you can also add polls, gifs, location, time, and even your own photo.


You can film yourself or the surrounding reality. There are interesting features. For example, invite a guest (the person you connect with will then communicate with you), funny stylized masks.


The name speaks for itself. You just tell something or show some events, scenes from life.

Boomerang, Superzoom, Back Shooting, Free Hands

How to post a funny Story on Instagram? Use one of these formats.

  1. Rapid, roundabout action.
  2. Dramatic effect with approach to the object of shooting and musical accompaniment.
  3. The video clips are reproduced in reverse.
  4. Ability to shoot videos without using your hands.

To remove Storyz, just select the mode and press the button in the middle and keep it in that state until the recording is finished. The photo is taken without holding back. To view the result, go back to your page, find the avatar again, and tap on it. A selection of images is added from the "Normal" section. Choose "Gallery" (far left icon) and select a few.

How many seconds in Stories and how to add two or more Stories in a row to Instagram

Storey lasts no longer than 15 seconds and remains available to users for 24 hours unless you transfer it to the gallery. Want to combine two or three videos? It's easy to do. After you save the first video, click instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм to the house in the lower left corner, and then to the camera icon at the top. Write down the sequel as well as the first part. Create as many passages as you like. For the reader, they will be reflected as one big Stories. He will be able to watch it in its entirety or return to it later from where he finished.

How to post a Story to Instagram

It's very easy to do. When you release the recording button, the recipient will appear in the right corner. Tap it, then select "Your Story" to share "Done." To see what happened, go back to your avatar page, open it, and the view will be downloaded. It has features to delete, send Stories to friends, change visibility settings, and respond. To do so, go to the "More" section at the bottom of the screen. It also chooses where the content will be stored and whether subscribers will be able to send it to other people. A connected "Archive" means that once the recording disappears after 24 hours, it will remain available to you.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to shoot Stories on Instagram and post from your computer

Bloggers taking Storey off their phones have no problem with file sizes and types. But if you optimize your work and prefer to use delayed posting services, you need to consider technical nuances.

Parameters of images and videos that can be posted in Stories:

  • Vertical image format: 9: 16 (1080 * 1920 pixels).
  • Video: MOV, MP4, GIF; resolution: 720p; size: & lt; 2. 3GB; aspect ratio: 9: 16.

In the spring, Stories was updated to allow blog owners to post horizontal shots. To do this, expand or narrow the image on the screen with your fingers, so that it aligns with Storyz.

Publications from a computer are made using software Onlypult , Smmplanner and Smmbox . Services have paid packages and a free trial period. You can plan the release of the videos in advance or publish them immediately.

How to Create an Instagram Story: Additional Features

Instagram is evolving rapidly, and the Stories feature is becoming more user-friendly and promotion-friendly. Let's talk about the interesting chips implemented in it.

Adding a link

This option is available to profiles that have more than 10,000 subscribers. Leave a link to your store, account post, or other people on the air. So bloggers often advertise products or their colleagues. With active transitions, coverage increases, the blog rises higher in recommended entries.


How to shoot an Instagram Story and save it? Use albums. The best fragments are preserved there. They will stay there forever and will be reflected on the home page under the cap. You can create a presentation or price for your product or service in this way. Audiences will not need to search for information. It will immediately appear before your eyes. To create a gallery of current Stories, go to them. Select a file and press "highlight" at the bottom of the screen, enter a new name, and add.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Live broadcasts

Hold a live broadcast so that subscribers can watch the company live behind the scenes. This will make the business closer to potential customers and build their trust in the brand.

  • Keep a record of events.
  • Organize online lessons, workshops.
  • Tell interesting stories.

Geolocation and hashtags

Attach these items to photos or other objects. With the help of a location stamp, you help to find yourself to people who are nearby. Thanks to it, you will find new readers. Hashtags can also help attract a target audience. Their size and color can be changed. How can this be done?

Go to the "Ordinary" or "Text" format you want, type a message, or select a picture. Tap the second icon at the top of the page. Choose a time, place, or #. As you can see, a variety of emojis and gifs are available in this mode.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to Make Stories on Instagram and Increase Outreach and Engagement

This requires constant communication with CA not only in the comments, but also in the Stories. In the screenshot above, you can see that the poll option is implemented in Stories. They help improve blog statistics and ranking. They are also easy to find out about the preferences of the audience.

Go back to the settings where you added geolocation and hashtags. Hold quizzes and ask for your opinion on innovations in the company. Another idea is fun tests on multiple slides. In response, users will increase activity on the account, and Instagram will find it interesting and show it in recommended settings. You have two options. One is a scale with emojis. With it, you will find out how much subscribers love something.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Another version is more extensive. It leaves the answers: yes, no, or replace with emojis or something else. In both cases, when you click on the text input field, you will have a scale with font selection.

How to post Storey to Instagram: A few more extras

In addition to the above options, Stories offers a layout with drawing elements. To go to them, tap on the icon in the top right corner of the screen. You need the second. The toolbar will open. It has three markers that differ in thickness and visual effects. Choose the appropriate color at the bottom. To access the spectrum, hold down the button of any shade. You can also use an eraser. It is third in the list of icons, best suited for pictures with a background or drawn objects. The last icon helps to create beautiful lines.

How to post an advertisement to Storis on Instagram and whether it's worth it

This is a campaign aimed at potential customers. It is a full-screen photo or video ad. It lasts 15 seconds and is seen by users when they view their friends "Stories. Immediately after viewing, the video disappears. This format of attracting new subscribers has several advantages:

  • Little competition among advertisers.
  • Lower cost per click than in the tape.
  • Efficiency, provided there are no cold sales.

Your page is linked to your Facebook account. That is where action will be needed. Go to your profile and select "Create ads." First, it is necessary to choose the target of the campaign. So far, there are 11. Next to each of them is a summary of what this action will give you. Tap the "set up account" button at the bottom and move on.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The next step is choosing the audience and the budget. At this point, pay attention to detail. In this box, indicate the interests of the people. Take sport, for example. Or having children.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Then edit the "types of play" section. If not, the ad will be seen by users of Facebook, apps, and Instagram feeds. If you're interested in showing only in Stories, go to "edit" and remove any unnecessary ticks. Complete the action by selecting "Continue" and complete the settings by selecting the betting format and strategy.

Now you know why you need Storis on Instagram, how to take it down and post it. We advise not to miss this tool. It is no less helpful than other options in finding a path to customer loyalty. Post announcements, lessons, live broadcasts, surveys, tests, gamify Stories and profile activity will increase and new potential customers will see it.