Already? Saturation effect on Instagram: Growth and interaction rates decrease.. Instamer

How long will the growth of Instagram continue at this rate? How long will the interactions be so much higher than on Facebook and Twitter? Instagram has a bright future ahead of it, but the increased activity of companies is already having an impact on the Instagram feed.

More competition in the Instagram feed

According to an investigation by Laut einer Untersuchung von Locowise Average follower growth in July 2015 was 0.34%. In May 2015 it was 1.48% and in April it was 1.95%. This is not dramatic now, but it could represent a trend and further increase the demands on companies. Not only is the number of active companies on Instagram increasing, but also the number of celebrities, athletes, musicians and actors. These are the profiles we need to measure ourselves against on Instagram and all other social networks.

The number of interactions has also fallen in the last two months. At least among the 2,500 Instagram accounts Locowise has investigated. The rate was 2.61 per cent in May 2015, compared with 2.12 per cent in July 2015. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, this is still a big plus. Nor should we exaggerate the figures. But it should also be clear to everyone that Instagram will have a similar development to Facebook. More active users, more published content, more competition for attention. All of these factors have been influencing Facebook's reach and interactions for years, and Instagram, too, needs to think about how to deal with its rapid growth.

According to some experts, Facebook would have reached its zenith four years ago. This is not the case. On the contrary. For the first time, 1 billion People active on Facebook in one day. This is madness and shows how much potential there is in Instagram's big brother. However, the strategy and use of Facebook ads by companies has changed significantly compared to 2013. I expect it will be similar on Instagram. The beta test for Instagram ads is ongoing and will lead to a much stronger presence of companies in the Instagram feed. Users will get used to it and, as on Facebook, the critical voices will diminish over time.

Instagram ads interactions to order

Crucially for Instagram, the ads are based on the philosophy of Instagram. The number of Instagram ads is still manageable. But the quality is already far apart. With a self-service tool like the Facebook Power Editor, the difference will be even greater and we will see more and more ads that do not meet the needs of Instagram and users. Instagram will go the way of expanding its reach and becoming more offensive to businesses. But it's also clear Instagram is going to change.

Companies can achieve excellent results on Instagram even without ads. The same is true of Facebook, but the use of ads on Instagram will become the norm. You can curse that, as the platform will lose its charm, but also see it as an opportunity.

In addition, it should be noted that Instagram is well established in Germany, but not yet as important as in the UK and the USA. That's going to change very quickly and that's why now is the time for companies to get active on Instagram (if you're not already). The opportunities for companies have never been more diverse. With Instagram ads, companies can not only do branding, but also target users to campaign and Web sites. Allowing links only in ads was a very clever move by Facebook.

Instagram has become very attractive to businesses, and Locowise's results don't change that. However, the study shows that competition in Instagram feeds will increase. Nobody should be put off by this. But you have to adapt to this development. Quality and relevant content always prevail.

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Already? Saturation effect on Instagram: Growth and interaction rates decrease.. Instamer Already? Saturation effect on Instagram: Growth and interaction rates decrease.. Instamer