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Here, too, publishers have great reach. However, the lion's share of branded content is posted via Instagram influencers. Either through their private Instagram accounts or through converted Instagram company profiles. A wide variety of hashtags are used to identify the content. # advertising, # ad, # sponsored and so on.

Alternative to # Ads, # AD and # Sponsored?

On the other hand Auf Mashable a screenshot was posted showing an Instagram branded content feature. As on Facebook, partners can be marked directly at the time of posting. Not in the Caption, as it is already often done and demanded by companies, but via an independent function.

Credit: Moshe Isaacian on Twitter

Since we cannot test the feature ourselves yet and there is hardly any further information, we can only speculate at this point. From Instagram's perspective, the move would be logical. Instagram branded content could also be combined with its Facebook counterpart. Thus Facebook expands its offer and the dovetailing with Instagram becomes even closer.

The feature was discovered in an Instagram profile. As more and more influencers turn their profile into a company profile, the feature could become an alternative to the above-mentioned hashtags. At least from Instagram's point of view. Whether branded content really fulfils the labelling obligations, however, remains controversial.

Companies would certainly prefer such a tag in many cases, rather than the use of the hashtag # advertising. Not a problem for Instagram, but for an industry that still too rarely dares to communicate paid content openly.

If the feature were actually published and used by influencers, there would be significantly more branded content on Instagram than on Facebook. Whether it improves or dilutes the issue of clear labelling of paid content is another matter.

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