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For just under two months, users and companies can

Similar features for different content

Since its launch in early August 2016, we've looked at many Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Both from private users, influencers, media sites and companies. There are plenty of articles on Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories. Usually it is about the differences in the functions. These are important, but we have also seen major differences in implementation.

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A distinction has to be made between two approaches, especially in the case of companies. First, there are the Early Adapters, who already have experience with Snapchat Stories. Then there are the companies that have yet to get involved with Snapchat. These companies are now entering the testing phase with Instagram Stories. Even though Snapchat and Instagram differ significantly from each other, you can clearly feel Snapchat's experiential edge on Instagram Stories. That is, companies that are active on Snapchat publish different Instagram Stories than companies that are only active on Instagram. How can you tell?

Instagram Stories are shorter than Snapchat Stories

The biggest difference is in the length of the stories. In both apps, the more a company has dealt with the respective story format, the longer the stories usually become. We noticed that Instagram Stories are often shorter than Snapchat Stories. Both users and companies. Influencers and bloggers are much more familiar with the format. This is where the advantage in experience pays off and this is also reflected in the length of the stories.

There is a better sense of what content is appropriate for a story. There is also no hesitation in adopting the Snapchat mentality. brings you all the action as it happens. Of course, companies act differently and content planning carries more weight. But we must not compare the creation of an Instagram Story to an editorial plan. But in my eyes this is still happening. That's the reason for the Instagram Stories we're seeing from a lot of companies right now. Short, choppy content that doesn't really have much to do with a story.

On the other hand, there are stories on Snapchat of companies that have been around far too long. One example is Intel. Here you can really spend several minutes with a story. That is far too long, even if the content is interesting.

Snapchat Stories are more diverse

Besides the length, the main difference lies in the presentation of the stories. Snapchat Stories are currently even more diverse than Instagram Stories. This is due to the geo-filters, stickers and other customization options. Instagram, however, will add more and more features to the Stories. MSQRD content can also be posted to Instagram Stories via the Camera Roll. The popular Snapchat Lenses are a driver of Stories. But you rarely see that on Instagram. That can be good or bad. However, it shows that although theoretically the same possibilities exist, they are not used on Instagram.

In Instagram Stories we see captions and now and then a Boomerang video. Snapchat's creativity doesn't exist yet. Maybe Instagram Stories don't need that either.

Instagram Stories are easier to discover

One big difference is the visibility of Instagram Stories. On Snapchat, accounts don't follow Stories. On Instagram, however, users can view all public Stories. Instagram shows in the profile if a story has been published within the last 24 hours. Thus, new followers can not only be addressed via the published photos and videos. For many, this may be an advantage. Snapchat, however, is deliberately not going down that path. Snapchat accounts need to be discovered and shared via recommendations from friends. Instagram takes a different path from the start. Public profiles and also stories have a clear advantage when it comes to building reach. You can see the different philosophies of Snapchat and Instagram by the way they handle it.

More reach for Instagram Stories?

There is always an argument to be made. Of course, companies that have been active on Instagram for longer have a higher reach than Snapchat. Many will also have a higher reach on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter. However, the reach argument is only valid in relation to your own target group.

globalwebindex has found that half of all Instagram users are also active on Snapchat. But what about the other half? If we look at it from this angle, Instagram has the clear reach advantage. This can already be seen in the number of users.

But we can also look at the distribution from a different angle. Half of Instagram users have created a Snapchat account to communicate and consume other content in a different way. Just because there's a similar feature on Instagram now doesn't change the motivation for Snapchat use. And Snapchat Stories are used differently than Instagram Stories.

The reach of Instagram is a factor. On Snapchat, however, companies and users present themselves in a differentiated way and this offers many possibilities. Companies can address other target groups, enter into a dialogue with users and present themselves differently in terms of content. Snapchat remains uncharted territory for many companies. Especially after you've just become friends with Instagram. I absolutely understand that as a company you tend to post an Instagram story. What is clear, though, is that while the feature exists, companies must continue to track Snapchat and understand the differences.

I can share links, photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google +. The difference is not in the content format, but in the social network and its users.

Instagram and Snapchat Stories in Influencer Marketing

Snapchat doesn't just tick different boxes than Instagram when it comes to content. Instagram is driven by interactions and follower numbers. Snapchat stats are scarce. Nevertheless, more and more companies

The Problem with Calling Stories

The same problem exists with Instagram Stories. While companies and influencers can see who has viewed the story, there is no information on the exact length of time the story will remain. Views on both Snapchat and Instagram Stories are thus only an indicator, but not the sole determinant of success. With a little research and tools on Instagram, companies can see how many followers an account has and how active its followers are. On Snapchat, the views also serve as an indicator of the number of followers.

Since there are many more influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram than on Snapchat, we will also see more and more Instagram Stories that are part of an influencer marketing campaign. In this content format, both apps have problems with the

While many influencers have large reach on Snapchat, there are likely to be more and more requests for Instagram Stories to be integrated. Not alone but in combination with Instagram photos and videos.

How do influencers & amp; bloggers think

Reading through various articles by bloggers, there was quick talk of the end of Snapchat. One argument that has been repeatedly mentioned is 's app for everything. The statement came as no surprise from major Instagram accounts, which are now pooling their reach and can only use it on Instagram. But here, too, the question has to be asked, why do people follow me on Instagram and why do people follow me on Snapchat? I can only recommend to all influencers not to write off Snapchat too hastily. Watch the reactions of your followers in both apps. Do followers on Instagram want to see the same content as on Instagram? Are there followers on Snapchat who do not follow you on Instagram and vice versa?


With a simple comparison of the parallels and differences it is not done with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Despite the similarities in the features, the apps are very different and this is also reflected in the content.

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Always the same story - why Snapchat & Instagram Stories are so different. Instamer Always the same story - why Snapchat & Instagram Stories are so different. Instamer