Will Jeff Bezos be the next big thing with Amazon Spark? Gelingt Jeff Bezos mit Amazon Spark der nächste große Wurf? Amazon Spark was released a few days ago in the USA and the first impression is quite interesting. From the look of it, Amazon Spark resembles an Instagram feed

How does Amazon Spark work?

Amazon Spark is currently only available in the US. Via VPN you can also view the feature in your Amazon app. That is the first interesting point. Instead of developing its own app, Spark has been integrated into the existing Amazon mobile app. Currently, Spark is still somewhat hidden, but it's only a matter of time before the feature will be more prominently integrated into the app.

To test Amazon Spark, you need the iOS Amazon app and a VPN (e.g. B) Opera VPN). Now you have to switch the region to the US in the Amazon app and then go to Spark via the Programs and Features menu.

Amazon product recommendations based on interests

When you start Amazon Spark, the first step is to specify your own interests. These interests determine the content in Spark's feed and also provide Amazon with important information about its own customers.

Depending on the interests you specify, product recommendations will appear in the Spark Feed. However, the content is not simply composed of product images, but as we know from Instagram Shopping, the products are staged in images. This works sometimes better and sometimes worse. If you open the detailed view of the photos or videos, the marked products are displayed with further information. This includes star ratings and whether it is a Prime product.

Amazon Spark is not a social network

The structure and features of Amazon Spark's feed are reminiscent of other social networks. Content can be commented on and provided with a smile. What's at the heart of Instagram is a smile on the Spark feed. In addition, Amazon shows how many views a content has generated.

You can follow other users and see in the profiles how many smiles and comments have been given for previous product recommendations.

What Spark is not about is sharing personal experiences. Some of the product recommendations are packaged in this way, but they are and remain product recommendations. Friends and other personal contacts don't matter at Amazon Spark. At least that's how it looks so far. Thanks to Amazon Spark, however, it is now clear what Amazon's Influencer program is all about.

Amazon influencers recommend products

In March 2017, Amazon launched its own influencer program. Some of the influencers are already active on Amazon Spark and recommend products from a wide range of categories. If influencers are hired by Amazon, the content is marked with # sponsored in the feed. Amazon could have used the hashtag because, unlike Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, they are not linked. Anything else would be more than implausible for Amazon.

However, it appears that all influencer content is actually labelled as paid content. As we know, that's not always the case on Instagram.

Because Amazon Spark relies on the follower principle, customers can follow their favorite bloggers, for example, and receive all product recommendations in their feed. By stating one's own interests, additional visibility for the influencers involved is also created. For influencers, Amazon is certainly another exciting way to monetize their own activities.

Thanks to the comment function, users can also theoretically exchange ideas with the influencers involved and other Amazon customers. In order to promote interactions with content, there is also the possibility to create small surveys. For example, Amazon Influencers can let customers vote on which shoe or watch they like better. Once the result is available, a more detailed content on the corresponding product will be published on Spark and the product will of course be marked.


Amazon does not want to establish another social network with Spark. The well-known and popular mechanisms are used, but it is clearly about the presentation and the sale of products. The link to Amazon's own influencer program will be further expanded and the integration of Spark into the Amazon app is expected to become even more prominent. In addition to sponsored products on Amazon, Spark could establish itself as another channel for advertising on Amazon. The way influencers are integrated and products are communicated is very similar to Instagram shopping. So Spark is an exciting field not only for Amazon, but also for influencers. But does authenticity still work?

Amazon Spark Influencer Marketing Hits Instagram Shopping. Instamer Amazon Spark Influencer Marketing Hits Instagram Shopping. Instamer