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What the archive is for

Remember, even before modern phones, printed photos were taken. Everything on the tape was printed, and only then could we see whether the shots were successful or not. Those that turned out to be successful were nicely glued to the family album, while the rest were thrown away or stacked in a separate box, just in case. Now there is such a box and it is called an archive. But not everyone knows about it. And so in this article you will learn everything about the archive itself, why it is needed and, ultimately, how to unzip a photo to Instagram via your phone.

Yes, it should be said that modern Instagram has become more adventurous of late. If before any picture would have suited, now in conditions of fierce competition, his film requires more attention and a special approach. If you want to be popular, and if you want more readers to subscribe to you, you must follow your style and apply the same filter to all pictures. Sometimes a post is posted, and after a while I find that it does not fit, and it is pathetic to delete it. In that case, the right solution is to archive such a post until the best of times. Just as they used to put unwanted photos in a box.

The saved post in the archive remains unchanged. He still has the same text, likes and comments. No one will see him but you. However, you can send it to your friend at Direct. And when needed, it can easily be returned to the tape where it was originally posted on the same date and time.

The archive was created because users often deleted their publications. Sometimes by mistake, and also to hide it temporarily, without much desire to remove it permanently. The owner of the account was on the bill, and Instagram was also losing in its performance. So now there is a magic "Archive" button that you can use to save all publications, both photos and videos. As a result, everyone is happy. In addition to the new feature, several useful applications have been invented. That's what we're talking about right now.

  • Visual Row Cleaning

Yes, there are times when it's time to get your account in order. This is especially often the case when a private profile is turned into a business page. When to leave only those photos that correspond to the style and meaning of the profile. And all sorts of flowers, seals and personal photos no longer fit into the established format. .; Often, it is pitiful to delete such photos. That is when the conservation function becomes useful.

  • Availability of goods in Instagram-store

It is very convenient with the help of the archive to hide those publications that contain goods that are not currently available. This reduces the likelihood of unnecessary questions about it. But when it reappears, the post with it can be restored immediately.

  • Retention of important information .; Publications are often saved so that you can return to useful material or interesting dialogue under the post. Content can be duplicated over time, and dialogue can be useful for new ideas in the future.
  • Preserving statistics .; Bloggers often post advertisements in their feed. However, in order for their tape to retain a visual sequence, they are sent to the archive after 24 hours. In order to then be able to provide the advertiser with statistics of received likes and comments at any time.
  • Template publications .; For example, from time to time you need to write texts for marathons, events, and other events. As a rule, such information is of limited duration. It is recommended that the tape be archived. But when the time comes for more such publications, you can easily copy the text template and paste it into a new post.
  • Creating intrigue .; A common method of attracting the attention of popular stars. When all the content is archived, and the public is immediately perplexed by various questions, rumors and gossip begin to proliferate. This is what American singer Taylor Swift did on the eve of the release of her new album, which attracted a lot of attention and increased sales of her new product. The same can be done with any account, warming up subscribers before changing activities or launching a new product line.
  • Postponed Posting .; For example, you wrote a post at night. But to publish it at this time means that no one will see it. You freeze it in an archive and unzip it at a time when your target audience is statistically active on Instagram. Similarly, it is possible to make a series of posts at the right time, in the right sequence, to pull them from the archive.

How to archive an Instagram post

It's very simple here. Open the desired post and enter its settings. These are three vertical lines in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, select the "Archive" button and press it. And yet. That is the whole process.

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However, think carefully before archiving, because there will be no additional questions in the style of "And you're sure you want to archive this post." Although, even if you change your mind, don't worry, we'll take a closer look at how to get and pull a photo from the Instagram archive. But everything is in order.

It also happens (very rarely) that there is no button. In this case, you need to go to Page Settings.

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Go to "Privacy and Security," "History Settings," and go to it.

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Go to the "Save" section and check that the blue background button is turned on instead of "Save to Archive."

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Once you have done this, you can archive your publications as much as you like.

Where the archive is located and how to view archived photos on Instagram

Often, users panic because they have archived a photo on Instagram, and they don't know how to return it or where they are now. And, indeed, it requires knowing where they are stored. And we will tell you about it now.

As a rule, many people search Settings immediately, but you won't find it there, because the archive can be found behind this button in the form of a reverse clock.

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If you haven't archived any posts yet, the archive page will be empty and look like this.

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However, if you have archived a photo and you don't see it here, don't worry. The fact is that when you go into it, the first thing you see is the history bookmark. And if you want saved publications, you need to open the drop-down menu and select "Publications Archive."

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Here's where you can find archived photos on Instagram. They can be opened as a regular publication, read the text to it, view likes and comments. Alternatively, you can send it to your friend at Direct.

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Now you know where to go and how to find and view archived photos on Instagram. However, to find out how to return a photo from the archive to Instagram, go to the next section of our article.

How to unzip an Instagram post

To do this, you need to open the publication, go to its settings. And in the window that opens, click "Show in Profile." At the same time, the photo will return to your feed, to the same place from which it was archived.

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Well, if you suddenly want it to be neither in your account nor in your archive, you can click the "Delete" button here. But then it will disappear forever.

Now you know how to use your posts and how to return archived photos and videos to Instagram. Make the most of these opportunities. And read our next helpful publications.