While we are all still waiting for the annual Facebook Advent Calendar Articles by AllFacebook , we would like to introduce you to the Instagram Advent Calendar from Asos. Yes, Advent calendars are also popular on Instagram. But instead of simply sharing 24 photos on Instagram, warten, möchten wir euch den Instagram Adventskalendervon Asos einmal vorstellen. Ja, Adventskalender sind auch auf Instagram beliebt. Aber anstatt einfach 24 Fotos auf Instagram zu teilen, hat sich Asos decided for a slightly different approach and changed the account asos _ advent was created.

Advent calendars hit Instagram hashtags

As is typical for an Advent calendar from a company, there is something to win every day. It's the same on Instagram, but users need to get active and not just click a button. Asos combines the Instagram advent calendar with hashtags and encourages users to post Christmas photos on Instagram. To identify each day's events, change the number at the end of the hashtag # instaadvent1 and so on.

Asos' Instagram advent calendar hashtags every day. Instamer

The separation of the Instagram advent calendar and the official Asos account may not make sense at first glance. But Asos uses Instagram tags to alert existing followers to the daily prices. So the Advent calendar is part of the Asos account and yet clearly separated.

The plan works. More than 18,000 Instagram users have commented on the photo December I like clicked and were alerted to the second account. It should also be noted that Asos has 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Followers.

Asos' Instagram advent calendar hashtags every day. Instamer

However, Asos has a few problems communicating terms and conditions. Instead of linking them correctly in the profile of asos _ advent, they are always inserted in the description text of the photos. Here the links are of course not clickable and disturb the reading flow of the users and the optics of the text.

Asos's Instagram advent calendar isn't spectacular, but it shows how to use Instagram markers and hashtags. All in all, Advent calendars are hard to find on Instagram, both among users and businesses. Almost 100,000 photos with the hashtag Advent Calendar are currently available on Instagram. Until June 24 I'm sure there will be a few more in December.


Asos' Instagram advent calendar hashtags every day. Instamer Asos' Instagram advent calendar hashtags every day. Instamer