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In 2018, the situation is now partially reversed, with Snapchat adopting features for Stories established by Instagram. It is now possible to mark other Snapchatters in Stories. You know this feature from Instagram, of course, and it is a crucial factor in alerting other users to content. Snapchat is adopting a feature that gives ordinary users, brands and influencers on Instagram plenty of options.

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Snapchat has told TechCrunch that it is a test. However, if you look at the usage and success of markers on Instagram, it is very likely that the Snapchat account markers will soon be available to all users.

Snapchat account tagging isn't the only feature that has been adopted by Instagram. Recently, Snapchat Accountmarkierungen sind aber nicht die einzige Funktion, die von Instagram übernommen wurden. Erst kürzlich wurden Gifs in Snapchat Stories integrated.

In the end, users benefit

Competition between Instagram and Snapchat means that users are constantly being offered new features. Users thus benefit from the urge to integrate new functions and offer people more options.

In terms of user numbers, Instagram is well ahead of Snapchat. Even if we break down the numbers purely to the use of stories. Still, Snapchat has posted better numbers in recent months than in the first half of 2017. The separation of Snapchat feeds has led to many negative reactions, but the numbers speak for themselves. Especially Gemessen an den Nutzerzahlen liegt Instagram deutlich vor Snapchat. Auch, wenn wir die Zahlen rein auf die Nutzung von Stories herunterbrechen. Dennoch hat Snapchat in den letzten Monaten bessere Zahlen als in der ersten Jahreshälfte von 2017 präsentieren können. Die Trennung der Snapchat Feeds hat zwar für viele negative Reaktionen geführt, aber die Zahlen sprechen aktuell für Snapchat. Besonders In the 18 to 24 age group, Snapchat can hold its own .

If the pressure from Instagram leads to features with added value being integrated into Snapchat, users will benefit. Even if, in our eyes, it may seem as if only functions are copied from each other.

Brands and companies can also benefit

Markings also offer new opportunities for brands and companies. For example, influencers can mark the accounts of companies in their stories and thus finally contribute to more visibility of company profiles.

Together with the newly introduced

That's certainly not the primary reason Snapchat is testing the markers, but they will definitely be used for that.

Back and forth: Snapchat introduces tagging of accounts and adopts another feature from Instagram Stories.. Instamer Back and forth: Snapchat introduces tagging of accounts and adopts another feature from Instagram Stories.. Instamer