Slowly it starts. Facebook is currently running a beta test in which Instagram ads can be posted via the Power Editor. If you're one of 's chosen ones, you'll find a new target in 's Power Editor on Instagram.

Creating Instagram ads is little different from creating Facebook ads. You need to create a campaign as usual in the Power Editor and create the corresponding ad groups and ads. In the Ad Groups you will now find the item Placement. Here you activate the output of the ad for Instagram.

The placement of Instagram ads is linked to the business manager. Only when you have connected your Instagram accounts to the Facebook Business Manager. In the company settings there is the subsection Instagram. The connection is made via the name and password of your Instagram profiles. As with Facebook pages, you can link any number of Instagram profiles to the Business Manager.

Once you have connected your Instagram accounts to the Business Manager and you have been activated for the Instagram ads, you can select the profiles as landing pages in the Power Editor.

The selection of Instagram accounts takes place during the creation of the advertisements. In addition to Facebook pages (or ads without links), Instagram is now also available as a choice. The Instagram adverts are aimed at 's website clicks. At least the Power Editor sets this goal. Conveniently, you can add a link to your Instagram ads. Follow 's coverage of the final round of the US PGA Championship as it happens. In addition to branding effects, Instagram ads also contribute to the generation of traffic.

The advantage of the Power Editor is that you are already familiar with the setup and settings. The same applies, of course, to the evaluation of the campaigns.

Another advantage is that you can create Facebook and Instagram ads in a campaign. This way you can easily compare the performance of the individual ads and get a good feel for which motifs and texts on Facebook lead to good results and how the image and speech on Instagram differ.

As I said, Instagram ads are currently < del > in rollout in beta testing and not all companies will find the feature yet. Have a look at your Business Manager and Power Editor. Somewhat unusually, we can only select the Instagram ads with German language settings. So if you use Facebook in English, the language will change.

The beta test is expected to be the final stage before the broad rollout of Instagram ads.

We are currently testing self-serve buying interfaces and APIs with a number of partners, and we expect to make them more widely available over the coming weeks.

Are you going to book Instagram ads through the Power Editor? Or do you prefer to use service providers with access to the Instagram Ads API?

Facebook also has its own Instagram ads Help page was created.

Beta Test: Book Instagram ads using the Power Editor.. Instamer Beta Test: Book Instagram ads using the Power Editor.. Instamer