You may have noticed the changes to the mobile Facebook apps and the News Feed. If we now look at the changes of Facebook and the design and changes of Instagram, the two apps will look more and more alike.

Threads New Feature for Instagram Comments

While we have been using threads under Facebook posts for a long time, Während wir Threads unter Facebook Beiträgen schon lange nutzen, werden jetzt auch Instagram comments in comment threads is shown. In general, Instagram is clearer and more reduced compared to Facebook. This is partly due to the smaller functionality, but of course also due to the design of Instagram. However, comments were different and discussions on Facebook were much better represented.

So when it comes to comments, Instagram learns from Facebook and we will soon appreciate the new threads under Instagram posts.

The threads not only make comments and discussions more readable. Instagram certainly expects the new presentation of the comments to lead to more comments per se and thus a more intensive examination of the content. The approach worked on Facebook and for me there is no reason why it should be any different on Instagram.

New round profile pictures for Facebook

Round profile pictures coming to Facebook .

When it comes to comments, Instagram takes inspiration from Facebook. For profile pictures, it is the other way round. We know round Instagram profile pictures and also the representation of Instagram and Facebook Stories is done via round profile pictures. You could also simply say that round profile pictures are more contemporary. Since Facebook already uses the round profile pictures for its Stories, it is logical that they will also be included in the News Feed.

When users visit a Facebook page, square profile pictures will still be displayed. It's certainly not crucial, but if Facebook switches to round profile pictures, they should be displayed the same everywhere.

Better navigation and readability for the Facebook News Feed

On Medium, Shali Nguyen and Ryan Freitas explain the goal of redesigning the News Feed (you should read). It is about better readability of content and clearer navigation.

In the Facebook News Room writes Facebook that the changes will have little or no impact on the range and referral traffic. I'm not so sure. Because not only does the presentation of the Facebook link preview change, the new design has an impact on all content and therefore automatically on the consumption of content in the News Feed.

While working on the new design, six advantages were identified. The statements from alone seem bigger, less busy and 's text seems different, punchier showing the impact of the new design. As all content is affected, it may be that the adjustments will balance out, so everything stays the same. At least in terms of range and traffic. But that will only become apparent after a few weeks.

Facebook Link Preview: Larger thumbnails for shared links

In direct comparison, it quickly becomes clear that the thumbnails for shared links in the new design are slightly larger. The difference may not be great, but larger thumbnails are certainly an advantage.

So more clicks could be generated by the new Facebook link preview.

In addition to the larger thumbnails, the structure of the link preview has changed. The URL now appears above the headline and not below it as before. This will also affect Facebook ads.

I welcome almost all the adjustments. It's always a bit strange when the look of an app like Facebook changes. As unusual as it is at the beginning, one has also got used to the changes so quickly. However, a clearer presentation, better navigation and readability should be in the interests of all people and also companies.

Better navigation, readability and modern look: New Facebook design & feature for Instagram comments. Instamer Better navigation, readability and modern look: New Facebook design & feature for Instagram comments. Instamer