Which social network has the edge among teenagers? Facebook is not. But what about Instagram, or is it Snapchat, which is so often said to be dead?

For US teens, there's only Instagram and Snapchat

It's a duel between Instagram and Snapchat. Es ist ein Zweikampf zwischen Instagram und Snapchat. PiperJaffray regularly conducts studies on this topic, and in autumn 2018 Instagram was able to place itself ahead of Snapchat for the first time. According to the survey, 85% of US teens surveyed use Instagram at least once a month. The lead over Snapchat is minimal. Snapchat comes in at 84%.

Interestingly, Instagram has always been close behind Snapchat in recent years and has now moved past it.

Facebook is losing importance among teens

Facebook has lost 24% in two years and is well behind Twitter in the survey.

When it comes to which social network is most popular with US teens, Snapchat still holds the top spot. For 46%, Snapchat is number one Instagram comes in at 32% in popularity. Here, too, Facebook is far behind with 5%.

When it comes to choosing a first social network, Instagram and Snapchat also dominate. The older the teenagers are, the more Facebook and Twitter become important.

The development is not new, but it confirms the speed at which younger users see Instagram as the go-to social network. From Facebook's perspective, the situation is relatively straightforward. The importance of Instagram and WhatsApp will continue to grow.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp cover almost all age groups.

Where should brands and companies connect with teenagers?

On which social network do teenagers want to be informed about new products? Instagram is the answer, and clearly so.

But Snapchat should not be written off. At least in this survey, Snapchat is in second place. The image of Facebook among teenagers continues here. If you want to inform teenagers about your products, Facebook is not the right choice. Only print did worse than Facebook on the question.

Beyond Snapchat: Instagram is the most used social network among US teens. Instamer

From a corporate perspective, it is important to watch closely how this trend continues. Depending on the product and company, a budget shift from Facebook to Instagram is recommended. A situation that Facebook will like better than if it were about a shift to Snapchat. Facebook's market power makes it possible.

YouTube & amp; Netflix dominate and cable loses

What about YouTube? In the survey, YouTube is not assigned to social networks. We can certainly discuss this. Nevertheless, the results speak for the largest video platform.

A third of the teenagers surveyed watch videos on YouTube every day. Netflix comes in at over 37% and the loser is cable television.

You could say Facebook is the cable television of social networks. Since 2015, daily cable television consumption among US teens has fallen by 13%.

Beyond Snapchat: Instagram is the most used social network among US teens. Instamer

Yes, it's just a survey and it relates to the US market. Nevertheless, the development is very exciting and the importance of Snapchat in particular should not be underestimated. It may look a little different in Germany, but I'm not going to write off Snapchat just yet and you shouldn't.

The company said in a statement: 'We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. Die Total Results with many more interesting information about the buying behaviour and standing of brands you should also have a look.

Beyond Snapchat: Instagram is the most used social network among US teens. Instamer Beyond Snapchat: Instagram is the most used social network among US teens. Instamer