70% of the 600 million Instagram users follow at least one company. Not only companies will be happy about this statistic, but also Instagram itself. An important argument for the use of Instagram ads, which are now also placed and tested in Instagram Stories.

Over 150 million Using people

Detailed stats for Instagram Stories

The evaluation of Instagram Stories is currently only possible by measuring the views.

Verified Instagram profiles also have the ability to place links in their Stories. With tracking URLs, an analysis of clicks is also possible. That was it. Until now. Instagram has announced more detailed statistics for Instagram Stories. The statistics should be available to all

The Instagram Stories stats include information on Reach of a story and to the achieved Impressions . It will also show how many users have sent a message to a company profile based on the story and at which point in the story they have dropped out. The last piece of information in particular is exciting, as it provides companies with helpful information about the consumption of their stories. Although this information can also be analyzed through the development of the views of a story, the new Instagram Stories statistics make the information clearer and quicker to view.

Stats for Instagram Stories weren't the only Instagram announcement. It was a matter of time.

Ads in Instagram Stories

Instagram has started placing ads within Instagram Stories. The ads appear between individual Instagram Stories and are marked as advertisements. We know this principle from Snapchat. Ads between different Snapchat Stories have been playing out here for some time. However, the frequency is manageable on Snapchat.

Interest in ads in Instagram Stories will be greater. To gain experience, Instagram is launching a first trial phase with 30 + brands on Instagram. These include Maybelline New York, Nike, Netflix and

According to Instagram, 70% of all Instagram Stories are consumed with sound. I am sorry, but again the

Ads in Instagram Stories have a maximum length of 15 seconds, which in my opinion should remain the maximum. The big advantage over Snapchat is the targeting options and data base of Instagram (and Facebook). The reach of Instagram Stories is there and Instagram will do everything it can to encourage even more users to use Instagram Stories. If this succeeds, advertisements in Instagram Stories will also meet with a correspondingly high level of interest from companies.

The official announcement can be found in the Instagram for Business Blog .

Big update for Instagram Stories: Ads & Instagram Stories stats. Instamer Big update for Instagram Stories: Ads & Instagram Stories stats. Instamer