instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Despite the fact that many marketers today try to refuse to cooperate with bloggers in favor of targeted advertising, it is worth facing the truth: we have no effective methods of promotion left, other than association with opinion leaders and targeting. And while the second option assumes some expertise in ad customization, working with bloggers is an effective way to advertise, of course, only if you choose the right trendsetter.

Recall that today the service Instagram strictly monitors and blocks all illegal ways of promoting an account (even favorite massfolling and masssliking are subject to strict control), and in the realities of today's business, there is no point in scamming bots.

What Collaboration with Bloggers Means

Here are four main advantages:

  • Attracting new audiences. By recommending the advertised profile on his page, the blogger shares a link to the account, which opens the possibility to visit your page. This increases user attendance and activity in the profile, which is reflected in the statistics and ranking of the account.
  • Expert opinion. The blogger's audience is mostly users who listen to the trendsetter. Even though everyone has already learned to distinguish an advertising post from a standard one, the qualitatively provided information always brings subscriptions to the advertised account.
  • Prepared by CA. When you turn to a blogger, you come across a person who has spent a long and careful time assembling an audience of interests around him. Advertisements for children's clothing, for example, do well with moms bloggers, and a travel appliance store will do better with the traveler.
  • Increased sales. This is the ultimate goal of any advertising, and promotion by reputable bloggers often brings the desired result. .; These benefits work only in collaboration with influential trendsetters, otherwise you will simply waste the money.

How to find a blogger to advertise on Instagram

In fact, those who are constantly cooing over Instagram's life have long been attracted to established bloggers who actively promote their own and third-party accounts. However, it is never too late to learn about successful newcomers or update information about the chosen trendsetter.

Popular search methods

  • by keywords (hashtags);
  • according to Livedune rating (it is generally an indispensable software, which is useful for both the account owner and the store owner);
  • via the "similar profiles" function;
  • in thematic public relations, where the blogger himself can be advertised;
  • asking for advice from friends.

Consider each option in more detail.

Search bloggers on Instagram for keywords is a simple and affordable way to manually select an opinion leader. All you have to do is search, enter a thematic hashtag (for example, to advertise a tourism equipment store) and select an entry. The service will give you thousands of publications divided into the "Top" and "Recent" tab. First of all, you should pay attention to the top posts, there are usually photos and videos of famous bloggers.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Livedune is an Instagram profile analytics service. The main advantage of the program is that you can view not only your statistics, but also the performance of other people's accounts. This is very useful for a detailed assessment of a blogger. From the statistics you will immediately see the presence of twists and activity of the trendsetter's audience. As for the search itself, Livedune also makes it available, but at an additional cost.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Similar profiles are a convenient service to find bloggers on Instagram with similar themes. The method works when you are already subscribed to one blogger and want to find similar pages. To use this method, open the main trendsetter page and click the down arrow, where you will be offered a few more profiles.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Thematic public relations will allow you to find a person who advertises his or her own profile. If you look at the same example of a travel equipment store, you will need communities about tourism and travel around the world.

A friend's tip is an easy and affordable way to find a blogger on Instagram. The opinion of an experienced colleague, who has already had experience placing advertisements with a particular opinion leader, will reveal all the pitfalls and explain in more detail the benefits of cooperation.

All of these methods will create a list of potentially suitable bloggers and begin the next step of analyzing trendsetters. The key is to remember that a thorough search is a 40% success rate.

Instagram Bloggers Exchange

We did not take stock exchanges into account in the general list and decided to tell more about them. Before looking for bloggers on Instagram on the stock exchange, it should be understood that it is a service that accumulates offers from various trendsetters and requests from business owners for advertising.

On the one hand, everything is very simple and affordable. But cooperation with the stock exchange also has drawbacks, chief among which is the large number of fake accounts that are not useful in advertising. .; But still, when deciding to use the services of the exchange, choose proven sites that have proven themselves on the market. One such exchange is EPIC STARS. It is possible to find truly profitable and worthy offers by placing advertisements with a true leader of opinion.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Understanding how to find bloggers on Instagram on the stock exchange is very simple: the platform has a simple interface, accessible even to a beginner.

How to choose a blogger to advertise on Instagram

First of all, you should know about 5 important indicators of the quality of your Instagram profile:

  • No cheating and an active audience in the profile. Between 10k active and 300k inactive audience, choose the first option.
  • A lot of video views. You see thousands of likes under the photo, but only 50 views of the video. There is clearly something wrong with the account.
  • Quality content. From photos to punctuation, everything has to be top notch.
  • The personality of a blogger who advises the preferences of your CA. .; For example, cribs will be difficult to advertise with a childless bodybuilder, and trainers will not be sold by a lawyer.

Check your profile

  1. We have already mentioned the Livedune app, which allows you to analyze statistics of any profile. Use it at the stage of checking a blogger for cheating and engagement (ER), which the normal rate for a large blog is about 5%.
  2. It is possible to calculate engagement manually without resorting to third-party resources using the formula: ER = likes + comments / subscribers * 100%. The number of likes and comments is collected from the last 10-20 publications.
  3. Another way to do this is to ask a blogger to send you a screenshot of your account's statistics, such as Storys views and live feeds. As a rule, opinion leaders have no problem sending this information. Why Stories and Live? It's simple: you can't spin them, so you get the most honest information about audience activity.

Who won't suit you

There are certain groups of bloggers, perhaps highly publicized, with whom there is no time to lose. An account with beautiful / funny / sad pictures, poems and drawings. It probably won't take long to explain that the situation with the target audience is too vague. Of the possible 500k subscribers, 80%, 50%, 10%, or even 0% may be interested in advertising your profile. And why? Because there is neither a link to the city and the country, nor a unity of interests. If you do not want to play the lottery, we do not recommend advertising your resource to such bloggers.

Just beautiful photos. If the profile makes no sense, you will again face a situation where the blogger's core audience is unclear. And for effective advertising, you need "your people" ready to see, be interested in, and buy.

Cute videos and images of puppies, kittens and other animals. Again, the same reason and the inadvisability of cooperation. If a page with dogs talked about training, you could add an advertisement for a pet store. At other times, pass by.

Blogger's Checklist

  1. You have studied his involvement and learned the reach.
  2. We were asked to send screenshots of statistics on Storis and live broadcasts.
  3. We studied the audience of the account by selectively opening the pages of subscribers and viewing their activities.
  4. We opened data on the geographical location of subscribers. (Remember that even an account from Moscow may have a target audience from Mexico and the US.)
  5. Ask for advice from a colleague who has already worked with this trendsetter or read reviews in special publications or blogs.

Bonus tip

To be sure of the effectiveness of the blogger's work, look at previously posted advertisements of other entrepreneurs and write to them. As a rule, store managers go along and talk about cooperating with the opinion leader. Just be careful not to ask that question to direct competitors.

Prepare for different situations in advance

Once you have finished searching for and analyzing a blogger, be prepared that not everything will go according to plan.

  1. Many trendsetters don't know how to write selling texts at all, most likely you'll have to do it.
  2. Your goods may not even be visible in the photo (for example, standing on a table, while a close-up shows the blogger himself).
  3. Advertisements can be published later than the agreed deadline, most likely this will happen.
  4. Expecting a heated discussion of your product, you may be disappointed, and in the comments you will see talk of the wrong manicure / bad shorts / new carpet, generally something completely foreign.
  5. Of course, many entrepreneurs "main fear is that advertising won't work. Yes, even the best blogger can do that. The main thing in this situation is not to get upset and blame the trendsetter, but to try to soberly assess the reasons for the failure of the campaign.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing that bloggers "advertising is still one of the most effective ways to promote an account, which in some situations works better than targeted advertising. Remember the selection criteria, check the data, and try to communicate with the blogger, assessing his professionalism.