instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Are you thinking of starting an Instagram account, but you don't know how to approach it and are sure that without fame or big investments there won't be a way through? In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems! We will tell you how to develop on this platform. < / span >

< em > You can represent a company or just be a passionate person who wants to make money online. Here are life hacks for beginners that will suit everyone. < / span > < / em >

Let's start with the most important thing, the basis on which all further actions will be based.

Where to start blogging on Instagram: Planning

The most important work begins even before the first photo is posted and even before the account is registered. You need to understand why you are creating it. What is your goal? To get more people to know about the project, to sell goods, to make money from advertising other people's products, or to build a personal brand?

When you answer this question, you need to understand who your target audience is. It is not enough to know gender and age. Determine what will unite readers. What problem will you solve? The craving for knowledge, the interest in beautiful sketches from life, or they are interested in the product you produce. Based on this, it is recommended to choose the format and presentation of information, hashtags.

For example, you want to create a travel profile. CA in this case is different, as are the trips themselves. Some people like active tourism, and some people like all-inclusive tourism. The content of posts and photos will differ radically.

Let's say you don't know what to write about on Instagram, what then? We have prepared a list of destinations for you, where you can successfully develop.

What topics can you blog on Instagram

With the advent of the age of content-rich texts, the field of activity has become limitless. Try to connect to popular niches: health, fitness, beauty, cooking, if they are close to you. But remember, there is a lot of competition. Lifestyle accounts are no less common. Here it is important to understand that simple life will not be of much interest to anyone. It really has to have a style, some distinctive feature. Ideally, the page resembles a TV series.

For example, authors who have moved from city to village or from north to south have many subscribers. It is also necessary to write in a fun, humorous way. So that the reader can not break away from the post, conduct a dialogue with users.

What other blogs can you follow on Instagram?

  • Cinema. Reviews of new films, reviews.
  • Wine. There are such pages, but they are few and if you are a connoisseur of alcohol, you are lucky. Here's the theme!
  • Training. Foreign languages, Russian, other subjects.
  • Gardening, landscape design, room flowers.
  • Extreme travel.
  • Identify your specialty. If you're a pro at something, write about it.
  • Books. Share your impressions, lists.
  • Secrets, life hacks, instructions. Readers love useful and detailed guides.
  • Social problems. Notes on people's rights, history, and politics are popular with quite a large audience.
  • Pets. Complete your beautiful photos and videos with care tips.

What you can blog about on Instagram: topics for girls

If you don't like any of these niches, use the following method. Write down all your interests and areas of activity. Then highlight those that you know well or are willing to learn a lot of new information. Try to write two or three meaningful posts on each of them, take pictures. Assess the quality of the text and your mood. Choose the things that were easiest for you to talk about, that inspired you. Also consider whether you will be able to produce enough photo content.

How to Start Your Personal Blog on Instagram: First Steps

Once you have decided on the format, target audience, and direction of the page, you can set up an account.

To do this, you need to register an Instagram account. Think of a short, memorable title. It must be consistent with performance. If you already have a company, use the existing name. Development of a personal brand is best carried out under one's own name and surname. Go to Edit. The button next to the avatar. Choose a photo that matches the overall style of the tape. Choose a clear, eye-catching image. Save the result.

Tell us about yourself.

This section is in the same settings, just below. What you specify in it will be a profile cap. This is the second thing a visitor to the page sees when they come to you. So pay special attention to the column. In 150 characters you need to put a short and interesting description of who you are and what this blog is about. It also adds contacts, working conditions, location, information about discounts, and website address.

Use emojis to animate the text and highlight important points. Don't put more than one to each sentence. Be original, enliven self-presentation with emotion.

At this stage, you can transfer your profile to your business account. This will provide access to statistics. You will be able to leave links through which the reader will contact you directly, rather than through Direct. Under the avatar will appear a grey inscription: goods and services, personal blog or other. This attracts attention. To select a new format, go to the settings by clicking on the wheel or three dots in the upper right corner.

This is what a properly filled hat looks like.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to properly blog on Instagram: photos, texts, useful apps

Make a content plan for a few days or a month. If you are promoting your product, be sure to alternate between entertaining, informative, and selling posts. These may include product instructions, comparative characteristics, raffles, surveys, votes, games, holiday greetings, professional or public information, work moments, funny stories, and much more.

The main thing is to keep a balance between the topics and create user activity. Motivate to leave comments, respond to them. In this way, the indicators that allow the profile to be promoted are built up. On your personal page, you can follow the same guidelines.

A few tips on how to text on Instagram

Sometimes it is necessary to give out a large block of information. You can't do it with a blank canvas!

  • Always break the longrid into semantic fragments. One paragraph, one thought.
  • Do this by moving to another line. There should be no gap at the end of the sentence.
  • Use a notepad or notes on your phone to write notes. It is easier to format a post if the app does glue it together. Write and copy.
  • Insert emojis into the part where it is important to emphasize. They are also used to draw up lists.
  • If the text does not fit, type the remaining thoughts in your usual editor, take a screenshot, and add them to the main picture gallery.
  • Write in a simple, engaging way, even if you have a complex and serious subject.

Example of a properly designed post

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to create a photo series for Instagram

Viewing a blog plays a big role in its development. Still, Instagram remains a network for visuals. But making a beautiful picture is not as difficult as it sounds. The main thing is to study the theory of composition, lighting and practice a lot. There are free mobile photography lessons on the Internet. Browse the pages of famous companies or people, note interesting details.

It's best to post a post every day, one or two during your CA activity. Try to identify this part of the day in a practical way by publishing during the week at different hours: morning, afternoon, and evening. The results of the experiment are clearly visible in the account statistics. The button is in the upper right corner.

Tips for creating content

  • Look for unseen perspectives. Any object will look unusual and beautiful if approached with imagination.
  • Process shots in the same style: color, sequence of images and text (chess format), frames.
  • Don't overload the picture. There has to be one idea.
  • Goods and landscapes are diluted with selfies or portraits of other people, animals.
  • Take multiple shots at once. They will be a find on a day when shooting is impossible.
  • Use backgrounds, scenery. It could be anything. Even an old sweater, if only it were photogenic.
  • Stroll through the city, coffee shops, and parks to capture the unusual and beautiful moments in the collection of post materials.

Popular applications for human resources improvement include:

  • VSCO Cam
  • Snapseed
  • Cover
  • Instafit.
  • Whitagram
  • Diptic
  • Frame Swagg

Don't forget powerful tools like videos and stories. Both are popular with users and advertisers.

  • Instagram videos are short, but come up with a plot or logical sequence for them.
  • Look for unusual perspectives, break down the shooting with shots of the surrounding reality, details.
  • Add the right music.

Another tip for maintaining and promoting an account

If your ultimate goal is monetization, be sure to go beyond your audience and profile. To find new subscribers, it is sometimes enough to write thoughtful comments on posts on better-known platforms on a regular basis (every day). Participate in SFS (Exchange of mentions) and other initiatives of interest to you.

When you have a sizeable number of subscribers - more than a thousand - make such mutual reposts yourself. Also, don't leave visitors "questions unanswered. Put up a moderate number of thematic hashtags. Check them out from competitors, come up with your own #.

How to Blog on Instagram

Such profiles can be created by shops or ordinary book lovers. This is the direction that is now gaining momentum. Bookstagrams are what avid readers call their pages. Maintaining an account is little different from any other. The requirements are the same: a beautiful visual series, edited, understandable, interesting text.

What you can write about:

  • A review of the work.
  • A story about novelties.
  • Moments from writers "biographies.
  • Myths associated with any publication.
  • Sphere news.
  • Remittance of revenues if it is a trading blog.
  • On the role of books.
  • About reading techniques.
  • Congratulations on the holiday.
  • About myself.
  • And much more.

Marathons and raffles are successfully held. Posts can be serious and humorous, short and long.

A photo series depends solely on the imagination of the creator of the page. There are various layouts with beautiful objects, scenes, unusual perspectives, just processed shots of publications.

Book instagrams are monetized just like the rest. If you run it with your heart and you already have at least a thousand subscribers, write to the publisher with an offer of cooperation. Tell us about yourself, provide a link to your profile, show us the statistics and tell us on what terms you want to work. Participate in competitions, create special hashtags, thematically related to your activities.

Example of a post from a private book account

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

We explained how to start and properly run a blog on Instagram, and considered the topics for its maintenance. This article does not cover all the secrets of this social network, but we have provided some basic advice. Using them you will be able to master a new sphere.