42 published content per day are available at The Shade Room on Instagram is the rule. 42 contents daily of over 3.7 million people are consumed and provide for ever further organic growth.

Branding via Instagram: For The Shade Room, Instagram is the most effective channel.. Instamer

Credit: Online Marketing Rockstars (Facebook)

The published contents of Die veröffentlichten Inhalte von The Shade Room may not be to everyone's taste, but they do show the effects of constantly high levels of interaction on Instagram. As part of the Online marketing rock stars we talked to Angie about the success story and the future of The Shade Room. A tip from Angie is: publishes as much relevant content as possible.

Companies often worry about how much content they are allowed to publish on social networks. The reflection already shows that the belief in one's own content is not the strongest. There is a fear of annoying people and losing followers and fans. Angie from The Shade Room takes a different view. If the number of followers has increased by 1,000 after a published post, more content must be published as quickly as possible in order to build up even more followers. As long as more people subscribe to the channel than follow, everything is fine for Angie.

The Shade Room also takes a different approach to quality and content selection. Screenshots, reposts and iPhone videos are almost the only content published. Storytelling, visual language, high-quality and elaborately produced content play no role whatsoever. On the contrary. The more authentic the content, the more followers interact with the content. This has also been shown on YouTube. Here some more elaborate videos were published and the video views and interactions could not reach the level of the one-shot iPhone videos. A comfortable situation, as the cost of producing content at The Shade Room is very low.

Branding via Instagram: Search, Aggregate, Publish

Branding via Instagram: For The Shade Room, Instagram is the most effective channel.. Instamer

The Shade Room is so successful on Instagram because they manage to quickly identify and disseminate new posts and news about celebrities. When a celebrity deletes a post, The Shade Room has long had a screenshot and shares it on Instagram. But The Shade Room is not alone in its time-consuming search. The so-called Roommates (followers of The Shade Room) are quasi community managers and provide Angie and her team with new content. When a celebrity responds with an Instagram comment, followers take a screenshot of it and make it available to The Shade Room. If the comment is worth a story, the screenshot will be shared immediately. With the support of followers, The Shade Room gets content that no media company gets. At least not at this rate. The drive for celebrity self-promotion is crucial for Angie, as there has never been so much private content. Celebrities are particularly active on Instagram, giving their fans an increasingly personal insight. This insight is only available on Instagram, Angie says. Celebrities would never leave a comment on a website. On Instagram, though.

The Shade Room performs branding via Instagram

The Shade Room takes a different path than most companies. Usually there was a website first, then a Facebook page, a Twitter and an Instagram account. Angie started her business on Instagram, then expanded to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The website was the last piece of the puzzle. On the one hand, this is about advertising, but also about safeguarding. What happens if Instagram also introduces an algorithm, or the growth on Instagram eventually collapses? The Shade Room was able to reach its 3.7 million Build followers without advertising. However, there is no guarantee that development will continue at this rate.

The enormous reach of The Shade Room has led to regular and direct exchanges with celebrities. Angie and her team get content not only from attentive followers, but also from celebrities. When The Shade Room publishes a photo, the celebrities also regularly respond directly below the photo. What more could a celebrity magazine ask for?

Branding via Instagram: For The Shade Room, Instagram is the most effective channel.. Instamer

Still, Facebook is the crucial channel for The Shade Room. The brand and reach were built through Instagram and now it's time to draw followers and fans to their own website. Dennoch ist Faceboook für The Shade Room der entscheidende Kanal. Die Marke und die Reichweite wurden über Instagram aufgebaut und jetzt gilt es die Follower und Fans auf die eigene Webseite zu ziehen. 40% of traffic is generated via Facebook . Although there are no links on Instagram, 14% of visitors still come via the Instagram bio of The Shade Room.

No hesitation: All new channels are played immediately

While companies often hesitate to use new channels, The Shade Room takes a different approach: as soon as a new social network makes a name for itself, it takes immediate action. The activity is increased without reducing the frequency for already recorded channels. However, content is not prepared for different networks. The same pictures and texts are published on Instagram, Twitter and Instagram. We certainly wouldn't recommend companies like this, but The Shade Room does. Over 4 million Facebook fans see the same content as the 3.7 million Instagram followers.

The same approach is now to be implemented for mobile messenger apps. No matter what app it is. One goal is pursued: as high a reach as possible, as many interactions as possible and as many promoted posts as possible. This also works very well, only on Snapchat the existing reach cannot yet be used efficiently for partnerships. According to Angie, the reason for this is that companies still often only pay attention to the number of followers. Since Snapchat does not disclose them, The Shade Room lacks its most important argument for partnerships.

Tips from The Shade Room for aspiring influencers

The decisive factor for Angie is the consistent publication of relevant content. If a post generates 100 followers, it means publishing more and more content on the same topic. This creates the thematic orientation of the account and through the interactions other people become aware of the profile.

The hashtags used are also crucial. Angie sees hashtags similar to Kewords on Google. The better the hashtags are chosen, the greater the prevalence of what The Shade Room calls hashtag advertising. When it comes to working with companies, it was a test for Angie, too. At first, she didn't realize how much money she could charge for an Instagram post. With increasing follower numbers and increasing interaction rates, requests from companies have also increased. As a result, pay for influencer marketing campaigns has also improved.

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While reach is the most important thing for The Shade Room, Angie maintains a close relationship with her followers. The aforementioned approach with the Roommates can be found in celebrities such as Lady Gaga and German YouTube stars such as DagiBee. Followers and the community are the key factors in the success of The Shade Room on Instagram. As long as the community likes the content and interacts with it, quality is secondary.

Initially, working with companies was not easy. Instead of approaching the company on The Shade Room, Angie herself sought out companies and convinced them of the potential of her Instagram account. It was about the range, but also the interactions. It has also always been the case that The Shade Room has turned down requests from companies if the company did not fit The Shade Room. But basically it's about making money with The Shade Room and Instagram. If a request comes and it is not too far away from The Shade Room, then the Sponsored Post will be dropped.

The Shade Room shows how versatile Instagram can be. Most photographers and artists on Instagram will not be touched by the content. Nevertheless, The Shade Room shows how to build an extremely successful Instagram account with the right content for the right target group. Furthermore, it becomes clear which advantages a quick adaptation of new channels brings and how social media channels can strengthen your own website. The Shade Room has grown through Instagram and media companies should keep a close eye on what Angie has in store for the months and years ahead.

Branding via Instagram: For The Shade Room, Instagram is the most effective channel.. Instamer Branding via Instagram: For The Shade Room, Instagram is the most effective channel.. Instamer