instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to promote an Instagram account is a question posed by every user who registers on the social network not out of idle curiosity or following a fashion trend, but for a specific purpose. Generally, this goal is to generate additional income.

So why not underestimate Instagram and use it for business?

  1. It is a place where one can boldly express one's creativity, convey one's thoughts and feelings, share one's experiences and express one's imagination.
  2. Soc. The network does not set strict requirements and rules for its users. The only thing each post should contain is photo material / short video.
  3. You can show all your skills and abilities: show skills in a video (for example, how you cut your hair quickly and beautifully), write an original and interesting text, show a composed flower composition, paint a picture, and so on.
  4. Instagram provides users with a wide range of tools to solve SMM-tasks in business (building subscribers, targeting the target audience, etc.).
  5. Here it is convenient to work with the audience. Today, news feeds on VK and Facebook are overflowing with advertising messages, and users simply stop paying attention to ads in them. On Instagram, the audience is still more lively, open and adequate, and it uses social media. network by purpose, that is, it shares content from life, opinions.

So, if you are promoting a brand (a personal account is also a brand) and are looking for new customers and customers, creating and promoting a business account / personal page will do a good job.

Where to start

If you are reading this text, you are wondering how to promote your Instagram account yourself and for free. Let us first determine that it is absolutely feasible to do so. BUT! Don't take the easy road and buy twisted subscribers. These are dead souls who will do absolutely nothing to help you. Only an active, lively, and engaged audience will achieve the desired result.

So, we need to start by identifying the target audience (CA). You have created an account and are thinking about promoting an Instagram account. Of course, you are driven by your own material interest. So who is your client? What is he interested in, what problem are you helping him solve, why should he sign up for you?

For example, you own a travel agency and promote an account. Tell us about interesting promotions and offers, publish hot tours, tell us about sights and interesting places. Help to understand all the nuances of traveling abroad: to which countries you need a visa, to which you don't need one, how to save on food, what to bring with you, how to travel with young children, and so on. Then the account will be interesting, they will leave comments, put likes, ask questions.

Of course, the reach of the audience here is wide, from 16-18 years to 70-80 years. But the target audience is far more middle-income 21-35-year-olds who can afford holidays abroad. If you outline your audience, it will be easier to create interesting and engaging content, find places to find it, attract it, and so on.

3 Key Steps

Promotion of a personal Instagram account, as well as a business account, begins with 3 simple steps: create a profile, create a content and publication plan, advertise and publicize the page.

The information in your profile is your face, the first thing a user sees. If the photo and description clings, the person will sign, if not, will come out and continue flipping through the tape, immediately forget. Here are valuable recommendations for filling the profile:

  1. Real photograph (for personal page) / company emblem (for business). So users will remember you better.
  2. Surname and company name. Since we live and work in Russia, it is better to write in Russian, without using incomprehensible phrases and intricate expressions. Foreign languages, first, not everyone will understand, and second, they can be read and remembered in error.
  3. The location. We must prescribe the region, the city of residence. If the company operates throughout Russia, it is necessary to specify this + indicate the cities where there are representative offices.
  4. Scope of activity. Indicate in which area you work, what you can be useful. On this basis, a potential subscriber will already decide whether to sign up or move on.
  5. Active link. It could be a link to a company's website, a page on another social network, a book / article / manual written, or whatever. Through this link, your third-party resource will receive traffic from Instagram. There is no point in inserting links into posts, they will be useless there, no one will click on them.

We move smoothly to the publication of posts.

  • The main rule: Content control. You can't post something spontaneously and thoughtfully. It is the content that will hook the visitor and turn him first into a subscriber, and then into a customer or grateful friend, and will last for years.
  • The material must be unique, it is your personal photos and the author's text. Periodically, you can dilute the page with useful information, professional information and relevant professional photos / infographics / charts / tables, and so on.
  • Instagram is your photo album. But whereas it used to be stored on a shelf and shown only to family and friends, it is now in the public domain. Your task is to make it a pleasure to watch the album. To do this, first of all, it is worth freezing the quality of the shots. People are interested in seeing live photos that are vivid, emotional, and memorable. Don't neglect photo editing software and applications. It is not a sin to smear dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep, to make the photo of the goods richer and sharper.
  • Be sure to leave a description under each photo, it can be entertaining, interesting and useful small text. It can be funny stories, reflections, advice and recommendations (if you are an expert in a particular subject). Call for comments and likes.
  • Publish about once a day. And don't ignore the comments. Of course, with an audience of 100-200,000 subscribers (and we have no doubt that you will be able to do so), it is difficult to respond to every comment. However, at the very beginning, it is necessary to answer every question, to maintain live communication, to put smiles on jokes. The StarComment service, which analyzes comments, will help here.

How to promote an Instagram account yourself: concrete actions

Now let's figure out how to promote an Instagram account, which will help to interest people and attract them to your page. All of these steps are free of charge, and you can either do them yourself or entrust one of the following to an employee:

  1. Use hashtags. When users search for posts using a hashtag, they will see your photos and click on them.
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. Mark the places. There is no need to specify the place where you post the photo. If you took a photo during a summer vacation in Turkey, put your Turkish location, not your home or office address. By geolocation you can find people from other countries / cities.
  3. Don't feel sorry for the likes. After seeing the likes from you, the user may want to see who rated it and go to your account.
  4. Leave comments. Interesting comments about the place will also interest the public and direct them to your account. The best result can be achieved by engaging in a dialogue with bloggers. Try to provoke them to respond (of course, you don't have to write a negative or criticize, you won't achieve anything by doing so).
  5. Don't feel sorry for subscriptions. This is especially true for business accounts. Typically, people sign in response. A small trick: if you throw friendships at people who have more subscribers than subscribers, they are more likely to reciprocate.
  6. Practice mutual PR. That is, you barter advertising posts with another user. He publishes you / your proposal and you publish it.
  7. Advertise. Promoting an Instagram account is about informing users about your page. You can place an advertisement in another social network. or on a website urging you to visit your instagram account. Competitions are effective when you draw a prize among people who have done something useful for you (subscribe to you, post a likes, repost, and so on).
  8. Use specialized programs for promotion. Under these programs, you are encouraged to take action and earn points. The points can then be exchanged for likes, comments, and subscribers. But it is highly likely that you will get dead souls who will no longer be interested in your account.

How to promote your Instagram account for a fee

  1. Place advertisements in accounts with a large audience of subscribers. That is, you buy your publication with a link to your profile from bloggers in accordance with CA. Who is interested in this offer, he clicks on the link and subscribes to the account. Advertisements can be placed both on third-party resources and on Instagram.

An example of an advertising post by a well-known blogger:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Contextual advertising. Advertisements are placed in the flight of people based on their interests and the activity provided by the personal information.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Use paid services. Let's talk about it below .; Promotion of an account with the help of specialized services

Use the following services to implement mass-folding and mass-sliding: Doinsta, Pmgrm, Jet-insta, Zengram, Instaplus. If you decide to buy likes, subscribers, and other activities, Socgain, Bosslike, 1gram, and so on are suitable. These resources are paid for, but the time saved is definitely worth it.

Let's recap

Let's summarize the acquired knowledge about the promotion of an Instagram account for free and for a fee:

  • First, we define Central Asia and clearly limit it.
  • Attractive, clear and interesting profile design.
  • We develop useful high-quality content.
  • We post content frequently, accompanied by hashtags.
  • We don't regret comments, likes and subscriptions.
  • We use advertising methods.

Increase brand awareness, build audiences, and generate revenue.