How successful companies are in social networks depends on the published content and not on the frequency of postings. Nevertheless, a comparison of different social networks is always interesting and shows which approaches and strategies companies follow on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Perhaps a question to start with: Do companies post more often on Twitter or Facebook?

Here the answer is relatively clear. Just look at the tweet counts from Twitter profiles. In general, the frequency of postings on Twitter is higher than on Facebook.

But what about this? Do companies post more often on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat?

Of course, there is not as much analysis of business activity on Snapchat as there is on Instagram and Twitter, but a first Natürlich gibt es noch nicht so viele Analysen zur Aktivität von Unternehmen auf Snapchat wie auf Instagram und Twitter, aber eine erste Survey of L2 shows that active companies use Snapchat with a higher postings frequency than other channels.

Businesses on Snapchat: Higher posting frequency than on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Instamer

At the same time, it is clear that Snapchat is not yet at the top of companies "agendas. While there are companies that are already very active on Snapchat, the majority are focused on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That is not going to change any time soon. But more and more companies are starting to take the first steps on Snapchat.

15.9% of the companies surveyed post between 8 and 10 snaps on Snapchat every day. There is no other channel with such a high frequency. It is also interesting that many companies now publish more content on Instagram than on Facebook, even though the Instagram feed is not (yet) filtered by any algorithm. The high interactions are drivers for the high activity of companies on Instagram.

In addition, as a company, you have to keep your followers in mind. Although there is no filter for the feed, and theoretically the reach is just as high after a month's break, there is a strong case for regular posting on Instagram. The attention of followers must be maintained and this is only possible through many good posts. On Facebook, the News Feed algorithm intervenes and flushes older posts up again, or Facebook ads extend the half-life of the post.

Snapchat works and ticks completely different boxes. This is evident in Snapchat Stories and Snapchat Discover. Companies and people who use Snapchat intensively often post not just a photo or video in their story, but a whole series of content. This is reflected in the results of the survey. The survey is not necessarily representative, as only 80 companies were surveyed. However, she did share a first picture of herself using and posting on Snapchat. Currently, it is not possible to read Snapchat statistics using social media analytics tools. We know this process from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. Snapchat does not yet offer an API for such analysis.

What do you think about the results and higher postings of companies on Snapchat? Is this in the nature of Snapchat, or should companies go their own way and not be influenced by the frequency of heavy users?

Businesses on Snapchat: Higher posting frequency than on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Instamer Businesses on Snapchat: Higher posting frequency than on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Instamer