Instagram has given its web view a new coat of paint. The new design looks tidier and is now available for all Instagram profiles and hashtag pages.

Sure, Instagram is a mobile app. But every now and then we also sit in front of our computer or laptop and want to get a quick overview of competitors and various hashtags. You could call the redesign of the Instagram page reduced.

When it comes to hashtags, Instagram has practically dispensed with all additional information. At first glance you can see twelve loaded photos, the hashtag and the number of published photos. The number of interactions appears when a mouse over the corresponding image is displayed.

Small tip: You can save this URL and enter a hashtag at the end. This saves you searches on Google and lands directly in the web view. The URL is always as follows: https: / / / explore / tags / herdenhashtag /

Everything now also looks slimmer with the profiles. The earlier collage of photos was saved. Now Instagram only displays the profile picture and information about published content and followers. Not much has changed in the presentation of individual photos.

As I said, the web view plays a minor role. Especially for private users. For agencies, community and social media managers, however, it has its raison d "être. I regularly use the Instagram web view to get a first impression of company profiles, for example. It's the same with Vine. Here, too, the web view plays a minor role. But I'd also like to see a feature similar to Vine's TV fashion for Instagram. For example, Instagram could run videos of a particular hashtag one after the other.

The web view has no effect on your Instagram strategy and your Instagram content. This does not change with the new design.

What do you think about the web view? Does it make sense to you and do you use it?

Clean up! New Instagram web view.. Instamer Clean up! New Instagram web view.. Instamer