If you look at the Instagram accounts with the most followers in Germany, the list is dominated by YouTube stars, Beaty blogs, models, celebrities and fun sites. You have to search for companies for a while and then you come across some surprises. We have compiled a Top 10 ranking of Instagram accounts of German companies for you.

The ranking shows that companies still have to adjust to Instagram, but at the same time also what potential still exists. Both for large companies and SMEs, who can get a lot of attention on Instagram with the right imagery and activity.

You can find an overall ranking for Instagram Germany with YouTubers and celebrities at the Online marketing rock stars .

Top 10 German companies on Instagram

10th place: Impericon Germany 39.2k subscribers

9th place: theshitshop 48.1k subscribers

8th place: Vogue Germany 63.4k subscribers

7th place: Rossmann 63.4k subscribers

6th place: Benefit Cosmetics Germany 68.3k subscribers

5th place: p2 cosmetics (dm-drugerie) 69.8k subscribers

4th place: Balea (dm-drogerie) 122k subscribers

Third place: Germany 125k subscribers

2nd place: SNIPES Official 158k subscribers

Place 1: dm-drogerie Markt Germany 196k subscribers

The dm-drogerie is represented three times in the Top 10 and can at least quantitatively be described as the best practice case from Germany. At dm, it can also be observed how Instagram is strengthened by Facebook, which content is extended on Facebook and Instagram and which content is only distributed on facebook. dm has been active on Instagram for almost two years and the early decision to opt for Instagram pays off.

While there are often different country pages and global pages on Facebook, companies on Instagram often work with central accounts. BMW, for example, comes to 2.2 million Follower. There is no account for BMW Germany. Opel and Germany's Lufthansa operate in a similar way and focus on a central and international Instagram presence. At least for now.

There are companies like Media Markt that have started Instagram profiles for Turkey, Russia, or Greece. An Instagram profile for Media Markt Deutschland has not yet been set up.

Of course, Instagram subscribers aren't everything. The figures are meant to give you an overview of what the current situation looks like on Instagram. Other noteworthy Instagram appearances by German companies would be the Natürlich sind Instagram Abonnenten nicht alles. Die Zahlen sollen euch als Überblick dienen und aufzeigen wie die aktuelle Situation auf Instagram aussieht. Weitere erwähnenswerte Instagram Auftritte von deutschen Unternehmen wären die German Railways , , Douglas , , ProSieben (also the profile of (auch das Profil von Galileo ), but also regional companies such as ), aber auch regionale Unternehmen wie What's Beef . You can see from these profiles that you don't necessarily need hundreds of thousands of followers to be successful on Instagram. However, the number of subscribers is likely to continue to rise and when Instagram ads become available in Germany, the reach build-up really starts.

As long as there are no Instagram ads in Germany, Instagram influencers are a very popular means of generating reach and spreading campaigns. The number of followers shows how powerful the influencers are. Then there is the understanding of Instagram and social media in general. They communicate like users and not like a company. They are early adopters and have helped make Instagram a success. Companies need to remember this is exactly what people want to see on Instagram.

In the US, things are already different. Companies such as In den USA sieht es schon anders aus. Unternehmen wie Nike and und Victoria's Secret have well over 10 million Follower. One advantage of course is the international orientation of the accounts. However, both companies have long been active on Instagram and treat their accounts no differently from their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

One step forward. No steps back.

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If the development and growth of Instagram in Germany continues like this (and we assume it will), we will see a similar picture here in the near future. Instagram will become an integral part of digital communication and will significantly influence the creation of content.

Each company needs to find its own strategy and imagery for Instagram. However, the top 10 Instagram companies from Germany may serve as inspiration and show you the potential that Instagram offers.

The ranking is also not complete and you are welcome to send us more profiles. If they make it into the top 10, we will adjust the ranking.

Colourful mix: The top 10 companies on Instagram from Germany. Instamer Colourful mix: The top 10 companies on Instagram from Germany. Instamer