Taking over Instagram is becoming one of Mr Zuckerberg's cleverest moves. Instagram is growing and growing and users are very active.

The development has also enterprises on the screen and more and more try to use the photo network for marketing purposes. According to the Die Entwicklung haben auch Unternehmen auf dem Schirm und immer mehr versuchen das Foto-Netzwerk für Marketingzwecke einzusetzen. Laut Simply Meat 54% of the top 100 brands are already active on Instagram. An increase of 14% in three months.

Instagram is interesting for companies for several reasons. One factor, of course, is the sheer number of users. However, the ever-growing mobile use of social networks is much more crucial. Instagram focuses on a core element of photos. The principle also works on Facebook. Photos are particularly well suited for the newsfeed and appear very present in the mobile apps.

Businesses on Instagram: No strategy, no chance

This is an opportunity, but it is also a danger for businesses. So far, Instagram seems very personal and not commercial. This is an important point, because that is exactly what users expect. You want to see photos of friends and interesting people. Brands play a minor role for users on Instagram. You won't get far with product photos either. Competition for photos from users is even greater on Instagram than it is already on Facebook. In addition, there are photos of the favorite athletes, singers and actors. Not an easy stand for brands.

What you can also observe at the moment is that a lot of content is simply published via cross-posting. Users see the same images on Instagram, Google + and Facebook. You can try this for individual pictures. However, the Instagram strategy should not be based on this. Brands need to act and communicate like users. The sound, or rather the photo, makes the music.

As with almost every network, Starbucks is active early and usually cuts a good figure. Starbucks has nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram. If you look at the photos, they could also be from users. They are of high quality, but the motifs would have been chosen by customers.

Credit: Statigram

International companies have long since abandoned a social media strategy based solely on a social network. Facebook and Twitter are established, at least in the US, then came Google +, Pinterest and now Instagram.

In the future, more and more German companies will also be active on Instagram. Similar to Google + and Pinterest (yes, and still Twitter), but a few months and years will pass. Instagram works brilliantly on the move, looks straightforward and offers a wide range of uses via the API.

Facebook did everything right with the acquisition.

Companies are there as more brands use Instagram. Instamer Companies are there as more brands use Instagram. Instamer