Photos play a crucial role in the content strategy of your own Facebook page for many companies. More interaction and visibility in the News Feed are the biggest advantages. More and more companies are now also active on Instagram and are now faced with the question of whether they should publish all Instagram photos on their Facebook pages, or whether they should offer different content?

If we look at the statistics, there is little difference in performance between Facebook and Instagram photos. Edgerank Checker has analyzed 55,000 posts and there are only slight variations in both reach and interaction rates.

Companies on Instagram and Facebook: Own Content Strategy vs. Cross Posts. Instamer

Cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook has no positive, but no negative effect. The reverse direction would also be interesting. How does the interaction rate on Instagram change when a photo is also posted on Facebook?

When companies publish the same content on different networks, the added value of the individual accounts is partially lost. Why should users additionally follow a company on Instagram when the same content is also published on the Facebook page? This also applies to Google +, Twitter and all other social networks. Often it is not possible to develop different content for each social network. Companies should not, however, publish every post one-to-one on different social networks.

A good example of this comes from BMW. Instead of simply sharing the same photo, fans were offered more content on Facebook and created an additional photo album. The Facebook post also includes a link. On Instagram, on the other hand, there are two selected photos and hashtags.

Companies on Instagram and Facebook: Own Content Strategy vs. Cross Posts. Instamer

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When photos are consistently posted on Facebook and Instagram, users can quickly feel bored. Users look at their News Feed and see photos from Facebook pages. Now they also visit Instagram and see the same photos of the companies. Werden Fotos konsequent auf Facebook und Instagram veröffentlicht, können sich Nutzer schnell gelangweilt fühlen. Nutzer schauen sich ihren News Feed an und sehen Fotos von Facebook Seiten. Nun statten sie auch noch Instagram einen Besuch ab und sehen dort die gleichen Fotos der Unternehmen. Adidas posted 20 photos to Instagram in October. On the global Facebook page there have been six posts (thirteen photos in total). On Facebook, Adidas is working with various targeting options. It's not possible on Instagram, but it's an advantage. It makes sense for users to connect to the Facebook page and Instagram account. The content partly overlaps, but both presences offer fans added value. In addition, Adidas offers a hat im Oktober 20 Fotos auf Instagram veröffentlicht. Auf der globalen Facebook Seite sind es sechs Beiträge gewesen (insgesamt dreizehn Fotos). Auf Facebook arbeitet Adidas mit verschiedenen Targeting Optionen. Auf Instagram ist das nicht möglich, stellt aber eher einen Vorteil dar. Für Nutzer macht es Sinn sich mit der Facebook Seite und dem Instagram Account zu verbinden. Die Inhalte überschneiden sich teilweise, beide Präsenzen bieten den “Fans” aber einen Mehrwert. Zusätzlich bietet Adidas einen Instagram feed on the Facebook page on. The tab will only have a small reach, but when new users come to the Adidas page, they will see on the one hand that Adidas is also represented on Instagram and on the other hand the different content.

Instagram belongs to Facebook and the close connection has certainly accelerated its growth. But there is a difference between users sharing Instagram photos on Facebook and companies doing so. Companies need to consider why users should follow them on Instagram when they are already connected to the page on Facebook. Which content is suitable for both networks and how can it be adapted and edited (e.g. more hashtags on Instagram, photo albums and links on Facebook)?

Are you already active on Instagram? If so, how does your content differ from Facebook?

Companies on Instagram and Facebook: Own Content Strategy vs. Cross Posts. Instamer Companies on Instagram and Facebook: Own Content Strategy vs. Cross Posts. Instamer