instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм .; Today, almost everyone has heard of a social network like Instagram, regardless of age, gender, or country of residence. People continue to lay down legends that popular bloggers, who have an impressive audience, make huge money.

So a huge number of people decide to set up an Instagram account and start working to raise their profile. This raises the question: how do Instagram become popular, what to do about it, where to run, where to start. We hope that this material will help to find answers to the questions of interest.

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Tuning your account

How to make Instagram popular? First of all, you need to pump up your page. To do this, follow 4 steps.

  • Step # 1 We come up with a memorable and concise login. You don't have to spell out your full name (and, more likely, your logins are already busy), use memorable combinations of letters or the name of your favorite subjects, favorite activities, maybe even colors. The name is a reflection of your world and identity, so it should not be neglected. Can't create an original nickname yourself? Use a convenient and simple service, for example: spinxo. com / instagram-names. Numbers and symbols, such as a lower space, can also be used.
  • Step # 2 Nice profile photo. We need to work on the avatar. It can be a stylized image, such as a painted portrait or processed in a pro. Photo attachments. Naturally, no selfies or group photos. Subscribers need to form a clear and stable association between you and the profile images.
  • Step # 3 Make the account thematic. If you don't choose your topic, you get an account about everything and nothing at the same time. Sure, you have a hobby, a favorite job, a hobby, and something else. So they can be your chip on your sleeve. Surely, you are quite savvy in them and can share with users useful and valuable knowledge, advice, guidance, and so on. Be sure to specify the direction of the account in the profile cap, post the relevant photos and leave thematic descriptions.
  • Step # 4 • originality and creativity. Without them, you won't know how to become popular on Instagram without cheating. Today, bloggers have had enough, shooting funny videos, making gadgets and shooting recipes for dishes. What can you offer users, surprise them and impress them?

Only unique content

The second phase of the mechanism, which will make the Instagram page popular, is to work on content. The photos and videos posted must be 100% unique, authorial, that is, yours. Here are some tips on how to make Instagram interesting and popular by improving the quality of photos and videos.

  1. Use filters. As banal as this may sound, don't ignore Insta filters. They can significantly improve quality, make lighting better, add colour and, sharpness, saturation. Before dwelling on one option, sample all available filters. A small tip: posts made in roughly the same color palette, in the same style, will create a special aesthetic, give charm.
  2. Use specialized editors and applications. The standard set of editing options and filters built into the social network is very limited. If you want to achieve a truly stunning result, you can't do without a pro. Annexes. For example, Layout combines photos into an interesting collage. Boomerang allows you to make short and fun videos of a couple of movements. Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and other programs process photos while maintaining image quality.
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. Choose your photos carefully before posting them. Be prepared that a great shot will not appear after 10 attempts, or even after 100. Treat the selection as strictly as possible, publish only those pictures that really differ from the standard poses and facial expressions. Here, the rule is that everything is learned with experience. Errors are likely at the beginning, but after a series of experiments and work, you are sure to get the result you want.
  4. Let go of the fantasy. Very often we set the boundaries ourselves: what people will say when they see such a photo, it is not customary to laugh so much in the frame, and so on. If you're looking for ideas on how to make your Instagram popular and really want to achieve your goal, don't look at the posts through the lens of public opinion. Create, because creating posts is a pure creative process. Look at the top bloggers, they are genuine, genuine: somewhere they laugh awkwardly, somewhere the second chin flickers, somewhere a less-than-perfect figure shines. But they are original, watching their videos and reading their posts is fun.
  5. Enter history-style posts. Each subsequent publication is a continuation of the previous one, tell a story that is called your life. This will force subscribers to visit your page again and again to see what is new and interesting.
  6. Think about the description of photos and videos. It is not enough to make quality material, it is necessary to serve it competently under a tasty sauce. Therefore, it is worth breaking your head over capacious, informative, clinging comments.
  7. Use the story. Publishing stories is a relatively new tool. To keep in touch with your subscribers and remind them of yourself, post stories periodically. Share the interesting and beautiful moments that are happening around you. But don't forget to rely on aesthetics.

Instagram Promotion: How to Become Popular

A lot of people think that getting "likes" and being able to become popular on Instagram in a week is the same thing. In fact, there are a number of tools to achieve the desired result. Let's sort them out in order.


It's best to use a hashtag for each of your posts. Today, users search for places, events, thematic accounts and posts using hashtags. By adding a hashtag, you increase the likelihood that other users will see your account. And then, if the content is interesting, they will want to subscribe to it. You can also use the hashtag to find like-minded people and even organize your own community. Hashtags can be added in Russian and English. For example, you rested in nature, post # nature, # beauty, # relaxation.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм


If you want to learn how to make Instagram popular for free and fast, don't hesitate to subscribe. Of course, one should not subscribe to everyone. Look for worthwhile and interesting accounts, or acquaintances. Leave likes and comments, subscribe. When a user sees activity from another person, he or she usually subscribes in response.

Today, it is almost impossible to master the scheme of how to become a popular blogger on Instagram without interacting and reaching out to other social media users. network. Even top bloggers actively reach out to subscribers, read the digest, and respond to comments.

Linking to Vkontakte and Facebook

How to make your Instagram page popular with other social media. Tie them to your Instagram account. For sure, you have friends who have not yet become your friends on Insta and are happy to do so. But there is a small nuance. After binding, your Insta posts will be displayed in other social media as well. Networks.

However, some posts should be made available only to Insta users. This is to get people to subscribe to you on Insta, rather than continuing to read posts on Vkontakte / Facebook.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

People's Marks

Motivate subscribers to mark their friends under your posts, so you increase the number of people who have viewed photos / videos. For example, you posted a post with a situation from your life / funny photo. Write in the description: "Mark friends who have had a similar situation in their lives," or "You know whom to mark."

Maintaining Interest

We looked at how to make your Instagram popular and interesting. However, learning how to make an Instagram account popular is not enough to achieve your goal (a certain number of followers). It is also necessary to constantly retain the audience, maintain and even increase its interest in your person, your profile. To this end:

  1. Regularly publish new material. The less you publish, the faster you lose subscribers. If people subscribe to you, then you have learned how to make a popular Instagram from scratch and have made it so. But there is no room for complacency. People want to follow your life, observe, learn new things. Give them that opportunity.
  2. Communicate. Organize discussions, conversations, question-and-answer sessions in the comments to posts. How will this help make your Instagram account popular? Be interested in people and they will be interested in you. Ask interesting and unusual questions.
  3. Respond to comments. This is especially true at the beginning, when you are just learning the basics of how to become popular on Instagram for free. At the start, you don't have many subscribers, so it won't be too difficult for everyone to answer personally.
  4. Hold competitions. Initially, of course, you won't have a huge amount of cool gifts. But playing 1,000 roubles is much more effective than using schemes to become popular on Instagram through a free / paid promotion.
  5. Do the analytics. To formulate your own answer to the question of how to make an Instagram profile popular, regularly analyze your popularity. Iconosquare, Statigram, and Websta will help you. me. Here are all the statistics to track trends. Analyze each of your actions and conclude what is effective and what is best to abandon.

Tips to Become Popular on Instagram

And instead of concluding a few tips on how to quickly become popular on Instagram:

  1. Don't ask for subscriptions and likes. This belittles your reputation and worsens the perception of you.
  2. Don't make anyone out of you. Be yourself, be open and positive.
  3. At the start of development, do not ignore offers of mutual subscriptions and mutual PR.

We hope you have emphasized to yourself how you can become popular on Instagram and will certainly start using these techniques.