instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм .; A well-crafted content plan is half the success. In any situation, you will have a post prepared and the page will remain alive. Themes that have been thought out in advance will get a qualitative design. We share recommendations on how to write a content plan for Instagram, tools to implement it, and ideas.

What a Content Plan for Instagram

A content plan is a schedule of posts that is prepared in advance. Its job is to keep the page active and not lose customers. Creation requires a good understanding of the chosen topic and the ability to tell the audience about it.

Making a Content Plan for Instagram

Step 1. Determine the type of account

What types of Instagram profiles there are:

  1. Teaching. On your page, the client will find useful and practical information: from explanations of obscure things to simple instructions on how to implement something in life. If you sell clothes, talk about current trends, classics, share tips about fabrics, colors, and whatever comes to mind. Show that you are a professional and customers will reach out.
  2. Motivating. It is now popular to set goals and move toward them. People need support. For example, you sell sports equipment. Subscribers see in the feed photos of him with an inspiring quote, and perhaps the history of this or that athlete. Each post is supplemented with product information.
  3. Blog. Choose a theme close to the product. Publish stories, thoughts, useful life hacks. In short, enter a regular blog. Please include information about the product and references to other sources in your bio. The pros of such a profile management: advertising is not imposed and looks natural.
  4. Shop. Publish photos of the goods with detailed information, always indicating the price. Dilute selling texts with informational, entertaining, and personal content. Are you engaged in flowers? Tell subscribers what bouquets can be brought to the wedding or how to give the right gift to the man. Add a funny photo by subject. Share the story of how the rose changed your outlook.

What page are you prepared to lead?

Step 2. Formulate a goal for advancement

Why did you start Instagram? .; Possible options:

  • broadening the audience;
  • attracting traffic to the landing;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • improving the company's reputation;
  • information about products and discounts.

Not the whole list. Find your goal and stick to a plan to achieve it.

Step 3. Write down the structure

You know your profile type and purpose. Use them to determine the predominant content on the page. What will you post more often and what will you post less often? For example, 60% of posts are informational, 20% are selling, and 20% are entertaining. The shares help to keep up with the logical filling. .; Don't impose selling texts, try to dilute them with other kinds of content. Diversity enhances competitiveness. .; Blogs need one or two topics to go through all the material. .; Don't neglect personal stories: subscribers like to read about living people.

Step 4. Think about what information you need to communicate about the company

Write down the pros of the brand. Sample ideas:

  • quality product;
  • an original approach to business;
  • Useful information;
  • customer care.

Make your own rules about records that meet your requirements. Orient yourself on what the company wants to bring to the audience, and what subscribers, in turn, expect from the brand.

Step 5. Make a timetable

A few simple recommendations:

  1. Think about what the posts will be about, formulate a theme.
  2. Choose the frequency and time for publication. Read more:
  3. Fill in the chart.

Start creating posts. During the creative process, ideas often arise about what else to write about. Write them down separately. Filter out repetitive or unsuccessful ones, edit the rest. .; Pay attention to current posts that will soon be known to everyone. They should appear outside the schedule. Subscribers will see that you are living these moments with them.

Where to Inspire and Take Material for Posts

  1. Subscribers. Ask them what they want to know. Eliminate ideas that are not in your format and start implementing them.
  2. Communicate in the comments. Many ideas can often be drawn from discussions.
  3. Thematic groups and channels on other social networks. Keep track of what's popular in your area. Write your thoughts or comments. Process the information in an Instagram format.
  4. Competitors. What topics are popular with them? What are they discussing? There is no need to steal, write from a different perspective.
  5. Old posts. When an audience has grown, a selection of quality old posts can be offered to motivate it and increase engagement. This also includes columns with popular posts for the month.
  6. Guest posts. Publish entries from subscribers or experts.
  7. Ready-made ideas for bloggers and businessmen are constantly published on the Internet. Search your topic and see what people are writing about, what they are asking in the comments. Write to yourself the most frequently discussed topics. Find ready-made lists, and edit the relevant items for yourself.

Content Plan for Instagram: Sample

Here are a few examples of how to formulate a content plan.

  1. Table. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. List. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The finished photos for the posts can be combined into galleries. A preliminary view will help you to orient yourself to the best location.

50 Content Ideas for Instagram

Universal Ideas

  1. Announcement of future posts. Tell subscribers what topics you want to address. Or maybe tell a story about a product or a personal story?
  2. Talk about an event that excites the audience but does not touch on business or the subject of a personal blog. The number and frequency of such posts should not be abused.
  3. Create a FAQ. Analyze what customers are most interested in. Answer your questions. Instagram allows you to create stories and save them in your profile cap for new subscribers.
  4. Analyze questions that the audience is not asking. In English, it's the SAQ "Should ask question."
  5. Pick up quotes from famous people. Make sure they fit in harmoniously.
  6. Ask your subscribers. What topics do they like? What do they want to see? What do they want to share?
  7. Periodically, when the audience increases significantly, post a welcome post for newcomers. Tell us about the company.
  8. Hold a challenge. Think of a theme, an understandable hashtag, and get involved first.
  9. Create columns for subscribers "questions, where they can get all the information.
  10. Organize competitions with prizes. They will increase reader engagement, and increase interest in the company.

Ideas for selling posts

  1. Combine meme and advertisement. Look how Burger King does it. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. Distribute discounts and bonuses specifically for your subscribers.
  3. Interested audiences with the release of new products.
  4. Create a window from your profile that you have come in, seen, bought.
  5. Post customer feedback with comments.
  6. With the permission of the person, share screenshots from Direct that reflect the quality of your company.
  7. Add photos of people with your product.
  8. Make free gifts.
  9. Package the product beautifully: teach subscribers and present the product in an excellent way.
  10. Post a photo of a celebrity with your product.

Ideas for informational publications

  1. Publish lists. The 10 tastiest treats on a first date for a restaurant or dessert maker.
  2. Break a very long story into several posts. Release them in parts: once a day, twice a week. Think of an interesting topic and an interval for publication.
  3. Share your cases.
  4. Use visual statistics.
  5. Keep an eye out for discoveries and new developments. Post research on the subject of your account.
  6. Do your own research. People are great at reading stories with their own conclusions and solutions.
  7. Make a checklist.
  8. Write an instruction on your subject or give a master class. Or maybe you have ideas for a series of posts with tips? Any training materials are in demand.
  9. Are you studying interesting articles? Subscribers will be grateful for useful links.
  10. Leave guest posts from experts in your profile.

Ideas for Entertainment Content

  1. Post photos with humor.
  2. Share funny stories, including from subscribers.
  3. Share your favorite book and tell us how it affected you.
  4. Don't forget about holiday greetings.
  5. Have a good time of day.
  6. Enjoy readers with an innovative way to apply your product.
  7. Post photos from the corporate event.
  8. Enjoy your readers with photos of pets helping with work.
  9. Draw a comic about the company.
  10. Post motivational quotes.

Ideas for personal Instagram posts

  1. If you are engaged in a creative direction, capture the process in photos.
  2. Create surveys and ask for the opinion of subscribers.
  3. Keep an eye out for interesting events.
  4. Think of the columns and tag them with different hashtags.
  5. Hold workshops, competitions and meetings.
  6. Share hot news from your topic, comment on it.
  7. Tell us what you are inspired by and what drives you.
  8. Challenge yourself, for example, to a nutritional challenge.
  9. Summarize the week, month, year.
  10. Write 10 facts about yourself, your favorite business, etc. d.

Content analysis

In addition to developing a content plan for Instagram, the page owner must be able to analyze the results and make adjustments to the new schedule. .; Analyze the posts for the week. Choose the most popular posts. Compare and write down what they had in common. Do the same for the unpopular. Make adjustments to your schedule next week.

Apps for Content Plan for Instagram

  1. Planoly. The tool is available in mobile and computer versions. What he does: .; - adds content in the format of photos, videos and carousels; .; - picks up hashtags; .; - works with text; .; - establishes reminders; .; - divides the photo into parts to display one large one in the profile; .; - downloads from Google Drive and Dropbox; .; - looking for photos on the drains. .; Paid app. 30 trial photos per month are available. The subscription price depends on the number of accounts and the time of use. Approximate range: 600 / 3. 250 roubles.
  2. Later. The test period is 30 photos per month. The program works with simple statistics, sends notifications, and searches for hashtags. There are shared access features for the team. The tool is entirely in English. Videos can be published only when a paid rate is connected.
  3. Buffer. The free version of the app is available for one account. Paid Buffer for Business has a two-week trial period. Detailed analytics with comparison and statistical sorting functions. Functions are available to work with the rights of the administrator and other team members. Export, save data at any time and add it to reports at the click of a button.
  4. Content Office is another content planner for Instagram. Works with photos, videos. Templates for posts are available. Selection of hashtags and editing of text. The user can edit information about himself. The program includes an analysis of the best time for fasting. Paid subscriptions allow you to maintain up to 10 accounts simultaneously. There are sections with training and tips for creating quality content.
  5. Preview. The app is available in English. In the basic functionality you can work with text and photos, you can select hashtags. You can work with a content plan without registration. The paid version offers detailed and high-quality analytics of pages, both its own and competitors. Contains a built-in photo editor.

Summing up

Define the profile type and content structure. Take advantage of recommendations and tools, create a ready-made content plan for the month for Instagram.