700 million People use Stories on Instagram and Facebook. While the use of Instagram Stories has become established on the corporate side, with Facebook Stories another channel for Stories is now coming to the fore.

But how should Facebook Stories be played? Are other content needed than on Instagram? What options do companies have to share their Instagram Stories on Facebook?

The number of Facebook pages that publish Facebook Stories has increased noticeably. But what we usually see are shared Instagram Stories. The advantage is that as a company you can easily share your content and there are no costs for the production of additional stories.

Sounds tempting, but it also brings problems.

Different feature for Facebook and Instagram Stories

But it's important to remember that Instagram Stories are more advanced than Facebook Stories. Insta Stories continue to have features that Facebook does not support.

This is how surveys work in Facebook Stories. 's questions are not supported at this stage. If you share an Instagram Story with the question function, it will appear on Facebook, but it is not active.

Links are one of the features of Instagram Stories. They are not yet supported on Facebook.

Boredom preprogrammed? Double content by cross-posting on Facebook and Instagram

Instagram needs content other than Facebook. When it comes to the feeds, this is also taken into account in many cases. Duplicating content can work, but so far Facebook and Instagram are very different channels. And on Stories?

Just because it's basically the same format, the stories on Facebook and Instagram should be different. This presents companies with the familiar challenge: How do the channels, target groups, objectives and thus the content differ?

As I said, these days it's mostly a cross-posting of Instagram Stories. But with the growing importance of Facebook Stories, the situation can change quickly.

Facebook has made cross-posting for Stories simple and intuitive. Similar to sharing content from the feed. The duplication and repetition of content can also lead to problems. Especially when people follow a company on both channels. No one likes repeats and Instagram in particular thrives on the topicality of the content.

Instagram Stories well ahead of Facebook Stories

As long as Facebook Stories are seen as secondary to Instagram Stories, Instagram Stories have higher priority. However, if the acceptance and performance of Facebook Stories continues to increase, companies will have to face the same tasks as with all other social networks: channel-specific adaptation and production of content.

You can also use Instagram and Facebook Stories for ads with just a few clicks. But ads differ from regular content. The Stories format is identical for ads and Stories feature problems do not exist in this form.

One format two channels

For Facebook, of course, there will also be the question of how to deal with new features. Are they developed for Facebook and Instagram and thus promote cross-posting, or are the various social media channels equipped with special functions? I would like to see a second way.

Crossposting of Instagram Stories vs. individual Facebook Stories content. Instamer Crossposting of Instagram Stories vs. individual Facebook Stories content. Instamer